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" MY SPiNNiNG H E A D " TO O P E N , The " ROLL E D P i C T U R E:: "..

M Y F A C E ; MY SPACE CAN N O T " F A C E BOOK E D ",,because i t i s Spinninig..

AM I " ROLL E D iN " TOO ; iN M Y ART- W O R K..
o r ,,S h o u l d M y ART-WORK " CATCH " Something iN iT,, if I begin to S P i N
MY H E A D..

14 Nisan 2010 Çarşamba

" C O N D U C T i N G " ..,,4 A


(     ..here is a PHOTO; o f a Classical MUSiC; Conductor ( Cristoph ESCHENBACH..)..(PerFORM i n g; MAHLER SYMPHONy .. (photo is taken by ME.)

...there is an orchestra; (PARis SYMPHONy ) .. and ESCHENBACH;
....... shows t h e m  the; " SOULs i n the Wilderness &LONELiNESS  (& how they act; L i k e ; and how they become; ) ; SPiRiTs; t h a t; should be living,,,
........ in that piece of m u s i C..

...so musicians can PERFORM; t h e m..(MAKE; t h e m, A L i V E..  a g a i n .
.or attract them to come and act i n between U S..)  (sound of music;   ;   is a POOL   - a SPACE; an ABSOLUTE -V O L U M E -   4, t h e M..      ....and BODy;    4 their a c t i n g s..    ;O N L y..)

....and Cristoph ESHENBACH; MAKEs t h e m;  s   e   e;  the,  P i c t u r e ;
 of these  ;SPiRiTs..        )added   22.01.2013


WRiTiNG, D A N C E ing, t h e n PAİNTinG,,N O W it is T i M E 4 " S O U N D M E D iA "

DANCE with P i A N O afterB A C H ;VideO

A " W R i T E r " ,a D A N C E R, t h e n a P A i N T E r,, finallY, a M u s i c M A K E R..WORKs 4 t h e ir f i e l d s i n ART M a k i N G.....

T h e n 4 what has b e e n L e f t in M y S o u l,, o r What h a s b e e n " OBTAiN E D " i n M Y S O U L; a f t e r all t h e s e P r o C e ss..I will e x p r e s s M y musical " T H O U G H T s "..o n ,t h e k e y b o a r d.

E v a l u a t i n g S O U N D s, Shapes,Stories,F o r m s,, e x p r e s s i n g f e e l ingS, thoughts,, can these all c r e a t e M e A M e l o d y of MY OWn..(or my way of telling SOUND..)

O r L e t 's SAY,, " All is said & done " SO,,;
...there Occurs a N e w or F r e s h W a y of musical expression,,from m y hard, and in the nature of" genuine s o u n d structure " c o u l d b e a c h i v e d


....this section added o  n;  ;12.01.2013
...in this video; and in my l i f e, &my work, there is an OPEN-SYSTEM; occur i n g, continUously.
..when I am expressing   " s o m e T H i N G ";  ; " perception " g o e s  ON; coming into my B r a i n  &sences..( in fact, when we talk, we do not let others T a  l k ; .. and we say;"   let me finish my talking then U will begin to MAKE U' r T a l k " ..otherwise, perception happens ; i n  m e..they s a y " to TAKE-CONTRA when boxing;   -if u are swinging U'r fist and meanwhile  U TAKE-a contra fist; that U can not understand where it came from..- ; i f U whant to  put something i n t o brain -in it's original and genuine form; then; it nust be a CONTRA-attack..

..l e t 's say in  A R T..can any art work b e; both impressive &Expressive;  ; at the same time.. (at the same work..)
...artist may have to b e ;  a ; " iMPROVisation; MAKER "  ..when improvising,  , U both take n e w perceptions; & a s  U  go on ; acting..  (that is L i k e, U are trying to T A L K; while there is a headphone o n U'r  e a r; and someone is Talking to U' r  e a r ..there is a contra-talk in U'r ear; and it changes the BASE; o f U' r intellect,  a n y - t i m e..  S  O;  CONTRA; shall l  e  t; Brain; o u t of being;  CONSCiOUS;  ; and ; T H i N G s; M A Y;   ; EVOLVE;  a s  T H E Y;    A    R   E; in their N a t u r e ..  )
i f ; artist ; happens to b e ;  b o t h ;  iMpressive-&eXpressive, t h e n  ; " eXperimental-i m p r o v i s a t i o n,"  h a p p e n s   ...in art; medium..( to b e ; fixed in the material..)
p.s. eXperimental because; " CONTRA; things " a r e; not humanitive..atom is not cell but it is at the same category; with "the cell " .. (both individual parts )
...U are acting on PiANO; as U touch to play it..but can U give a chance to piano to, touch U..t o o .. -or Uare performing on sound; can U give permission to the SOUND;  ;to perform on U; when Playing P i y a n o.. (Simuitaneous; actions..happen on opposite w a y s,    ;just like every chemical reaction work ; both 2 ways..)


I L E T ,,; MUSiCAL B O D Y PLAY " M y B O D Y " 4 B A C H WAS H U M A N T o o ...


M u s i c a l P i e c e has A BODY..
S o D O E S,, " BACH " the composer...too..
And thirdly , I DO H a v e, a BODY of My OWN..

... S O W e Can TALK On " a LANGUAGE of B O D Y "...or let's say I can " TALK TO B A C H ",,through the BODY oF M U S i C.

W e playED " LONG PLAY "s for Music Listening.
N o w here I am" a LONG Play BODY " Turning around M E -on the Dance Floor- ,, to represent and E X P R E ss ,B A C H 's B O D Y..

Instead o f playing the PiANO (Piano has a B O D Y,,too..) I LET " P i A N O " or MUSiCAL BODY ,; P L A Y " MY B O D Y "..
I n reTURN..

S O I am " ABLE " to K N O W;, W h a t B A C H has done with his body ;before H e begun to W r i t e or M a k e this BODY o f , " this M U S i C.."
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I f Something C a n behave,,
Absurd,Abstract,Surreal and R e a l,impressive & EXpressivE,,
t h e n W e can say,, " WHY ALL THAT ? ..." is Necessary ...
.....to be ABLE to clean A R T from,,HUMAN Dirt..(my lovely..)
W h e n U can U s e ALL these together i n A R T s,,
Human R A T i O is P U S H E D,, to where ;it has to B E 4 R E A L..
" R A T i O " can, u s e all these " processors " (Absurd &Abstract,Surreal&real,impressive & expressive), t o g e t h e r..
Ratio,is able to do such a tough JOB..
L e t ART B E , ALWAYs T H A T " T O U G H " J O B..
4 MAKERs of ART & Watchers of ART too..
4 it can be genuine with the nature o f " M a t t e r " or SubsTANCE..

....anyway,,can a musician Play this "p i e c e",, p l a y E D by M e...please..
... d o not t e l l M E,,that, it is too hard to play, o r,,UNPLAY A B L E..


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  • moddanis
    ..between; 2sn and 5 sn; in the video; I shake my HAND in the air..use U'r PAUSE;&seeTHE "PiCTURE" of the "being' s " (or ;ENTiTy " ;or " The Thing " 's)- FACE,there. (that means there is a creature -or a being- in MY HAND..and because I am a painter I can Paint it into air using " the shake " of my hand and finger..)
    ..soNOTHiNGeasy to LiSTENinTHAT " perFormance & installation-simultaneously "..
    " wrong-&eXperimental rendom sounds "; areBEiNGinstalledINmeSiMULTANE­ously whilePERFORMing.. 
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  • moddanis
    These eXperi'MENTAL; sound-art-perFormances, has many art-states in ,and they have few layer-states; that has to be studied; separatively. Human body and mind and soul has that different layers, too, as they separatively occur -but interactively- ..SO, these -sound art- perFormances -and installations of many kinds- has to be worked -and studied- very carefully and a LABOR; has to be spended..(not a easy use;listen once and "know" it 4 U'RrSELF..)
    ImyselfEVENhave2WORK; it.
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    Very Strong Personalities can bear that sound soup. if this sound ART; perFormance; spoils U'r soul then can U clean it ..Can U take U'r soul from this ugly and crushed situation, to the higher stages of "romanticism ". 4 that to happen, U have to be strong and go dawn to the bottom-lavel of U'r soul, -where miserable occurs- ,and then can u carry it to a " romantic state"
    .in this peace, , -when I listen to it- ; I study, THAT. elements
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CSO 1 ,,, " WHAT i S , A S T E i N W A Y "

From STA I N W A Y 1

S t e i n W a y Piano, reflects M e..cameraman is a " V i o l o n i s t " and tries to " c r e a t e" a v i s i o n o f " V i O L i N " from P i A N O.. 4 I should be pictured a s a " V i O L i N PLAYER "... o r
" w a s Piano a V i o l i n ONcE "...


"S t e i n W a y Piano, reflects M e..cameraman is a " V i o l o n i s t " and tries to " c r e a t e" a v i s i o n o f " V i O L i N " from P i A N O.. 4 I should be pictured a s a " V i O L i N PLAYER "... o r" w a s Piano a V i o l i n ONcE "..."
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MOURNinG 4 " HAKKI "..


Someone I like,,m y regards TO H i m A s

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2 gogle video

M O U R N i NG...4 My RumaniAN GranD MOTHER..I've never been to her Grave & I 've established this Mourning for her f u n e r a l..i n m y ROOM..y e a r s a f t e r..

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