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...W H E R E; ; D O E S; 

" HE A R T " ; b e g i n. to b e  

.........    i n t he A R T..


murat danis

A R T; ; THAT ,flows &floats ; ; i n ,ME.. 

"  M  E   ";     
 ,; I  ' AM ,,  ..

..   &  -  " M Y   S  O  U  L  "  ,,

..W   A   S ;   ,, in T  h e;  

  "  PhotoCopy;  -M A C H i n e  "   ..  ..

...a n D;   t h e n..

T h i n k i n g, always begins, w i t h ; t h e heart.W h e n, " heart-h "; o r " H A N D " ;(hands are active heart that can walk) e n t e r s; i n t h e A b s o l u t e , wolume o f the BRA i n; ; w e begin to define these deeds; a s; " T h i n k i n g s " ..W h e n it come to a " t h o u g h t " there is ,or has been " a distance " .i n the brain..(the m o v e o f; thinking has been stoped..)

S O; N a t u r e l y; heart-h   ,i s; i n t h e BRAin; and w e know, it. W e define our " thinkings " a s we can think..(& w e ,can go on thinking)..as w e have some " d e e d s " in our, brains that c o m e; from ; our HANDs;&HEART..W E; D O; T h i n k..b e c a u s e we think that; W E C A N; M A K E; it, i f w e , t h i n k..

S O; I s a y, ," U' r H e a r t h; i s Located; in U' r HANDs "
..(and i f U DO; not D O; T h a t,; ; U may h a v e to b e g i n; to ; think that; your HEART; ; h a s to be; ; -WiLL B E TRANSPORTED-; i n 2 ; ; i n t o; ; U ' r BRAin..) ..I am a every day, basketball player..I throw; BASKET B A L L; 1000 t i m e s; t o make a score..(if every throw of the ball was; put i n -on- a brick, t h e n; in 50 y e a r s; I would; h a v e M a d e ,M y o w n; c a s t l e..) I am saying that, -because, I want to s a y- ; ; that; " I PUT; M Y; HEART i n t o; M Y HANDS; and then, p u t these HANDS (HEart s) ;as D E E D s that will , " b e F U E L " ; to m y ; " automatically t h i n k i n g s ".. of; m y; B R A i n. ..on t h e ; " OTHER HAND "; i f U' r H e a r t h; ; hasn' t been PUT; in U' r hands, than into those deeds o f hands , -in the brain- than; I SHOULD , h a v e to say; U ' r H E A R T; i s, in (within); U' r ; BRAin..U can feel, U' r heart that has been melted, in the brain; ;
-and that; heart can be transformed; - metamorphosed- ,and b e; ;t o act like brain; and makes that mission perfactly b u t; ; B A S i C BRAiN FUNCTiON s ; a r e very far different than; that; H e a r t -MADE-B R A i n, " T H i N g "..-
..and that shall change the basic character o f the b r a i n. (i n fact..)
( for example, t h e r e is, a M E M O R Y; i n H E A R T ; too..and that memory i s not like; the memory, i n the BRAiN..-or memory,in our computers- ..(they have a W i LL; t o WALK; - t h e s e M e m o r i e s - ; because; they w e r e not in HANDs; and they did not walk that; ROAD; while in H a n d s..S O; "m e m o r y; o f the H e a r t; i n the Brain "; i s somehow; s e n t i m e n t a l..(because they did not w a l k; ;in hands; to b e deeds in the brain..so that sentimental-memory does not locate in t h e; correct places a s; ; normal deeds -and basic memory- a r e , i n s t a l l e d.)

i f we; come to that; P a r t; ; " DO; I h a v e a STORY; if I ever had ;a thinking from m y heart" ; or I wish that; i f I ,h a d. "..
...o f course, t h e r e ; m a y; b e; some L E A K s; o f my HE A R T ;i n t o; M y; BRAin.(that my hands could not cover) .. then I find out; that; m y thoughts ; and thinkings h a v e become; ;s e n t i M e n t a l..
( a n d; t h a t l e a d s; M E; directly to the; A R T; M A K E ings. .that means i f; my heart has been leaked, into my brain; , that L e a k y-heart has to b e; PUT; i n the " country o f t h e A R T "..(because there is NO; return..my hands -hand made deeds- can enter m y; " Absolute brain " .. -that is competable with brain based data memories; ; memory that includes t h e a b s o l u t e..so absolute can b e; obtained from these data s or; that datas can b e used in absolute volum- f o r m makings, directly..- -so I can use
m y painting deeds; i n the computer , and; make them " contemporary- a r t; t h i n g s "..directly..-

S O; if s o m e of m y; " h e ART " has been ; l e a k e d; i n, my BRAin; t h e n; I have to; convert that; " heart pieces; to; the a b s o l u t e V o l u m e; o f my brain..T h e n there begins the; " A L P H A BETH " process..
..that m e a n s; I have to; sit and begin to w r i t e..letters o n a paper; o n the T a b l e. (that is to fallow " h e a r t " , i n the brain ; ;4 where it has been ,L e a k e d. to.or what has been leaked; i n t o; i t..(heart)
W h e n; I begin to w r i t e; AlphaBeth L e t t e r s;(they are absolute-border lines) s h a l l; begin to saparate; e v e r y thing that w a s; -or has to b e- in my; heart.M y inner voice (but that time it (my hearts voice -the inner sound-) has to go into my brain to collect; sounds that has become , o c c u r e d ; i n the brain when heart l e a k e d; i n it..- colors ,sahpes, lines, sounds, movements dances, signs, e.c.t. these all o c c u r in brain' s absoluteness, when heart enters i n.. ..t h e s e , a r e ; t h e HANDs o f A R T; s; T H O U G H.. ..and I collect them; -classify them into my; basic memory o f my brain; so my RATi can; U s e; t h e m; directly i n A R T..
....I am writing these, specific D e t a i l s.. because, I did n o t write t h e m, y e t.S O; I am writing them; i n t o; or onto, m y Brain, i n tthe ; first s i g h t.

S O; ; when I write; o n a white paper; ; I collect m y L e a k e d - HE a r t; ,-both being in touch with my H e a r t &my Brain..and interface i s alphaB e t h ; of course..- ...and install m y leaked-heart; into my BRAiN-MEMORy; ; as this leaked-heart can b e directly u s e d; ; i n A R T M A K i n g s..t h en..as my heart crosses the L i n e; into my B r a i n; (that is a l e a k..).. I begin to feel; t h a t; m y Brain is T h i n k i n g; sentiM e n t a l l y; ; a n d; then; I shall; have to; ; c u t that part; o f my H e a r t; ; because; it must have; c o r r u p t e d; a s; it has been ; o n the " dark s i d e " -that i s the a b s o l u t e character, o f the brain; that i s dark..-

T h e n; W E; have, a n other; T H i N G, h e r e. hat i s; I be l i v e; GOD; i s; i n my; H e a r t; and W o r k i n g i n; it ; O N L Y.. -for the T>RUE; N a t u r e..structuring- .(that is a Christian G O D..that is in the Heart; and the couse o f; t h e THiNG s ,that has been weared the same dress; L O V E.. " LOVE LOVE LOVE; when Beatles s a y , i t..(i n, the first international satalite broadcast..)
... o f course, ; t h e r e ; O C C U R E S; G O D; i n the B R A i n..too.. and that I call; " ALLAH " o f; M u s l i m ' s.(Buddhism is a technique; m o r e than, i t is a religion based on belief.I can think o f, 4 now..) a n d; ; I am very carefull; n o t to; combine these; religions..for my heart to h a v e; in true; ; G o d, ..so I have to be; L i k e, a Christian..(or be Christian in the heart) ... then; to h a v e; " ALLAH "; i n my BRAin; O N L y..I have to belive i n ALLAH; 4 my Brains; welth..-and ALLAH; i s the King; i n the B r a i n..- S O; I can L i v e; L i k e; A BUDDHist; i n m y; traditional L i f e..in my MODERN Traditions; B a s e d; o n; ZEN B u d d hism..(in fact..)
I c a n; not apply, B u d d h i s t; techniques; i f; my " he a r t "; and; my>; B R A in ; m i X e s;; i n.-make a perfect H i b r i d- ..m y heart is socialist, m y Brain is; C a p i t a l i s t..S O; i n my B o d y, these; two regimes can L i v e; together; ,i f; my H e a r t; and M y BRAin; D O; N O T; T O U C H; or b e nested; i n.
.... i f somehow that; happens, t h e n; t h e F i e l d of A R T; has to ; O C C U R..(that is the r e a s o n; to a r t; has to H a p p e n; and , b e..in the World..) ..so people, have to look a r t-works; ; to reverse , the mixing and l e a k i n g; process,, that has happened; i n their L i v e s. ...to reverse every T H i n g ; ; to w h e r e; it, ;b e LONG s..2

S O; t h e s e; a r e ; ; t h e; " T H i n g s "; that I ; ; M A K E; ; to have my; organs; (heart,brain BODy e.c.t.) TRUE; and decent; a n d; STRAiGt. a n d; also; ; every organ can work i n it' s TRUE; ORDER; ..and every T H i n g; a r e; , to b e; where they a r e ; and; t h e y act; TRUE; where their time a n d; SPACE; a r e; T r u e; too..

..especiall y i n; a r t.. w e s e e ; many wrong; ; structurings, w h e r e; heart and brain; ; are mix e d.. there appears an " a c h e; " , i n my s t o m a c h..when I see that kind of a r t..(of course, i t may be fine if I had a brain;and heart-H i B R i D.. t o o..-my stomach, wouldn' t be poisoned by; that m i X ture...from the art-work, that polutes; m y brain and hearth; BOTH..that poison; may b e transfered; directly; to m y; stomach, although there is not any poison-thing; i n my stomach, m e a n time..-)

S O; t h i s w a s; a STORY;
that ,I have L i v e d, , where " my thinking from my H E A R T "; begins; -as a r t; h a v e O C C U R e d ; i n M E- ..and that happened; 30 000 times; a s my art works; a r e; that much , (paintings,drawings, writings ) s o. ... and m y; digital art works; ; i n m y; " BRAin-RATiO;a b s o l u t e , thinkings "; a r e; about, 3 000 in my global-paintings; a n d; 1 millon time s; a s I WROTE; every, l e t t e r ; ;i n m y; " WRiTiNGs "..

.. n o t e ; :

A B U O T; T H E; i M A G E; up, a b o v e..

....in that , i m a g e; above..
(i N THAT iMAGE A B O V E ) :

...t h e r e, i s; ; m y face , that has been PUT; i n t o photo c o p y; M a c h i n e. .. that (here) ; I say, t h i s is a photograph, t a k e n from m y; face -light ; by the L i g h t;(of the photocopy machine)
.. " l i g h t; -on my face-) has been taken b y theL i g h t (of photocopy machine) ;and then the soul i n the L i g h t; appears, n a k e d.. " (that means I have want e d; to photograph; m y S O U L in M y F a c e..by t h ephotocopy-machine..)
..I c a l l; this photo of , the SOUL that is in ,the L i g h t..that is on m y; f a c e.. , a s i t must have to b e; the " photo o f M y s o u l " ..
... as w e look; t o; that i ma g e ; in the perspectiv e o f; ; the writing a b o v e..if, U' r heart has been fallen into U' r Brain; and has b e e n there 4 a Long T i m e.. t h e n U' r heart -in U' r Brain-; ; must have been transformed; -metamorphosed; to- U ' R ; S O U L.. we can s a y.. -and- ,because " H E A R T; has an E Y E; that c a n; ; S E E "; ; this melted; m e d i u m; of M Y; methamorphosed-heart , -that i s M Y; S O U L - ; can b e;i n -and on- , e v e r y where.. and i n any , t i m e.. a n d i n any t h i n g..
S O; p e o p l e, that have prisoned; their hearts i n their Brains; O N C E; ; b e c o m e ; " people living 4 their; S O U L s "..t h a n. ..because; S o u l' s ,o r i g i n is; ; " t h e hearth "; ; -and H e a r t; i s; to make every thing visable, objective an d ; s o; F R E E ; and O N the ,outside..- , S O U L; has to; b e, o u t s i d e; -and it can, s e e US- and w e can ; , s e e ; , also with the E Y E; that can s e e ; t h e soul..(that may b e ,these are named; a s; " chakka s ") , A L S O.. (I think, that is an o t h e r ; H i STORiCAL; T A L E; ; I can , T e l l..(or picture..because I picture,all the time..) i n my; looking from; m y Location; i n L i f e; o f , c o u r s e..that may b econsidered; a s; a ; " picture o f m i n e " ; of course..I n d i a, p e o p l e; can tell this picture; i n g; ,i n t h e i r; true; & g e n u ine; STORies; ; ;I predict..an d there will b e;-I know there a r e , very interesting O n e s, that has been l i v e d; ;-and still being l i v e d- , and so; they became , s t o r i e s; i n India; L i t e r a t u r e.

...i n that; i m a g e, -as a contemporary art;- a b o v e.. ; T h e r e occured; some; "HEAD-made o f h ea r t F o r m..- Characters "; i n the Darkn e s s; a r o u n d; , M E; -my soul-.. and t h e y s a y;( to s a y ) that; t h e y; H a v e ; t h e i r; H E a r t s; too..
(as they show u s, ; (to say) ; that; they have an e m p t y ness; -an e m p t y PLACE- i n their; " HEART-PLACE s.. " ..


A B S T R A C T i O N   s  :

THE;   , "   G L O B A L i Z E D    ":  .............   ........... .

;   ;W  E  R E;  -t h e s e ,  p   e    o   p l    e ;

i  n,  t h e  "  Photocopy -machine , "
..   also ..

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" t h e M A N "; and The; P.S.HoffMAN..


murat danis

A R T; ; THAT ,flows &floats ; ; i n ,ME..
I L O V E; A R T.it has become, i n my L i f e; i n; and " O N "; ; m y; " B O D y " .. W e, go to cinema twice ; a week.6 Dolars a ticket..and every Monday and Tuesdays; ;TURKCELL (the GSM, provider) says; if U buy a ticket, , I give U one , for free..SO; 3 Dolars a film.and art will be i n s t a l l e d; i n two persons ; twice a w e e k..

S O; that; c i n e m a; " T H i N G "; ; and f i l m s; ; a d d; a r t; i n t o; our Blood.That means, films c a r r y; e X t r a ; " T H i n g s "; ; i n t o our ,L i v e s..
(U can not add a extra partner to U' r seX L i f e; ; but; ; eXtra T H i N G s; from F i l m s; a r e; ; a d e q u a t e. and appropriate..when it comes from an a r t i ficial social l i f e..o f a film..)

(I like U.S.A. films..t h e y have , " disconnected p a r t s " ; with i n. ONCE; U learn them; -install them; into U' r m i n d - ; for a day ,2 or 3; -for a while- ; U ' r imagination has to ; w o r k -ON; ; the " T h i n g s " ; to combine; t h e empty; s p a c e s. T h i n g s; has to; ; b e evolved; ; b y the m e a n s; o f; ; U' r Own M i n d; and ;U' r own i m a g i n a t i o n; and w i t h ; t h e T H i N G s; that has been located; into U' r M i n d; ; b e f o r e. S O; there i s ; an " O C C U R i N G and evolving T H i N G s " process; taking place, i n U ' r mind..u n d e r n e a t h;..U' r daily L i f e; Happening o n the surface. ..S O; C i n e m a; -or films- a r e a " M U S T "; ; to maintain U' r Brain and; ; k e e p U' r " Brain SYSTEM "; a l i v e; all t h e; T i m e.
.. b e c a u s e, L i f e; ,or Daily-L i f e; ; has r e p e a t s; and; these repeats; a r e being L e a r n e d; ; continuous e v e r y D A y..and that will b o u n d; - t i e- U' r brain a b l ities; , s u c h as; i m a g i n a t i o n function..o f the brain.
-if brain should eXist ;for the BODy; than; i t has to have that; i m a g i n a t i o n; function; ; s o; B O D Y; c a n act;(behave ) i n BRAiN; t o o..otherwise; brain should say; " this f i e l d (volume) i s; m i n e; U' r BODy can not act; i n that; BRAin..-
-on the other hand, what ever U DO; ;U' r Brain, h a s; A n Absolute V o l u m e..and; ; i t may have; t h e s e; " OTHER W O R L D " T H i n g s; ; o c c u r i n g; i n the B R A i n..U' r BODy o f thinkings; may b e thoughts first ,than they m a y; begin to; transForm; t o ; the " OTHER WORLD T h i n g s "; a s they stay i n an A B S O L U T E; V o l u m e; ; that B r a i n ,Already, h a s. .and these other world things; may take place (be real) i n our n i g h t- m a r e s..i n our sleeps; o r o n the L i v e daily; Battle- f i e l d s..o f Politics..-

I am a n; ARTist.. t h a t m e a n s; I am; too, a n " eXtra-T H i N G s "; producer and; PROViDER..to ; t h e L i f e..when I write, when I play basketball; when I paint, when I make music on a music instrument; ; e.c.t.

(if there is an instrument; t h e r e; that I u s e; then ; i t has a freedom ; t o; U S E; M E; , too, that is 4 sure..  -if I play PiANO; than PiANO; has that right to  P L A Y;  M E;  e i t h e r-..) , I produce; o r; these produced; " T H i n g s " a s; " a r t O b j e c t s "; ;and they u s e; M E; simultaneously; and; t h e n; I -my s elf- will b e a produced; ; T H i N G; a s an ARTist..-as a THiNg- ..(SO i n art; it is important; " art things "; m a y have to b e; produced; b y; a " ART T H i N g " ; (that is ARTist; itself).. other w i s e; ; if H u m a n; creates; a r t; t h e n; ; the creation; o f the n a t u r e; -or GOD' s creation in nature, o r L i v e ness- s h a l l be; L e a k e d; i n t o ; a r t..(THAT i S; ART THiNG (artist as a thing, too..) has TO M A K E; the " things " o f t h e; A R T..)

S O; I can install; M E; o r the " m u l t i - T H i N G s;" -that I am producing i n " m u l t i-deciplines o f a r t; DO i n g s "-; ; - from m y a r t ; DO i n g s-.. t o , m y, w i f e; before w e; GO; t o M o v i e s.. I set u p; a mini t h e a t r e; before w e ; go to the C i n e m a..I will project; - predict- ; what will -or may have happen- ; i n that; M O V i e. to my partner; my W i f e.. then when w e ; a r e; ; in the F i l m; ; w e find ourselves; j u s t; in the M i d d l e ; o f the f i l m; runing i n r e a l; enviroment..
I can sa y; I have ; installed; a r t; T H i N G; i n her M i n d..just, before w e see; t h e m o w i e. S O; w e will L i v e; a POST; A R T; T i m e, ; i n t h e ; FAR A WAY; L A N D s; a s super-high-adventurers..

(I always s a y; ; c in e m a; i s the cheapest w a y; to f l y; and Travel i n the e a r t h..be every w h e r e; ; w h e r e; , only; GOD; c a n; travel; - o r be- -be in the e y e of the GOD' s.- ..a r t; here; i s an e s s e n t i a l; HARD WARE..(Like U must have a helicopter, to f l y to every where..if a film is an art hardwere; and U have; i t from other sources of U' r s-; READy-MADE; , t h a n; U can a c t; as i f U W e r e; an art work..already.. S O; U may b e; i n the E A R T H; ; and as i f; U are Moving; i n it,, 4 REAL..)

W e , went to that ; f i l m; " the M A S T E R " ..what a f i l m..MORE; than things to provide; to life; ; t h e r e was; an A b s o l u t e ; V o l u m e; to g o ; i n; with that film..(A REAL ARTistic performance..i n many w a y s..-oscar statue; i s LOOKing a t it, I think..) Joaquin Phoenix, and Philip Seymour Hoffman; what; a performances. a n d, the " story " i n the scenario; a very brilliant; o n e.

.. I w a s; writng -STORiES-; h e r e ; about; t h e ; " ROOM " ; C o n c e p t..(ROOM architectured; i n human, ; by the m e a n s; o f; the ALPHA B E T H; -i n my ca s e-.. ) ..
I n that f i l m; t h e r e, is ; a guy; ( Joaquin Phoenix ) ..S o m e how, that; " R O O M i n g "
has h a p p e n e d; (occured) i n , him. (AND; ; A R E A L -ROOM with 4 WALLs; has b e e n installed; ; and i n H i m,, ; both in tha BODy-&BRAin; SO; i n the S O U L..)
..i n that; f i l m; w e see; a M a n; ; (a very typical -man, a TYpe o f man; , that w e see in the society; ; and very obvious to all o f us.A man in his Borders; (o r ROOM WALLs) ,NO ONE can R E A C H- h i m.
... even p s y c h i atrists ; can n o t REACH- i n; that ROOM i n g..because there i s a REAL; 4-WALL -cement-concrete ROOM; i n there; ;and he is hiding i n t h a t; both; 4 WALL s.. and psychiatrists; can not, go in the brain to dig in that cement w a l l s..)
(that i s a perfect- w o r k; o f the m a n' s.H e is a perfect and REAL; a WALL..-that means; H e is REALLY; a 4-W A L L; R O O M..- that is ,there is a " 4-Wall-ROOM "; ; EXistance; , and i t happens; t h e r ; i n the Society..(the man is the TRUE; producer; to that 4-WALL-R O O M i n g..' s R E A L i t y.. but when he produces that ROOM ; 4REAL; then H e also knows that; neighter society; n o r PUBLiC; c a n; reach; him ; i n that; 4-WALL-ROOM.. -that i he can hide in both; 4-WALLs. ; it takes time to find i n these 4 walls; and; U can not predct; i n which 4 -W A L L ; h e is in; in that; mo m e n t..

...t h a t; is; a perfect; STORY; ; the scenario o f the y e a r ; 2012; I predict..i t has come ;the t im e; to that; " t h e M A N "; ; very obvious; i n s o c i e t y; that was isolated; b y; t h e society; ;and the public-after-society and because; i t has i s o a t e d; both; t h e; society; and; t h e; P U B L i c..

(Public Psychiatrists; p u t; their brains; in the current; e l e c t r o c i t y ; to m e l t; that; cement 4 WALL s o f the ROOM i n g; realized b y ;" t h e M A N ".. -Public; p u n c t u ring; it' s o w n; WALL; I t h i n k.. i n fact..let that individual; , l i v e; i n his own M A D E; -realized- R O O M..L e t, ROOM; b e architectured; and eXisted; i n the Brain; too, t h a t; T i m e..ROOM; ; -ROOM i n g- i s under teh u s e o f ; ,,the P u b l i c i zation; ;although it c a n be ; used; against; " inglorious-p u bl i c establishment' s e a s y; r e a c h; to h e ; HUMAN; b e i n g " .. a n d; i t ; is still , ROOM i n g; (" t h e MAN; with th 4-walls-ROOM ; REALizator..") o f ; ,the " individual " .. " This MAN " i s ; PUBLiC; o f it' s O W N.." iNDiViDUAL; P U B L i C- STATE " ; O W N e d; b y; a INDiViDUAL..that ; MODERN - A -THiNG; i s un e x p e c t e d; a THiNG;for; TRADiTiONAL; P U B L İ c; establishments.. T hey s a y; ; P U B L ic; i s ; " anonym " or; the property of; ; t h ; COMunity; a THiNG..and individual; c a n not; t a k ; his PART; and; MAKE-PUBLiC-STATE; into Q U A N T s..(but what has installed; i n quants; i s stronger; ;w e know this from the attitude o f t h e; matter ..and Atoms..the p u b l i c of ATOM s are , perfect..i n f a c t.)

..M a y I; OFFER; 4 U, ; s e e; " that " " the M A N " (Joaquin Phoenix); (a 4-Wall ROOM; has been installed; i n him). (.t h e nature o f a t u r t l e; carries his ROOM; o n his BODy; and shows that ROOM; to our eyes first.. b u t; the M A N; has w o r n; that ; " virtual-room " ; i n the absolute depths, o f his bra i n.) .but, realization of; ; that room; s t i l l; happens; vertually; -as an unseen ROOM,b u t still eXisting , there- o u t s i d e.. ...that is a perfect performance; " the MAN; W E A R e d; a 4-WALL ROOM; i n t o the B a s ment o f his; BRAin " ..and my wote is 4; ; (Joaquin Phoenix) 4 oscars.of course ; P.S.Hoffman;(the intellectual, enlightened, a man, a social h u m a n-being, e.c.t. ) and the f i l m; ; is , " a t e a m " ; i n that; performance..

P S.
W h e n; I was ; o u t; from the film; " the MASER "; ; I was; some-one w h o; s a w; ; the ancient-MODEL; -Dinosaur- o f; h i m - s e l f..if have lived; i n thse years; ( 1940-1950 ); I w a s; to; L i v e ,j u s t ; l i k e; him..
W h a t; h a s changed. a s ; I ' ve ; l i v e d; this s a m e-period, , i n M O D E R N; T i m e s..

... t h e; differance i s; ; I COULD " O W N "; that; "BLOODY-4-WALL cement REAL; R O O M.."

(in the film,e v e n; P.Seymour HofMann; ; has NO " ROOM; 4 his, Job "..-in the end of the film; h e finally; c a n; g e t; o n e i n; U.K.- -H e doesn' t have a ROOM;to himself near his w i f e; (his wife, gives him a room ; -ladies; have room i n their;abdomen) in h e r; but than; takes; ; t h e r e n t..b y; being i n his proffesions rooming.. too .. )

I had t o; give a F i g h t; ; with the Public.. than; I had that a ROOM; ; o f my OWN..(taken from the house o f my parents..and i t w a s; , a " R E A L; t h i n g.." and it Happens; o u t of; m e.. and I can GO; i n i t; a s I wish to b e; i n it..(in that; REAL T H i N G..)
... b u t; t h e M a n; i n the film, has that; virtual-REALiTY- ROOM; and h e carries; i t every where h e GOES..M y; R O O M; is where it i s all t h e T i m e; and; ; i t carries; i t s e l f.. S O; I wouldn' t carry; that h e a v y; t h i n g; i n m e. instead; I am a virtual thing; t h a t can b e; i n it, -Ican think of that; I am in my ROOM; ;where ever I am, 4 MY ROOM; i s R E A L; and Concrete; where i t stands; a s I l e f t it; a s; a P i c t u r e ; I can RECALL- R E A L L Y; happening..when I think ; the picture; o f my room; i t is the same; picture happening; i n my; "qwned- ROOM ".. Property; h a s; that, importance, to the individual..

..A L a s t; t h i n g.." The M A S T E R " ; " the M A N "; i s the ; fanatic -a fundemantalist- o f CAPiTAL i s m.. and, , P.S. Hoffman; i s a , chronic -obstinate- socialist; t h e r e. who gives the rent; t o the nature..(he doesn' t fight to; conquer; the p r o p e r t y; ).. i f U are to conquer, t h e n; U are to conquer, m a n; too.. (if he D O E S not ;conquer himself; -the human- b e f o r e ; U..as w a s; the film..)

.. o n e, last thing.." The Master " " the M A N " ; has been given; his ROOM..by some "social m a n". than h e ; could; i n v i t e; ; a girl; into his; " r o o m ". a t the e n d ; o f t h e; f i l m..
..because he was rejecting a l l; Females; ; (to go in their rooms, to be in their; bodies..) 4 Ladies; had; the property o f the room; ; i n Human..

... that room; w a s given, to h i m; (that room he carries; i n him;) to him, because he would' n t; l e t; go; that ROOM; from his BODy..

..P.S.HoffMAN; s a w; (could s e e) the virtual picture; that; " t h e M A N " ; " absolute' s , absurd ; abstracter; the M A N " w a s; PPicturing; , REAL ,Ly; and ;i n ; Virtual -continuity.. (THAT H E; WAS; A REAL WALL; STATUE; , i n the REAL; eXistance..) ... a n d; because, someone has S A i D; ;that " picturing o f the MAN " ; than; t h a t " the M a n " " the MASTER "; c o u l d, b e; " S O C i A L "; t h e n..
,, c o u l d; touch to that; ; what GOD; had c r e a t e d; ; a women, o r a food, and. e.c.t.that means s u n; come in through h i s ROOM; his BODy, t h a n.)

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" V E R Y; N E A R; " ; i s ; ; an a r t ificial; " V a gina."


murat danis

A R T; ; THAT ,flows &floats ; ; i n ,ME..
" so I will L O V E; what i s -very- N E A R ; M E .. "

" What is L o v e " ..
Unfortunetely, that is a " philosopyh i c " a, q u e s t i o n. and I do not put Philosophy , in the first place..because ,ı have chosen to b e an a r t i s t, I must L i v e my L i f e, in the first place..I have to b e; a b l e; to HOLD " L i f e " -l i v e - ; first..i n L i f e; -or in being a l i v e- I shall m e a t; with philosopic T o p i c s; and I let L i v e; should, g i v e m e ; t h e a n s w e r s. to these; " Concepts ".. (that means , I am not an conceptual artist, who begins every thing; with the Concepts..L i v e nesss; w i l l come to concepts, a n d; i f I am to b e ; A L i v e; t h e n , I have to learn e v e n philosophy; in the m e a n s o f; L i v e ness..That is philosopy can not drink my blood..but my blood can reach; t h e " o b j e c t " ,-the T h i n g - called; " L O V E " ..)

L i k e " B E T H " -the L a d y- ; w a s; in " ALPHA B E T H "; there i s a " S O P H Y " -Sophia- ; i n the w o r d; " PHiLO S O P H Y ".I have told the story o f " B E T H "; in my recent, stories. N o w ,I shall m a k e an experiment; -a trial- w i t h that, " S O P H Y ".
(philosophy i s about both life, and Things, and some say that; " philosophy must have been the science o f; "the a r t o f, L i v e ness " ..

F i r s t of all; DO; w e have to know; o r s a y; that w e; " L O V E "; SOMETHiNG; o r that W E; L O V E; ,some BODy..(That means if w e can see who or WHAT; w e LOVE; than w e ; are; out o f o u r ; o w n BODy..but to b e ; i n L o v e; means; to b e in the BODy..) S O; I never s a y; " I LOVE " U; ; to any o n e; or to; a n y t h i n g. Love is an inner " sound "; i n U; but DO; n o t; take i t OUT; and p u t; it; " i n a THiNG " ; that i s not L i v e; -a L i v i n g-, t h i n g.... -that saying " my LOVE; i s in U " ; m e a n s; my love i s captured; i n U..-it is being HOLD; b y U; in U " ; and that in fact ; i s; a " complaint " .. ..I can h e a r; the " sound " i n , m e..and that s o u n d ; that takes the " b i r t h "; i n M E; i s called; " LOVE "; b y ; M E. That m e a n s, it has been b o r n; i n m e..(and i t shall , -and will- take the b i r t h; i n ; M E..it is not important; i f; it' s origins a r e; from OUT-S i d e..o r some thing that; has b e e n; put; -i n STAED " " ; i n ; M E.. I shall; LOOK; d i d i t; " TAKE t h e B i R T H "; i n ; M E..-and being born, n o w , ,too.-
S O; " L O V E "; is a " t h i n g " i n ME; (as I can feel i t ; as a SOUND; -that something is happening, -occuring- i n me, that I feal a s it is my inner SOUND.. (all t h e s e , births; that are happening i n m e; -that may b e a new cell being born; o r a new i d e a-th i n g ; in my Thinking..I should call i t; a s L O V E; , i f I can f e e l -hear- , i t..i n ; M E..)

W E; c a n; i n s t a l l ; " any t h i n g "; i n " E V E R Y; T H i N g "..but ,problem i s; " D O E S; it ; TAKE; B i r t h, ; i n it, ; t h a n.. -that means i s it " e s s e n t i a l "; or , n o t...- ( Take b i r t h; i s; important; because; L i v e; m e a n s; "taking birth "..something shall b e in Us -any thing or every thing can b e in u s- ) .. ..S O; i s i t; an " essential ,an E L E M E N T; ,4 U; -in U- ; o r not.. i f, it has been an essential e l e m e n t; i n U; t h e n, , it may " t a k e birth..
WE; in our bodies; there are cells ,d i e ing, n o w..and there a r e cells being b o r n; meantime..w e both die, and b e BORN; in every minute..o f course, " things -any or every thing- " ; may and have to; b e ; i n , U S..
.. and e v e r y; T h i n g; i n US; will be born i n us.. -with other essential elements..- again and again.. and; ; T H i N G s has to; " e v o l u a t e; i n us, ,too..U n i v e r s e; ; has it' s evolution; process i n U s; ; too.
S O; " T H i n g s "; also gain t h e i r E v a l u t i o n ; i n US..W E; human a r e; " Things " , too.. a n d we, DO; not know; ; which w a y; our evolution; s h a l l, HAPPEN..(when w e have a religion; ; -or a decipline; o r a regime o f deciplines- ; it m e a n s; tthat w e w a n t; to; " c o n d u c t "; that evolution; ..HOLD i t under control, as it goes; i n it' s ROAD..-if this is a road to sanfransisco; i t is not road to N e w York than.. and; a r t; i s a more ,concrete and o b j e c t i v e-R O A D; ; that means; religions are consist o f; ; b e liefs and; T h i n k i n g s; b u t; t h e y differ, t o o; m u c h..
-b u t; i n a r t; U can HOLD; " T H i N G s " a s; things , that c o u l d; -and has- O c c u r e d; i n; ;a r t; and they are ready to be holden; ,i n any t i m e. .-)

T h i s, w a s;a bit, l o n g , an; ; e n t r y.. b u t; was; essential. .to complate,that part, ,I must say; ; " what w e call LOVE " , i n ; our social L i f e; .. .. e a s y giving, t h i n g s "..(thing can be given; e a s i l y..i f n e a r..) ... i n s t e a d ; of, giving b i r t h; t o; every thing; (because ,birth i s a very essential a t h i n g ,b u t; a hard occuring procss..i n f a c t.. ) i n U; that shall b o r n ,e v e r y; T i m e;
.. ; U shall; i n s t a l l ; these t h i n g s; that are " V E R Y N E A R " ; to; U..
..i n s t e a d o f, ; having a n occurance o f a f i n e; and purifying, b i r t h.

...i f U ; L O V E; (i f U have a t a l e n t; ; to L O V E ,, -some do not feed themselwes, with LOVE-;); some thing s, t h e n, U l o c a t e t h e m, " V E R Y; N E A R "; ; U. w e call them ;; " H O M E ", i n basic sa y i n g.
...i t is not e a s y; to love; " a p e r s o n ";
(....althugh w e all have ourselves to L o v e; - a s a t hi n g-; first..it is not possible to love things; i f we do nt L o v e ; the N E A R e s t; t h i n g, to us; f i r s t.t h a t is; " t o; L O V E " is a process; t h a t shall happen continuous; ; from N E A R; t o the FAR; t h i n g s..)
...and locate, i t " very near ".W e have many things that w e, l o v e..b u t; they all have t b e; i n a " d i s t a n c e " -a w a y; from u s-; 4 US; 2 go on, to " L O V E; T H E M "..to l e a r n " to L O V E " ; i s; to learn t o; have, t h i n g s; that can b e ; " very n e a r "; and n e a r e r..W e can b e; " smaller "; -like small i s b e a u t i f u l ; and beaut comes frm the ; " space i n g s o f t h e GOD' s ; that is t h e origin a t o r.. "-
... they say; " it is the E n t r p h y Rule..universe i s e x panding " ..in it' s natural behaveour..b u t; w e ; can; " s m a ll t h e s i z e; of Universe; " to b a l a n c e; that; " horrible e X P A N D i n g." ; by i n v e n t i n g; " the N E A R i n g; formula; that is;named; " L O V E "; i n basic ,terms. W e, need; both; L o v e ;and the; original eXpand..i f we donot have; the genuine ; " difficult "; t h e n; w e can not find; WHAT; i s TRUE; " e a s y ness "; -or e a s y- (that i s LOVE..).
..that i s; ;Love &TRUE- EXPAND; a r e, both; sources o f; a T r u e; " l i v i n g ".

S O; " to ;L O V E "; ,on the first hand, i s " to; M A K E; - T h i n g s; ; that are ; very N E A R " ..(not close..close i s somehow; exidently, n e a r..) ..
..i f I have that; " u n i v e r s a l; L O V E - T a l e n t "; ; I am to , m a k e; " beautiful t h i n g s -things that are being worked; to b e beautiful; o n e by o n e..; -and that is the opposite w a y d e e d; ; to e x p a n s i o n..- and i f things a r e , b e a u t i f u l, then w e have; produced; a l o t; o f; ; o p e n i n n e r; space; for m a n y;things c a n; b e; i n a " N E A R E R; F i e l d "..

I c a n; L O C A T E; " a, t h i n g< ", v e r y N E A R ; M E..(because,I create -give labor to - to produce "N E A R-SPACE"; ; i n M E -my body- ..where, these t h i n g s can L i v e..and b e. i n and n e a r, m e..)
..i t shall; give m e, ,some ,e a s y-given- t h i n g s..(instead o f ; " I give labor of the - b i r t h " to them..) t h a t; i s, ; if things are near m e, -or that i s ,i n ; m e - ; they occur in m e; spontaneously; a n d ; s i m i l a r; and " n e w " ; l i k e; they b e; BORN; originally; ; i n ; M E.. ( b u t; still t h e s e; " READy-MADE- b o r n t h i n g s "; n e e d; to b e; B O R N; i n the L a n d; of the; ART s; i f U are an artist..-or a art lover- ; o r U have to go i n socila L i f e; where t h e s e; unborn things can; b e located near similar things to s e e; i f they f i t; each other.. ...; i n Social; f i e l d, ; BODy o f the objects -&M e d i u m s.. f i e l d.. -

S O; W H A T; I LOVE; i s; N E A R; M E.. I can say; m o r e near; M E; (that; my-self; a s a T H i n g,..) t h a t is, I love ; m y T h i n g s; more than; , m y s e l f..(because, there may b e ; something Located ; i n M E; ; that I might not L O V E; if it w a s; N E A R M E..(but it is in m e ; somehow; someWhat.
..t h e r e can b e; unwanted; T h i n g s; Located; i n ME..I w i l l have ; a L i b e r a l; attitude; ; as; " I wouldn' t touch ,to them; even to; Hold them; and throw them; o u t..because e v e n that; has a touch..T h e y will g o; a s they wish; ;as they came to stay; not asking m e; they shall go; ,wihout m y; permission.. -this i s; where ; L i b e r a l ism; ; has a L o g i c f, for Life. i f U do not want to touch; any t h i n g; every thing must b e liberal to b e every w h e r e..-
; so what I shall s ay; i s; i f U have " very n e a r " things; i n U Located, then; U can T o l e ra t e ; these; unWanted; t hi n g s in U " .. in o t h e r words; ; i f I have aa artficial " vagina " i n m e; ; then I can tolerate, the artificial; PENis e s ; i n ME..
-a r t ificial waginas HOLD; a r t ificial penises ; and than; I , f e e l; f r e e..-
-and have, beutifull childreen o f this; relation, j u s t; occured i n ; m e.-
-the natural w a y; o f a r t i n g.- -let a r t; b e; based , " installed " , i n U' r, BODy..-

...i f w e come to the social; l i f e.. i f some T H i n g; ; w a n t; ,to b e; ;V e r y N E AR; U; that me a n s.. U shall b e; " very N E A R "; to, i t. t h a t means; U shall give, things; and than U shall b e given; t h i n g s, , in return. i n L O V E; relitionship; ; balance; o f , giving i s; important.. i t must b e; equal; i n some w a y.. what is being wanted; from U..can U give it; ; ; ; easily..(it must b e excess; o f a thing..) .. then what is being given to U; naturally, has to b e; excess, f o r the g i v e r.. and these given things has to b e; in a balance; i n quality and quantitiy.. (stable process e s; can only; b e under control; and; ; will b e , a ;" small making "; process system..and i f t h i s relition i s; e x p a n d i n g; then; L O V E; will; no longer; b e there; i n the future.. L O V E R s ; has to, accept that; w a y; of LOVE; i s; ; opposite to that; " ENTROPy; R U L E "..be smaller, ..go smaller all the time.. so n e w; things; can b e i n c l u d e d.. >N E A R.. a n d became ; b e a u t i f u l; with that W O R K; ; i n the N E A R..(equal to that; b y; freshening, b y, original b i r t h.)

... i f some o n e; says that; He/she wouldn' t b e; N E A R U..then, t h e r e is, NO; L O V E.. t h e r e. t h a n ; I shouldn' t; b e; -or go- N E A R; either.. i f U L e t, L i f e happen; ; with expansions; and; shrink i n g s of L O V E; a r e ; L i b e r a l.. ; I shall a s k.. how many kind o f L O V E; there is in the Universe..H u ma n; i s MADE; o f two different t h i n g s.. 1- MASS-MATTER; a n d; 2- C e l l s.S O; U can L O V E; MATTER..
....1- ...than; i t is a matter-based L o v e..(U' r Atomic; or Molecular-structure; i s the same o r "A b s o l u t e l y ; very; n e a r "..that is the w a v e-lenght o r U' r frequency; i s, the same..that m e a n s; U are so " very near "; that; i s; ; U a r e ; " the SAME "..a l r e a d y..A b s o l u t; V o l u m e; haolds U; i n the same sphare; i f U know that thing i s a r o u n d U..U do not need to t r y; to b e ; ne a r, U are always; w i t h it; with it' s; ; MASS n a t u r e..b u t, absolute give that to U; ; and Absolute; do not c r e a t e ; L i v e ness..and biology. t h a t; i s a LOVE; that; combine ; " the SAME; T h i n g s " , b u t; can not bring together; w h a t; are d i f f e r e n t.. t o, e a c h o t h e r..
..that is a " LOVE; at first sight. ".. U are in the same; N A T U R E; o f the SAME; MATTER " ..that is M O R E; than, b e i n g; n ea r ; ; -or trying to b e ; ; i n the; n e a r .. 4 U already know every thing; and " RATiO; s a r e; UNiFied; i n that; L O V E " ..-..(if U want to live; w i s e, and , wealthy; i n that; L i f e; U had to have; t h a t; ; kind o f love where; RATiO s; are; U n i t e d.. not the " body o f the t h i n g s "..
..this may b e called; a s a PLATONic; L O V E; i n the platForm; ; -the B A S E; - o f the ; the MATTER..it is very romantic; t o; b e ; " two RATiOs; that can L O V E; the " SAME- MATTER ".. because " same -matters; has; very close; RATiO s "..and there occures a narrow; ; " inbetween-Ratio differance; " w h e r e absolut V O L U M E; can B e OWNED; b y these; 2-RATiOs...
( that i s a MATTER; based; ; " vagina " for a L O V E; o f; t h e; M ATTER.. and that platForm i s; PLATONiC; ; a plane t o; the n e w;ly creation; o f very n e a r; ; t r y i n g s..

T h e y shall keep " an absolute volume "; in between them and , their ratios....w h e r e; only; t h e y can; ,b e; i n..and that h a s; ; a a i m; to ; shrink; t h e universes e X p a n s i o n.. , t o o..SO; G O D; shall; L O V E; this kind o f; L O V E R S; t o o.. a s they o p e r a t e; with i n the MATTER; o n l y.. they LOVE; the mATTER; that has been M A D E; b y GOD; T O O ..and this MATTER; still has it' s; Step i n our Bodies; o r; i n the creation..

" WHAT i s L O VE " ; a s a STORY; ; has to b e ; " A story " in t h e; Bourders; o f the ; PHilo S O P H y.. b u t ; i n two parts..philoS O P H Y; of Cells..and PHİLO s o p h y of; the MATTER..

O N E; has said; O N C E:
" Ihave seen such women; that had balls and a big Pen i s; but NO; wagina..-their god-made vaginas w e r e, telling them ;WHAT they shouldn' t B E..- ,and I ' v e ; s e e n; such man; that h a s only; " V a g i n a s; 4 e v e r "; -L i k e; m e the A r t; m a k e r-..and a third kind; that; has only B i g balls; and they never can produce , a vagina from themselves..b u t, they try to o w n; every vagina, 4 their HUGE; BALLs.. -because t h e y; ONCE; s a w " G i n a; LOLLObrigida BALL s " ,; in , their child-hood..- L i f e.. ; "

..m a k e, every combination s and permutations; a n d; of the T h i n g s; ; &find t h e m, i n the REAL; L i f e; o f the; , the S O C i e t y.. -and comunity- .. that prays; both L i f e; and M a t t e r..

" What i s very NEAR; M E; is a Mod e r n ; t h i n g; than; it begins to c o n t a i n, 4 T h i n g s; in i t.. I may S a y; " 4 S i d e d "; i t ; b e comes.. " because t o be " very n e a r " ; m e a n s; to accept; to b e ; " 4 other things "; -that is beautiful, t h e n.. -4 other things can M A K E; o n e; t h i n g..- ; simultaneously..(that m e a n s; 4 other quarters; b u t still can M A K E; O N E..) beauty i n the MASS-Matter.

... w h e n it is beauity i n , the a r t, physics;o r biology; e.c.t. - "l i v e, nature "-
..c l e a n ONE -T h i n g; -and make it not heavy- erasing i t; by 4 other similar-t h i n g s ; S O; " quarter o f a t h i n g; i s enough; (as it is golden, &is with no corrossion ) f o r (4) ; ; it' s " e X i s ta n c e ".

..a r t, has to b e; i n; ; b o t h..