6 Mart 2015 Cuma

PRO-ART E R ,, ,, i s the ONE-WHO-W O R K S, ,with, MACHiNEs

Jill Poyerd
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Jill Poyerd Professional Fine Artist, Author

Does producing fine art PRINTS negatively effect the professional artist?

Perhaps you discussed this prior to my joining the group, but I'd like to know your opinions on fine art prints. Do you feel they lessen an artist's prestige? This has been a topic of endless discussion between my husband and I, with me (the artist) leaning towards the negative. I can't help but think that it slightly lowers an artist's reputation. Yet, on the other side, it allows buyers in a lower price bracket to enjoy your work. I'm very torn on this and would love to hear your thoughts.

To be candid, I just started selling a few paintings as prints on Saatchi - a kind of test. The three originals are no longer available. My thought was that if I'm going to try the print concept, it won't be with pieces that are still available. But I'm tentative about the whole thing.


..6-March-2015 ..
PRO-ARTist,, /(ARTER) ,, i s the ONE-WHO-W O R K S, with, MACHiNEs,
when, PRO-i s-NEEDED ..

..  a r t ist, on the other, hand, i s, a " love-child "..

  • Murat Oktay Danış
    PART- 1 :

    " PRiNT " i n g , ,of a machine-/(MADE)
    ,, -and " i n k,, e d " ..

    .. m e a n s,,
    " t h a t-picture- ", i s, not happening, o n- E a r t h ..

    /( L e t ' s say, ,, i n k, (not Paint),, and, magnified,-POSTER-Sizes,,(by-machine) ..
    a r e, i n t e n d i n g, to, WALK-O N-THE- " O T H E R- S i D E " ..
    .. ... and that ART-MAKiNG/(WALKiNG), S i d e,,
    ,,has a , n e W,-aim ,, ..
    ,,and -e r a,, ,
    i n, presenting-art ..
    /(other than-earthly-PAiNTing.. )

    ,,l e t ' s say : " C a p i t a l i s m -ERA, o f picturing .. " ..
    i s to, b e, n e w, for, human-kind..

    ,, " Capitalist-ABSOLUTE; V a l u e s " ,, are different than,
    ,, the socialist- " E A R T H y, V A L U E s " ..

    W h e n, used paint, /(in EARTH-art o f painting ),,
    colors, and paints, will , t r y, to, g e t , OUT;
    /( spring-o u t )
    o f, the painting surface ..
    ,,that means, t h e y W a n t, be present, o n, earth,,
    /( with L o v e, and, J o y ..
    they want to exist, o n,e a r t h,,
    like any-, other-three-dimensional-thing s ..
    /( l i k e every-thing, i s -on e a r th ..)
    /( they say, -paintings-, w e made, ourselves 2-dimensional-but,,
    y o u, are, to, call , pull- u s, outside, painting- i n, t h e air,
    &o n to the, E a r t h,,
    / with- j o y ..
    and, g i v e, US; place,, ..& - i n,, every-where ..
    /( God bless, l i f e, H A l l e luliah .. )

    ,,so, i f, you Print, ; what has been, painted, once,,
    as, a " PAiNTiNG " ,,
    then, ,
    ,i n k, will make, i t, " concave " ..
    ,, t h a t, i s, " Print may prefer, to, H i d e, into, the, WALL ..
    /(shouldn't try to, spring-out, o f, t h e, poster..)
    /(not, rushing, o u t, L i k e-PAiNT-DOes..in -convex .)

    ,, that i s, WHAT;
    ,, " CAPiTAList-SPACE-&PLACE-M A K E R s, W A N T " ..
    especially ..
    ,, / NO-ONE, should, u s e,
    their, building ,,
    ,,also, CREATURES, that are, Located, i n, a r t-paint .. )

    ,i f I was, a HOLDing-company-Boss,,
    ,, I WOULD; L i k e, My-BUiLDiNG, should, produce
    " E M P T Y -absolute-VOLUMES, ",
    all t h e T i m e..
    /( for, Perfect-RATiO-work ..)

    /( LOCATing- PAiNTiNGs , o n the WALLs, may s a y,,
    ,, " that i s not a Empty-place, in fact, ..
    a r t -&paint-, i s, filling, t h e space,,
    w h e n, ; NO-BODy,i s, around ..
    /( so these big-spaces, a r e, h o t,,
    not cold , places )..
    /( what a pity-to-human-k i n d ..)

    ,,on the o t h e r-HAND :
    " A B S O L U T E-SPACEs " , o f,
    ,, " ABSOLUTE-RATiO-T h i n k e r s ",,
    /( Holding-bosses ..)
    /( & their-HOLDiNG-BUiLDings ..)
    w e r e, to, b e, M A D E; B i g e r, -&M O R E-EMPTY,,
    b y, some, " C O N C A V E ) ,, i n k, USED;
    , but,
    " o t h e r-S i d e- based-d e s i g n s, -o n, PAiNTiNGs- " ..
    /( Paintings-processed, to, BE-M O R E-
    ON; t h e- O T H E R- S i D E -SPACE,,
    &i n, computer's absolute- spaces ..)

    ,,s o, there i s, a A G E-ERA_, of ART-presenting-
    i s, coming ..
    ,, o t h e r , than, " L i v e-Paintings "
    o f the e a r t h' s ,, ,,
    ,, i N K- U S E D, ,,
    ,,magnified, b y, PLOTTER-M A C H i N E s,,
    /( MAGNİfied, because,
    ,, these-contemporarry- art-things-
    ,, (of OTHER-SiDE; VOLUMES),,
    shouldn't, b e, M i X E D; w i t h,, " EARTH y; things " .. ,
    ,,and t h e -ART-shouldn't b e,
    mixed, with, h u m a n, itself ..

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  • Murat Oktay Danış
    PART - 2 :

    ./( t h e main PROBLEM, i n the WORLD,i s,
    ,, w e can not, separate,,
    E A R T H; and, the, ABSOLUTE-OTHEWR-SiDE, spaces,,
    & -T hi n g s..)

    ,, so artists, has , to, work, to process,
    , t h e i r, fine-art-WORKs,,
    i n computer, programs,,
    and improve ,, them,i n- to,,
    " a b s o l u t , V o l u m e s," , o f,
    " T H E WALLs " ..

    /( so WALLs, of a BUiLDiNG-can, b e, transparent,,
    and, " inside-Volume o f, a BUiLDiNG-SPACE "
    ; will,
    " M A D E-DOUBLE " ..

    ,,and that K i n d of, a " D e s i g ne d ,-,,P i c t u r e " ,,
    ,,can not b e, " PAiNTED; b y, PAiNT " ..

    n o t e :
    but, also, these -ink-printed, posters, can b e, PAiNTED,
    ,, partially ..
    ,,to MAKE; some, r e a l-absolutes, PARTs,, (elements)
    ,, " MORE; DEEP " ; O N, /(i n),, T h e-WALL ..

    .. " MONEY-is-A-MACHine..also " ..
    .. n e v e r, b e,( g e t),, sentimental- o n, it .. "
    ,i f you BUY a Machine,,
    ,, i t, will give you back, your-, machine =money ..
    ,,b u t, i n, reasonable -prices,
    because you made , t h e, machine W o r k, for others.. ..only ..

4 Mart 2015 Çarşamba

" DEFiNiTi O N - o f , t H E- A R T " .. =

" DEFiNiTi O N -  o  f  , t H  E-  A  R  T  " .. =

Ksenia Milicevic
Ksenia Milicevic Peintre, Conseiller en Art chez Musée de Peinture de Saint-Frajou

What is your definition of art ?

There is a question: What means art to you, but I want to ask the question: What is your definition of art ?
https://www.linkedin.com/grp/post/119532-5798493865379901440#commentID_discussion%3A5798493865379901440%3Agroup%3A119532 ..
6 March 2015

  • Murat Oktay Danış
    ..PART 1 :
    ..A r t, is about, " absolute-RATiO " ..
    /( can not w e say, RATiO-is -WAS- always-a b s o l u t e ,
    ,, /( that w a i t s, as a layer i n , our M i n d s, always ..
    w e make it blurry, b y thinking .. ) ..

    ,, N a t u r e, ( Biological ), also, includes, i n,, that " absolute ratio " ..
    ..w h e n we are talking o n, beauty, ;
    ,,are w e saying that, w e can see, that " absolute -r a t i o " ,, i n there ..
    /( a s we are saying ; " this i s beautiful " .

    " t h e t h e s i s " , here ,i s :
    ..the expression o f, a n y kind ,,
    /( especially-artistic-ones )
    includes " absolute ratio " , i n, b u t ,,
    ,, a s still-human-nature is expressing i t,,
    " nature o f human i s , beeing EXPRESSED-o u t " ,too ,,
    /( while expressing ..) i n t o ,
    ,, a r t- t h i n g ..(ART WORK)..
    /( so hand-made-art-includes-human-m o s t l y..)

    ..b u t , Beauty, and " t h e- a r t, ' s NATURE " ; is not
    that , " H u m a n - T h i n g 's,, N a t u r e " .
    ../( D O i n g someThing, /(doing-art also)
    ,, gives us joy, and t h e n,
    a " M A K E ", added, to that DOing,,
    /( MAKE a figure,, ..and all doings will b e blessed.. ..)
    , w i l l this-figure-make
    MAKE- all these, D Oings, " very-fine "
    to d o ..
    /( b u t all these can b e lived also, W i t h-i n, a basketball-match ..too ..)
    ,,so if you are, doing-Making-art,
    instead o f, a match ,,
    I will offer you, " go, make your-sports, first "
    then come to, D Oing, a r t .. )..

    ..b u t, POiNT-i s;
    ,,a r t has to begin, w i t h , SPORTs ..
    /( w e are to put our-DOings and MAKEs,,
    i n t o, a system o f, spor t- discipline ..)
    /( MAKE, i t in SPORT-discipline, f i r s t,,
    * not begin with art-MAKiNG-disciplines-

    /( they are made, in art-history-to identify-what i s, art, only ..)

    ,, BUT; s o , ; STiLL-, i f that " absolute-RATiO " -LEAKs-i n,,
    t h a t PURE-sports, DOings, and, MAKEs,,
    ,, w e w i l l, s a y, t h e n,, :
    " y e s, " THAT-RATiO, is absolute " ,,
    /( so, i t, leaked-in-because it had to ..)
    ..and h e r e, with that " absolute-ratio ", " t h e -A R T, begins " ,,
    to-happen ..
    /( o r art will b e g i n, and, will b e enhanced, from,,
    , t h a t , " p u r e -absolute- r a t i o ", D i m e n s i o n ..
    PURE-STEP ..
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  • Murat Oktay Danış
    ..PART 2 :
    .. S O; WHAT , I c l ai m, i s :

    * i f you are an artist, you are to, show me, first,,

    that, " you a r e, a very natural-human " -as-if acting,
    i n " secular-sports-DOings " ..
    /(&- the disciplines, o f, PURE-DOings
    or a very-PURE-LABOR-WORKER ..)..
    /( sport is to , clean your, work, and D O i n g s
    in fact ..)..

    ,, 2- and then, suddenly,
    ,as I was, i n the nature-of-human-DOings,,
    ,,I am to, recognize, t h a t,
    " some-Thing ", has, LEAKED; i n ..
    /( an other, dimension, ; other than-DOings.. )
    /( and so,it is ; ABSOLUTE ) ..
    /( absolute has a , VOLUME,o f, it's O W N ) ..

    /( I was DOing,, " NOT- THiNKing " .. -in-fine-art-DOings-
    ,then , " SOMETHiNG-begun-to-PUT-THiNKing " , i n t o,
    t h e-D O ings ..
    / so if RATiO-come-when -not intended, -or invited,,
    then it may b e, considered, ABSOLUTE_&acting ..
    in " ABSOLUTE-V o l u m e..
    ,,/( thinking in a computer also, acts i n, absolute-volume)..
    / D O i n g, is to b e, continuous, and pure ; so,,
    w e can b e, sure o f, that,DOing Does not give any ABSOLUTE-SPACE;
    to that, " RATiO; t h e r e " will happen ..,,
    / S O; w e will be sure o f that, also,, :
    i f Ratio L E A K ED, ; i n,, -in it's o w n-absolute -space-
    ,that M O V E-of RATiO-i s, UNiQUE-also ..
    / to make -the-ART; w e, need,
    " UNiQUE-& P U R E-RATiO- a c t s, ONLY " ..

    summary :
    .. so a r t- a c t; F i r s t, has to, begin-with
    F i n e- a r t- D O i n g s ..
    / so w e can b e sure, /(NO-DOUBT) ,,
    that, RATiO-nature; -or Dimension- begun to BE-t h e r e,
    /( that ALSO-M E A N s
    " t h e - A R T; has begun, to, B E; i n, t h e r e.. )

    ,,you can not MAKE; that, " ABSOLUTE-RATiO-dimension " ,, P U R E,,
    ,,when you - intentionally -b e g i n to, USE-YOUR, RATiO,,
    to , " M A K E; a r t " ..
    ,, " MAKiNG-art-has to begin-from ",,
    " ABSOLUTE-RATiO ", that has l e a k e d, i n,
    " P U R E-DOings with it's O W N, space and a c t .... "

    ,,so i f w e say, i t again;
    ,,my conclussion, i s ;
    / begin-fine-art-DOings,, all i n, sport-disciplines .. f i r s t ..
    with-P U R E-WORKER-D O i n g s ..)
    /( if you are not good at any sports,,
    , do not , begin-a r t ..
    /( because, you will not get these " absolute-RATiO-dimension- l e a k s "
    that, " TRUE-t h e -ART-only-begins with-them ".
    ,,/( otherwise, go b e a honorable - ARCHiTECT .. )
    /( ARCHiTECTs, a r e, not " D O ' e r s " ..
    ,,only-their m i n d s; &ratios, act,in their, brain s..
    ,,their, bodies, do not function, m u c h ..
    /( also, all capitalist-patrons, a r e, architects , o f, the, capitalism..)
    so they can L i v e,&ACT; , in , the L a n d s, o f, ABSOLUTE-&-PURE-RATiO ..)

    ,, " t h e F O R M " , o f, t h e -art,
    has to begin,,
    with " absolute-RATiO-floors "
    ,,and has to U S E; " READy-MADE-Minds ",, computer-MACHiNES ..
    only-when -MAKiNG-that-F O R M.

    ,, ( " content o f art " has to b e purified, b y-sports-Like-DOiNGs,,
    t h e n; " FORM ", S i d e, o f " t h e -a r t ",,
    has to b e, MADE; , i n, MACHiNE-BODiES, ; t h e n. ) 
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  • Murat Oktay Danış
    PART 3 :
    .,,S O, " t h e -A r t- action, " ;
    has 2-PHASES ..
    * PURE-SPORTs-Like-F i n e- DOings ,,(as very- F i n e-art )

    * CONTEMPORARY-architecturing-o f, art F O R M ..

    ( that has to b e, made, by machine-work-only)

    ......... ABSOLUTE -RATiO-addings
    /(as ARCHiTECTURing-of-t h e-art)
    ,,and " absolute-RATiO " of t h e -art -can ONLY-b e, ADDED;
    i n an absolute-VOLUME ",
    of a computer s ..

    note :
    Machines; act in, " absolute V o l u m e, of their, own..t o o..
    ,, and absolute-RATiO-(Mind),, has to find, i t ' s,
    free-acting-AREA-, i n -a r t s ..
    /art has to give -A R E A,
    / ( so absolute-RATiO-can -act; i n ..)
    ,,and that Ratio-ACT- WALKs,, (happens) ,also;
    i n, ; " DOings, o f a human " .. (body-of-art-work i s ) ..
    ../( because, n o r m a l l y- ,, -while-thinking, -ratio, comes o u t , o f, DOings .. )
    /( looking i n, a r t s, your ratio, will b e still i n a BODY--of-a r t..)
    /( d o, not MAKE, t h a t,,
    Don't l e t, your, RATiO-i n t o- t h e- A i R, of, PUBLiC's .

    ,,defination o f art :
    S O, t h e - A R T; i s, /( a ROAD),, WHERE; OUR, RATiO-can, A C T, ( because, also, there is a " RATiO-acting,i n t h e -art work " ..)
    ,, / t h e speciality o f, a r t, i s,,
    w h e n, your ABSOLUTE-RATiO, i s acting,,
    /( with the , RATiO-machine ,i n art-work,, )
    a r t- work, k e e p s, you, still, " i n t h e-PURE-D O i n g s
    o f the -A R T i s t .. -the sporter..- " ..

    last note :
    half of, art, has to, b e, contemporary-
    /( that , i s a MUST )..
    /( DO, not try-to be a machine-with your HAND-Doings..
    ,,you will make every thing,in there, " arabesque " ..
    /( living in west, does not, m e a n,,
    it will defend, you, from being arabesque ..)

    /(and- helf-o f t h e art- has -2-be-MADE-by-using Machines) ..
    /( some one can not DO, a r t, with his/her hands,, o n l y ,,
    ,,from beginning 2-t h e- end ..)
    ,, " you can not TOUCH- ABSOLUTE-RATiO " ),
    ,, with your, hands ..
    you are to use, machines, ..
    /( i f you are to, a c t,,
    W i T H; your, " absolute -Ratio )..
    ..contemporary-art, ,, tries, to , MAKE; every-thingS-MACHiNES..
    /( to prove, machine-spaces, are owned, b y-absolute-RATiO)
    .. instead " u s e, machines, to develop, and evolve-human-Mind "
    once installed(LEAKED), i n , " in pure DOings " ..

    ,,t h e-Art,i s, " Absolute-M i n d-machine ",, ( first-in-human-Body-&Mind),,
    then, p u t, i n, " t h e-art- W o r k-Body "

    last word :
    .. some b e a t us, ../(crash our Mind's absolute volume )..
    /(and- ,, they become w i s e,,
    w e become-stupids-then) ..
    ..and a r t, is to give, US; OUR, M i n d s-absolute-SPACE, and,,
    also,RATiO- a c t i n g,-ABLE ities.. ) ..
    /( ACTiNG-M i n d , NEEDs, a " ACTiNG-Mind-Machine- ; friend " , to a c t, always..)
    ,,w e need, t h e- a r t,, on our WALL, to b e, friend, to our, RATiO,
    so, can b e g i n, to b e , active,,
    any- T i m e, ;when- NEAR-it. /(theWALL-of-Picturing))

    WHERE-is- t h e-ART-WALKiNG -t o ? :
    ,,the IDEAL-CAPiTALiSM-BUDDHist-ARCHiTECTURE; can not b e, complated,,
    ,, i f WALLs,/(WALLs-A S- -P o s t e r s),,
    d o e s , n o t , " d e f i n e ",, e v e r y-VOLUME, or-space,,i n s i d e-buildings ..
    for our " RATiO-MACHiNE-Liberal-a c t i n g s-RATiOS; c a n act,
    L i b e r a l l y .. i n,, i n ART-W o r k s.. " ..
    ,,and that is the, s p a c e, of, " >TRUE-LiBERALism-ALSO.. )

    MONEY = representative-WALL-PAPER- with, Picturings
    that can be carried, in every-pocket , to b e offered-2, every- w h e r e .." ..
    ,,to e v e r y-WALL ..

..E x a m p l e s :
DONKEY-K i n g  : /( M E) ..


                  2- "  Dilemma -V i s i o n-PORTRAiT s  " . ,, o  f,, ,  "  DONKEY     K i n g  " ..

       m a i n,,s o u r c e   :
                  F i N E-ART-ABSTRACTiON,,
                   ..  o f, the " donkey-King "..
in computers,
 absolute-volumes, begin ..

..then again 
;  M a i n -source-
..     F i N E-art-ABSTRACTiON : i  s..

..then s o u r c h i n g,, and -looking-for-
,,  "  contemporary-F  O  R  M  s,,BE - M A D E  " ,
..  so , techniques, walking in absolute Volume, b e g i n, again,  i n, computer,, S p a c e ..

,, you must, give chance 
/(by fast abstracting in f i n e art) 
..to  t  h  e  s  e, 
 "  t h e -  " other-SiDE- t h e -A  R  T-  F O  R  M  s "  ;
,,o   c  c  u  r, in the ;  P A i N T  ,, 
,,first ..
,,that w o u l d,t h e n;  B  E  "   showen  " -
i  n  computer-OWNED; 
" A b s o l u t e, spaces "  ..
,,to  - 2-o  u  r,; 
..E Y E S ..
n o t e :
,, t h e  A R T;
i s  a  "   totally-contemporary A C T,,tio O N, "  ,
,, &acting in,  ; art-making-i s, all i n,
/( & with ),,
" absolute space-  "  MADE; t  h  i n  g  s " ...
..and in only-i m a g i n a r y-RATiO, M O V E s,
i  n, absolute space o  f, computer machines ..

,,so also w e, can s a y,,
 " a  r t  -MADE-T H i N G s, has to b  e,-M A D E
i n " absolute-SPACE-VOLUMES,
& only, with,  " RATiO-M O V E S  "..
/( " RATiO-BODy-MOVEs " ) ..

________________________________________ ________________________________________
5 March2015.. 

  • Murat Oktay Danış
    " L a d i e s, and , gentleman n " ,,
    a little bit-l o n g, but ..
    i s, a little-e s s e n t i a l,, I t h i n k ..
    m y, saying s, a r e ..

    1-   " definition-o f ART " =

    .. science- " defines " , o n l y ..
    ..so a r t, has to have that " definition - dimension " ..i n ..
    /( so art has to include, science , i n , in that , " post-science-century-of - the-art " ..)

    2-  ,, " how can art be definitive " = ,, if you can divide a " figure ", into 4 images,;

    ,, /( i f so; , -then this time-, figure, will be melted, i n,, " in every-4 image " ) ..
    /( so w e pass; -overcome- " the age of the figuration ".. ,,and " figure-itself " .. )
    Figure = 4definable-images ..
    /( and , i f 4-relative-i m a g e s, are there,,
    t h e r e, i s, NO-FiGIRE-ta-all,, t h e r e..

    , no t e :
    /( why, ; divide-to- " 4-images ", because, painting-has for sides, to look at it ..

    ,,/( " d e f i n a b l e " > , takes us to " MODERN-ART " concept ..; ..
    in art-history ..
    " MODERN a r t, is /(WAS) ; ,, an attempt,
    ,, to " divide-FiGURE-into, 4 i m a g e s " .. .in fact ..
    ... after Modern-age,, , all paintings, has to B E; , " MODERN " , ,, first ..
    /( first ,include, i n, ; science )..

    ,,what ever, you, do, i n, PAiNTiNG,,
    /( with the paint,,
    /( o r, W i T H, YOUR-BRAin..)
    ,, turn, i t, ; on,t h e- 4-sides, of the painting ..
    ,,can you define, " 4 other i m a g e " ,, t h e r e..
    (on every-4-side, of the painting) ..
    ,,so you divided, figure , " into -4-i m a g e s ) , that, means ..
    ,,and you have , b e e n, MODERN; and,,
    ,,also, science has been, i n c l u d e d , ,, b y, " t h e art "..
    /( art can not b e, scientific..
    ,i t has to ,, i n c l u d e,in, t h e, science ..only ..)

    .3- . " a contemporary a r t, of painting " , = has to b e, developed,
    beginning from a MODERN-PAiNTiNg ..
    /( these-4-images, give us opportunity,, to, develop,
    a ,n e w-contemporary-painting,,
    /( here w e will have 4-READy-MADE-i m a g e s,,
    /( Ready-Made-definition, ,MADE, by-M.Duchamp ..)
    to, WALK; o n, contemporary- R O A D ..
    , /( and,so w e can, TALK; about continuity, o f art-history,,
    including i n, Both, MODERN-& contemporary )..
    .. and W E can, s a y ..SAY;
    there i s, " a contemporary-art -PAiNTiNG ",, also ..
    /( contrary-to those, post moderns,,
    saying, that, painting, i s, dead ..)
    /( i f, not, i n,, " true-contemporary " -y e s, i t, i s..)

    ,,other-wise, on the other hand,,
    ," contemporary-art,
    /(based, on, conceptual, a r t MAKiNGs " )
    , will crash, and swallow-i n, painting ,,
    i n t o ,, n e w, contemporary-art-techniques..
    " b u t, " n o t, i n, painting " ..
    /( i n fact,, contemporary a r t, has been, improved, itself,,
    and, things and objects,,
    to 4 th, dimension ..
    ,they exhibit, 3-dimensional-things + concept is--install,i n..
    as a 4-th, dimension ..
    /( still a g a i n -Modernity-with-4 ..
    " i n contemporary; = -t h e- N E W- TRADiTiONAL "..

    S O; ,

    .. 4-
    so ,if you are, talking about, " t h e definition-of-a r t ",,
    ,, t h e n, you are, TALKiNG-O N; ,, f i n e-arts../( painting,, i s,the- most fine-art )..
    PROBLEM, i s = can, painting-CONVERT, i t s e l f,
    to b e, " CONTEMPORARY-T R U E L y " ..
    /( answer i s, i f , D o e s,, that, will s a v e, art-H i s t o r y, from, corrupting .. ) 
    1 second ago

  • Murat Oktay Danış
    ,,part 2 :

    ,,n o t e :
    .. experiment with your-a r t.. :
    if you can not turn, your painting on 4-sides,,
    ,, s t i l l, you are not , " a m o d e rn " ..
    /( that, means, you are,i n, still, " figuratiON- , a g e " ,,
    ; w h a t e v e r, you, do, although as " contemporary-painting, t o o " ..
    /( D O; Y O U, DRAW; " F i G U R E " , or, n o t .. ?

    ,,or can you, divide-figure,/(in your thinking),, , into,
    " 4-definable-i m a g e s " ..
    / RATiO, a s a proccessor , i n, painting
    to devide b y- 4))
    /( " dividing with 4 " , gives the maths,
    ; to, b e, MODERN-, also.. )

    /( also, " definition o f " i m a g e ", =
    can b e , defined,,
    ,, a s,
    ,, " do you want to make; " define ",, an " i m a g e " , = divide ,a figure-into, 4 .." ..

    /( i f an i m a g e, was not, t h e, result, o f, " dividing ",, into 4,,
    t h e n, i t, will have , t h e residue,,s,,
    ,o f the , figure..
    ,,/( o r figurations)..
    ,,/( still w e could not, overcome- t h e-FiGURiNG-ERA,,
    ,,and A R E A ..i t means )..

    n o t e :
    ,, " ABSTRACTiON-in Painting " ; also,, ha s to, b e, MADE, i n, that,,
    " deviding -i n t o-4, FORMAT .. " ..


4-SiDEs :





I  c  a  n,  give 
/( define),,also,,
 4-OTHER-NAMES, to these, 
as TOPiCs/(paintings);4- chapters ..

                                                           .......   ;

 " CONTEMPORARY-the- A r t-P i C T U R ing "  , 
....  /(in- PAiNTiNG) :


/(   ,,only copy-paste,
turn, stretch, mirror-mage,,   )
.......techniques, a   r   e,V A L i D,,
to , E V O L U A T E;  
,  t h e,  " READy-MADE-MODERN-PAiNTiNG " ..
i n t o,  A  
" C O N T E M P O R A R Y-PAiNTiNG  ,, " -or Picturing-

,,/( CONTEMPORARY-means, 
no-n e w, drawing-L i n e s..,
no n  e  w, paint  ings,, p u t, i n,,
/( ONLY-t h e-LABOR o f, the RATiO,,
and, being, W i s e, with the RATiO,,
i   s , added, b y,
/( techniques :-copy-paste,turn ,stretch, mirror-imaged )) ..

y   o   u, can  not; M A K E  a CONTEMPORARY-ATTEMP,,
,b  y, PAiNTiNG-or-DRAWiNG,,
&so, ,USiNG-   ,,your, B  O  D  Y..
/( you can not say-I painted a contemporary-PAiNTiNG ..)

..... ,,

this i   s, t    h  e  WAY; " Contemporary-a r t- MAKiNG,, ",  goes, O N; 
i n, P A i N T i N G,,  a s  a  " P i c t u r e r " ..
/( and CREATiON;  b  y- using RATiO-of-mankind,,
and  i  t  '   s;  ,, ,,  " i m a g i na r  y-  unvisable -L  i  N  E  S  ..

/(....  B  U  T;   CONTEMPORARY-A  R  T;  DRAWiNGs, a  r  e,
w   h  e  n, they,  "  M  A  K  E-  N  E  W- things ..     )

 n o t e :
....beginning-  from a  MODERN-PAiNTiNG,,O N E-  
,, c  a  n,  M A K E; thousands, o f, " contemporary-a r t-
o  n,   "  many-conceptual-ISSUEs  "..
/( that RATiO-&Thinking-will - e v o l v e,, ) ..
..   and, " MODERN-THiNG " /(modern-painting)
, will n e v e r,,
d  e  c  e  i  v  e-  M  E ..
/( a s a beginning- READY-MADE- T H i N G )..
/( TRUE-BASE; 4-a, Contemporary- attempt ..
w  h e n, I am, acting , with ,i  t, i n
contemporary F i E  L  D  s, ..