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" S L E E P E R s -i n- T H E - S N O W " ..

"  S  L  E  E P  E  R  s,,
   -i  n- T  H  E -  S    N    O   W "  ..

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 "  ONE-ABSTRACT " -and- it's",,

..   one-O P E N E D-GLOBAL " -


"  S  L  E  E P  E  R  s   -i  n- T  H  E -  S    N    O   W "  ..

Murat Oktay DANIŞONE-ABSTRACT-and- it's" one-O P E N E D-GLOBAL " - albümüne 14 yeni fotoğraf ekledi.
21 dk.
,, " Y O U " -yourSELF- - ARE- to b e - W A L K i N G- i N -THROUGH,, T h e - P A i N T ..
/( o r- art-has-to b e- slept
i n- you -a-long-t i m e,,
S O- i t- has to b e-
" B E C A M E- YOU " ..
S O- you can- EXPRESS-it-o u t ,,
with A - LiVE- ABSTRACT,,
&- O P E N- i t- in- many- w a y s,
and ONLY- FiND- " your -WALKiNG " ,,
inthrough- t h e- PAiNT ..
/( a r t- can not b e made- by- describing-
N O T E :
S O- ALL- -A R T ,, will not b e,
" TOTALLY- CRAP--o r- TRASH " ..
like- organic-food, or eggs or animal,,
,,a r t , has to give you- t h a t,,
i t-i s- " organic " ..
and- clean..
,,/(that i s- y o u -know- that ,,
there-is- " A-H U M A N- " ,i n, i t,,
" W H A T- E V E R " , i t- has- b e e n- transformed-i n t o ,, o r- i n-
any- s i t u a t i o n,
o r - hidden-in- some- shapes ..
you will look at it to s e e- " clean-human ",,
and also- while- s e e i g, i t- you will b e- cleaned, also..
,,to t h e " o r g a n i c - h u m a n " ..
,,s a i d- -THUS- ORDERED-t h e-
" ZAR' A T- H-USTRA " ..

Murat Oktay DANIŞ,, " SLEEPERS-in- THE- S N O W " ..albümüne 45 yeni fotoğraf ekledi.
27 dk.
ART- ,, has to b e MADE,
i n- t w o- PHASES ..
first ONE- Finishes -when- you EXPRESS,,-O U T
" T H E- BASiC-PAiNT-ABSTRACTiON-on- canvas ..
s e c o n d- WORK- has to b e DONE
,,i n- the - Computer ..
,,methamorphoses, of THE- PAiNT-ABSTRACTiON ..
n o t e - : they say- " a b s t r act " ,,
has to say, some-thing-b u t-
b e t t e r- " say not much " ..
in that method ,described- -above,,
,, my-abstracts-can- b e- open-in-the realms,,
o r- say- ,,i n t h e- " ABSOLUTE- VOLUMEs " ,,a n d- T E L L _ OTHER-SiDE,-stories,
and, " other-side-countries " ..
y o u - m u s t- i n v i t e,,
a r t- i n s i d e- o f- y o u ,,
t h e n,, t r e a t- i t- good,, b y- loving-&keeping-it
inside-o f-you for months ,,-or-years-,,
and- feed-i t- with your- writings,
and in your every-act ,,
/( as, you act- with- them,like a friend,
in y o u ) ,,
o n- them,
to h e a t- them- in the world, &e 'a r t- h ..
/(in your - brain-&Body-U T E R i N E ..
,, so because they -l i v e- i n- you ,,
you begin- to- KNOW- i t- complately,,..
so, you can EXPRESS-it- OUT,, with PAiNT,,
also- " O P E N-it- in- the - COMPUTER-ABSOLUTE-VOLIME ",,..
that i s, W E - C A N- B E- i n- REALMs,,
and, " OTHER-SiDE- A R E A S- ",
in REAL- W O R LD,,
, o t h e r- THEN,,
i n- O U R- d r e a m- visionings,,
and, " REALM- cinema " ,,of
o u r- DREAMS,i n the sleeping ..
s o- my- computer-works- a r e,,
" S E M i- E A R T -h ",
H Y B R i T s ..

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