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... interview at Creativeroom4talk ....

Fwd: Invitation for interview at Creativeroom4talk

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Zorana zorana@creativeroom4talk.com

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Dear Mr. Danış,

We are Creativeroom4talk and have created an international concept for creative minds and everyone who enjoys creativity. Our magazine writes on communication, international relations and all things creative – redefining what creativity means and broadening the audience for creative, constructive and interesting topics in a world full of, well, other things. We publish interviews with fantastic minds located all over the world, highly skilled within their professional field and with various cultural, creative, religious and political backgrounds.

We are also publishing a monthly issue on ISSUU (http://issuu.com/creativeroom4talk), including featured articles by awesome international experts in the field of business, culture and leadership with exclusively written articles for us.

Within this awesome new concept, we are seeking out interesting creative people worldwide who are exceptionally skilled within their professional field, to ask for an interview (via email). This interview will then be published in our magazine (creativeroom4talk.com) as well as in our monthly ISSUU issue.

Mr. Mark Kulaga recommended us to contact you.

Since we do a thorough research before sending out an invitation, we think that your professional competencies and amazing achievements have a lot to do with highly developed skills in creativity, and we would like to do an interview with you and feature you in our magazine.

Now to our question for you – would you be interested in being interviewed for our publication?
If you do, please send us a reply to this email (zorana@creativeroom4talk.com) and we will give you more information.

This is a big and fun initiative, destroying the old ways of looking at creativity and creating a whole new perspective. We hope that you would like to be part of it, because we would really like you to join us on this inspirational ride! :)

Warmest regards,
Zorana & the Creativeroom4talk team

Murat Danis moddanis@gmail.com

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Alıcı: Zorana
I say o.k.

..about you invitation ..to-talk ..

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Murat Danis moddanis@gmail.com

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Alıcı: Zorana
,, o.k. I accept to be in an interview ..
L e t ' s - do- i t ..


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Dear Mr. Danış,

Thank you so much for your message and interest, we are really happy that you would like to be interviewed and published on our website/magazine (creativeroom4talk.com) and in our ISSUU issue (http://issuu.com/creativeroom4talk). We are inspired by you and hope that you will find these questions fun and interesting to answer.

Before we get to the questions, we would just like to ask you if you could also send us up to 5-6 photos of your work/work in action (in high-resolution, at least 1500px) or links to videos, as well as one photo of yourself, so that we can combine them in the interview post. You have full copyright to your photos and we will only use them in our interview with you.

Our aim with the interview and website is to present creative talented minds on an international platform, to give an insight in to how creative people work and simply getting to know a little more about them. This is a personal interview and not aimed at marketing businesses, products or services.

And lastly, we would like to know what information you would like us to post, for people to contact you (Facebook, E-mail, Blog, Twitter, Youtube, Blab, Periscope, Instagram, Website, Flickr etc.). If you don’t mind, just give us the links to your profiles and/or websites and we will include them in our post.

Now, the question are as follows:

1.      Name:
2.      Where do you live (city, country):
3.      (You are) Known for:
4.      Currently working with/on/as:
5.      When did you realize that you were going to work with this/in this area?
6.      If you could choose one place only to live, where would that be and why?
7.      How would you describe your creativity?
8.      How and when did you start to work with this in a serious manner?
9.      What do you do at the moment (projects/job)?
10.     A recommendation for those who think about starting and running a creative business?
11.     Tell us how it all started.
12.     What is the most important thing in a workplace/studio for you?
13.     What is your favorite film?
14.     Who would you like to invite for a dinner and why?
15.     How do you like to spoil yourself?
16.     What is luxury for you?
17.     What is the nicest compliment you’ve received for your creative work, and from whom?
18.     What do you fear most?
19.     What is a happy life to you?
20.     What does a regular day look like for you?
21.     Tell us about your dream project.
22.     Who is your professional role model/inspiration?
23.     How would you describe your work style (academic field or fashion style, or both, or something entirely different)?
24.     Which is the one thing you can’t live without?
25.     What inspires you?
26.     A book that has changed/made the most impression in your life?

When answering these questions, if some other story or thought comes by that you would like to share, please do so – we’d be more than happy to hear about that as well, and we would definitely include it in our publication of this interview.

If we could kindly ask you to send us your answers in 3-4 weeks if possible so that we could create a beautiful outline and publish the post in about 2-3 months.

Also, if you have any questions or thoughts or ideas please feel free to contact us anytime.

We’re very happy to have you with us – we’re looking forward to your answers and are convinced that this interview will be absolutely amazing! :)

Warmest regards,
Zorana & the Creativeroom4talk team

Murat Danis moddanis@gmail.com

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Alıcı: Zorana
1- Murat Oktay Danis

2- Ankara ,TURKEY ..

3- I am not known .. i n- PUBLiC ..
But I TRY- to-know my-self as  "  4- person " ,, that  has to be living, , in me ..
A writer ,A sportsman, A- musician- &A-PAiNTER ..
S   O- I am to know that they a r e- there , 
/(as they act like doing all-these-different- multi- things they should have ,, to b e doing .. )
and I try to define WHO-they a r e,  , o n e- by-one,,
and WHAT- they are doing a s they live  in only , " O N E - B O D Y ",, 
and " O N E- Mind " ..
..S   O- I can not b e- KNOWN-by- others /(and I shouldn't have),,
.b e c a u s e- it has to b e- pure,,an observation,, and objectivism has to b e
coming from " o n e- e y e " ,b   u t , travels in , 4- other - personalities ..i n - m e .
1/4 e y e- for every-other-4-person ality- to see them precise .
/( that means if a " full-eye ", i s looking,, it can not be precise as plus-of-4 ,  " 1/4 eyes-sum " will ) .

4- CURRENTLY, W o r k i n g  with :
,, a ) ALPHABET,, /(that is,  writing-every-day)
,,b ) BASKET-BALL,, /( that I consider-as-a -  " stad-art -DANCE "  ) ..
,, c ) PiANO ,, /( strongly- expression of SOUND ,,out of m e, and sucking- new-sound in to m e .)
,, d  ) PAiNT .. /(  " SOME-T H i N G "  -has to Drop-into my- PAiNT-POOLs, on the canvas ,,
,, from-  " other- UNiVERSES "   ..
PAiNTiNG- i s-  the b e s t- thing- i n- all m y- work- that -happens to m e ..as doing- a r t..)

,, a  n  d , all these things, I do, t h e y all are shaped-b  y- m e,, a s- to bring m  e ,,
,,  t  o - "   t h o s e " i M A G E S ", that fell i n, MY-PAiNT- p o o l s.,, &- - gradually ..
with those- 4-DOings o f -arts .
CURRENTLY- working-on- n o w   :
,, "  F A C E- BOOK "  - - " BOOK-of-FACEs " , n o w ..
,, F i r s t ; ,, ,, A   S- I,,study- -my-every-day- " 4-Writings-ON-one-page- Format ", writings
 /( hand writing s .)
then-I go on to install-my-new-ideas in to - FaceBOOK-  " READY-MADE ", materials ..
as day goes by ..
,, so I continue- my- -writings-all day-on-computer and-in the medium-of FaceBook- 
and ,  t  h  e  - FACES- related to- those people- /( real-and- Moveable- A c t i v e - FACE s.. )
,,I can s a y, MY-WRiTiNG-these-days, a r e ,happening-i n- two mediums ..
,,F i r s t -my- writings, I WRiTE-O N- M E ..
s e c o n d ,, MY- " F a c e BOOK-writings ", O N- EVERY-F A C E -and the
,,   "  Face-of-the-PUBLiC-F A C E ,,itslef  " ..
,,f u r t h e r- m o r e- explanation .. :
s   o- it is interesting, how-my-a r t-  "  will-Write-ON-ME ,&ON-my-BODY  "  , first ,
 /( with my-OWN- hand-writing ) ,,
,,and secondly- ; h  o  w  - I   carry- m e- and my-art- and my -n e w- created- -IDEAS- 
-H O W - WiLL- T h e y-MATCH- with- t h e- PUBLiC,,  &WORLD,,
and, i   f- PUBLiC, and Society - "  c  a  n- T A K E- THAT- s h a p e " ,
 I will, DARE- to- -g  i v  e - them .. o r- n o t.
.. asa n -advenced s t u d y :
o  n t h e- other hand ,, " N A M i N G- ", and  " defining -EVERYTHiNG " ,,
from -a-N E W- Angle- has to be continuous work for a - "  creative-mind  " ..
and ,people has to see every thing from n e w -angles every day ,
other wise- every-thing, and every-day- will b e- " repeated ", and , should bore- people ..
/( every-thing-can not b e- n e w-every day, ,,n e w-looking-angles- has to b e- 
aim-o f- that -  "  creativity - business  "  -mostly ..

CURRENTLY , Working a  s :
,, A- deranged- & -i n s a n e - someone - /( with -NO-E G O ) ,,
 -out-of " himself ", and,for- - i n - the s e r v e- o f- art-and- the n e w ly - experimented- I D E A S ,,  ..
/( Like -in the David-Bowie- songs-especially-  " I'm deranged " ,  " The man-who-sold-the-world " -and-  " Heros " -,,  and many-others . )

5- I was multi talented -i n-my-early-ages ..of child-hood . 
,, and also my family showed me the way- , that I should go on with my multi-talents .
,a) Playing-in-a basketball-team, /every-day-of my-life -I should play- games in sports ..
b ) I was writing-my-school-books, -copying-them- ," w r i t i n g ", to papers .. when I was a child ..
, and then- this- " touch-of-ALPHABET ",, and -writing-contunuously- ,, went on- all-my-Life ..
c ) I was in touch with PAiNT- till m y- 3-years of age ..
d) i n a  " science -program-school ", I was to b e- a scientist .. /(so- I became-a -engineer-of chemistry .. )
,, b  u t ,, I came to, a " braking-*point ", in my- first years of university ..
,,i f I should be a - chemical-engineer-for the needs of public, then, I should not use,
and, i m p r o v e, my- other-talents, and, they -should, be wasted ..
,S   O- I  begun- to  "  stretch  "  -my- University - Y E A R s ,, /( for 16-years ),,
,,and I begun to go on studying-all-my-talents,, i n- "   extensive-&expanding-  t i m e s "  ..
,,S   O- i t ,had begun, w i t h- my- very- ages,,/( in my-whole -childhood ",,
 a s- I was- focusing &working-on-my -multi-talents,,
but I , " P U T- my-self-on the ROAD ", to- a r t- o n- 1974,, and begun, to draw,
m  y-  "  basic- alphabeth- L i n e s "  , /( or -ALPHABET-Lines-for my-ART ) ,, for- my- O W N- a r t ..

6- A  S- an Artist - I would Like to put-my-self , to a- NO-MAN-LAND,,
probably- &SURELY- ,, on a top-of a- B i g- mountain .. /( and I should s e e , NO-ONE-is near-m e- and they are as far as,
the-mountain-itself - -  as far as- I can s e e, no-one -is climbing-that mountain- 
-for-that- ,, time- ,, as I look from the top-of the mountain .
,, and I am to b e- able- to- Live very- simple- and, MOVE-able , with my-basic-things..
/( t h a t- i  s- I am- to b e- perfect to defend,  "  m y- LONELY-ness " -
and m y-  "  İNDiPENDENCY - and m y- PRiVACY ,, "  from , any- other- creatures- of the public .. ..
,,, /( A  PERSON- Private - O   N- MOUNTAiNs- ,, "  ONE-DAY- away- from any-Public-creature " ,,
and to  e a r n - this, , h a s - created-  "  ready-to- pack-PERSONAL- THiNGs " ,,
to ,, "   M  A K E- A- MOVE  " - any- minute ..

7-  I WOULD- DESCRiBE; M Y- CREATivity- a  s, "  N A K E D " ..
,,if you WORK-O N- - many-or-multi- a  r  t- disciplines ,, every-art discipline , TAKE-THiNGs,,
from other, arts .. That is if I, WRiTE-A- Thinking--or-A-STORY, it,will be captured-i n-,, -or installed -in - WRiTiNG, 
and, it can not b e, happening-in music-or- painting, for example ..afterwards ..
,,that is , writing , painting- making sounds, dancing-, when done -simultaneously ,,
,,they all TAKE-their-THiNGs- o f- their- own,, f  r  o  m- the other-disciplines ..
,,T  H  A  T - i   s- e v e r y- one -of them- begin- to- b e- NAKED-- from other's c o v e r s ..
so they all-a r e to- stand , all by- themselves, and,  " ALL- N A K E D-on their-feet "
and  " c  r e a t e - genuine- carrying- f  a  c t  s " o f - depending-to-the -nature- of that -a r t- Making-MEDiUM ..
, all- by-  "  themselves "   ,, ..
,,that alone, i n- L O N E L Y N E S S ,,  a  n  d - totally- naked- creativity ,, ..
/( described- up- -above -as -simplicity-o n*-a mountain-TOP ,, " T H i N G s ", ready-to- act- any-time) .. ) ..
o  f  course, " that naked- nature-of-a r t ", and expression, goes, with, /( let's say : " the HAND-o f- G O D   " .. 
,, that i  s  - - I  will put my-self-in discipline and I DO- NOT KNOW-WHAT,
will h  a  p p e n- there .. &/( what-I -do- HOW-it- happens ) ..
,, afterwards , s e a r c h i n g- for a   r   t - i  n- there , begins..
and- all- ART-History-KNOWLEDGE- is, needed, to , understand, and, improve-what has happened,, " UNTOUCHED " ..
/( that is complately- the opposite - contravercy-way-to use- " how-to-Make-art ".. )
/( f  i r s t - l e t -art- DO- i t s e l -express- , very- naturally-and-spontaneously-and- freely ,, and UNTOUCHED ,,
t h e  n- , e  v  o l v e  , that- " n a  t  u r  e ",,  , t   o-  t h e-  a   r   t  - d  e  f i n a  t i o n s , and, s  e e,
" WHAT-is- T H E R E  "   , then, .. and begin to know, i t ,, a  f  t e r  w a  r d  s ..

8- I begun to work in these, means , i n, 1974 .
9 -  "  Face-BOOK "  ,, or " BOOKED-FACEs " ,, W O R K S .. /( as told, i n section 4 .. ) ,,
,,that i  s , i n- fact,  to study-  - TO B E- ABLE-to-READ-  - " multi -f a c e s ", 
Laying- i n- - i n, EVERY- - person,,
,, /( there are reasons that have been-installed- i n- US- b y- OTHERS ) ..
/( W H O- i   s- i n- who - Study ) ..
/( for example- many-woman-carry-their- father-,, o r- mother - -in -them, still , 
or many- people- still l i v e- i   n- many bodies, and you can not choose- which-one- to- talk-to ) ..

10- b u y- O N E- /( or Many),, o f, my- " creative- POSTERs " ,, and,
,, b   e  m u l t  i, &give-time- to do ,, things- with  "   your- multi-talents  "  ..
,, and use- multi-instruments ,, /(any-instrument ,that can b e used-with hand ..) in your lives ..

11 - I told these , i n , the answer 5 .

12- THE - Most - important - T H i N G, i n-  a  - STUDiO- W o r k-place, for , m e :
,, A-DOOR- that NO-ONE- KNOCKs ../( and-NO-telephone ..) ..
additionally, H i G h- WALLs,,/(  -better-not-a-house-for-a -family ..designed- a place )
,,A  - M U L T i- STUDiO ,,
,, MULTi-instruments i n, i t .. a-music-studio- ,, ready to Make-recordings,,
A-photo-studio, A , Video- record, or, ,A- Studio-also- artist-can -dance .. e c t ..

,,o  f  course silence ..

13 - may-be-  " Apocalypse -NOW , APOcalypto , and AVATAR- &EYES-WiDE-SHUT " four-logy ..

14 - I would invite for a dinner OBAMA , to talk-my- art- project with him.i f -Picasso-is too busy under the ground .. or - CEO-of-CAPiTALism, t  o- TALK-on CAPiTALiSM, -and- m y- a  r  t..-as a-project ..
,,  w  h  y  .. because , I really- am curious- about- CAPiTALiSM, &-PEOPLE- W H O - a r e - concerned,
about Capitalism, and , " W H O- are- r e a l l y- - responsible - ,  f  o r  " I D E A L- CAPiTALiSM - ISSUES " ..

15 - what ever I do , I am, ready-to- SPOİL- -my-self ..  :
,,  always -M A K E - improvisation,, " improvisation-at-ONCE " ,,
,,b u  t  mostly- I SPOiL-my-self, ON- trhe -Piano ,, ..
,, although- ESPECiALLY- I did not TAKE- any- lessons, O N- PiANO-PLAYiNG,,
,, I m a k  e - improvisation- sessions, with i  t, TOTALLY-ABSTRACT- , FAST, and-
,, random SOUNDs- strike to my-mind-then, I try to MAKE-structure- Simultaneously,,
a  s  they still- g   o- o n, striking, randomly-to- m y- brain- .. and my mind ..
,, " BRAiN-SPOiLED- b y- SOUNDS ,, then- "   brain-structured with sounds "  .. 
simultaneously ..

16 - Luxary- for m e ..  :
,, "   one- day  "  - ,, ,,  /(  or -o n e- week,or- o n e- month ) ,, 
,, that I  SPEND-MONEY,, E A S i L  Y ,, 
and  "  D  O- NOT- SPOiL-my-self "  d e l i b e r ately- ,,
,,    - ,, i n s  t  e  a d, o f, USiNG-MONEY .. E A S i L Y ..
,,IT-seems ; I am in the business - o f,,
,,  "  creating- t h e- MONEY  " - ,, process- department , o f the states ..-..
/( SPOiL-YOURSELF ,, t o- "  C R E A T E - MONEY " ,, 
,,writes , o n, m y-  " F O R E H E AD  " .. 
,,  as a RULE-to- t h e-  "   creation-o f- t h e- MONEY   " .. 
17 - 2- artists, TOLD m e, that I am a genious , and I thought  that 
they could s e e , real- m e ..c l e a r l y -also .. and I tried to 
--  prove and -show- my-genuine- creativity- t  o- them , 
i n t h e - TRUE- Mirror , o f-the M i n d ..
 /( other than - I  can s e e , my self- clearly ) ..

18 - WHAT do- I f e a r- m o s t .. :
,,i  f  I can not - " c  r e a t e ", and, b e- a -normal- PUBLiC- PEOPLE ,,
I think- Ican not bare- that- " normal- regular-life ", after- all that " creativeness",
I experienced ..
,, A L S O- I think- I KiLLED- " A L L-m y- regular-Normal-PERSON- HABiTs ", also ,,
/( a s  to MAKE - a -  "  NO-RETURN-serious-ART-ist- conditions "  .. ,,
for my-  "  SiMPLY- -serious- a  r  t- STRUCTURing- o f MY-WHOLE-BODY--  " ..
also ..
,, " S e r i o u s- a  r  t - needs to u  s   e- all-o f- your-Body first -then- your-brain ) ..

19- A Happy- L i f e- for , m   e , i  s :
,, a) A VERY-WELL- M A D E- all-included, i n, A BiG- SPECiAL-ART-MAKiNG, studio
o f, M i n e ..
b ) A n -ART-POSTER-  factory ,, under- the wings of A- BiG-Capitalist- COMANY-
or , H O L D i N G ..  to reach- all- t h e- people-around- t h e- Globe ..
c ) .. ,, A  - HOLDiNG- that , will accept m e- to MAKE- an- A R T- DEPARTMENT- i n, i t ..
/( so- I can- produce art- to -all-HOLDiNG-companies , a  s - the - ART-DEPARTMENT- Manager ..
d ) .. A small-  - ART- MUSEUM, ,, " UNDER-MY-NAME- 
,,that I can, Locate, all m y- art- works,, i  n, and SHOW- them, to e v e r y- o n e- eager to , s e e ,
,, and LEARN,, t h e m , and what they a r e ..
/( because I have thousands o f, works, MULTi-Eras- and A , n ART- H i s t o r y- PROJECT,
based, o n, my- special- works ..o n- the issue ..
e ), an ART- ACEDEMY-institute - that I can educate- p e o p l e- and- students ,
,, in my-art-EKOLE ..
s o- these, all can c u  r e , m  y- " r u i n e d -and- SPOiLED - PERSONALiTY ",
,,f  o  r, say- 40- years , n, a  r   t- field ..
and I n e v e r, offered, any- position- and- CHAiR- i n- PUBLiC,,
,, i n- all- o f- m y- W  i  L  D- b u t- " L  i  V  E ",   - - FULL-of   "  my- own- stories " ..

20 -WHAT D O E S- A- REGULAR - D A Y ,, LOOK-LiKE- to m e  :
,, a  n- -  infinite - t i m e- i n t e r v a l ,, /( a day--ON-Earth ) ..
,, I  a   m- totally- free to do- anything, ,, /( totally-independent- t i m e,
o f- m y- OWN- ) ,,b  u  t - in the e n d- o f- the- day- ,,
I   a  m- to b e,,  able to- s  a  y ,, t  o, my-self ,,
" H  O  W  - D i D- I   "  ,, S P O i L E D - m y- self-STRUCTURE ", ,and-my-BODY-TODAY,,
and, t h e n- " H  O  W- &WHAT-  - did- I , M A K E- with this- deSTRUCTURED- b o d y, -n e w l y .. " ..
,, W  H  i  C  H- N  E W- THiNG- I could , g i v e- to- - my-self, , s  o- I - will b  e  "  learnt, i t  " ,,
located -i n s  t  a l l e  d - ,,  it into, my  B O D y ..
for today' s, L  i f  e- has passed ..

21- if TELL-about-my- DREAM-PROJECT ..
,, " I   A M- THE- H E A D- MASTER- & Chief-Engineer-  o f,, EXECUTiVE- STUDiES-OFFiCe,
o  f ,  t h e,, " I D E A L- CAPiTALiSM-  "  ,, ARCHiTECTURiN G " .. COMMiTTEE ..

22 - GEORGES- BRAQUE,in e a r l y- years ..
,, then- Van-Gogh-&-PAUL-GAUGUiN ..

23- HOW d o- I describe my W O R K- STYLE :
,, TotallyFREE-BODiLY- &-insane- crazy - delirious - deranged ,, 
,,  unconsciously- NAKED ..ly expressed, 
/( i n- all-mixed- styles-of-Modern &contemporary- a r  t- 
,,b   u   t- then, ADDiNG- V  i  S  E - and KNOWiNG, and CONSCiOUS,, and, KNOWLEDGE,
and COULTURE- also o n, i t ,,a   s  a - progressive pro- work ..o  f  Capitalist- PRO-TRADiTiON .. ..
,,I devide art MAKiNG- - in two- P AR T S ..
1- free-body-expressions &abstractions ,,  
 2- ,, EVOLViNG- to- PROGRESSiVE- FORM- ADDing -process o n-computer ..
,, I THiNK- M Y- ART- STYLE -is VERY-MUCH- ACADEMiC .. e v e r -done -before .

24- ,, " ABiLiTY- o f- - FREELy- M O V i  N  g ,, my-body " ..
before my- brain- rules- i t ..

25- ,, "  to- b e- able- to- a c t -freely-with my-whole-body  "   ..
,,inspiration- comes, laying-in through - t h e- moves ..


,, n o t  e- 
you can- play with m y    writing characters, and make my- writing-regular- if necessary ..
,,/( o r cut-&-throw away some parts ,,i f I am talking too much ,also .. )
,, ..
,,people mostly want to listen -as they read- ,,to what one  "  s   a  y  s  "   .. I guess ..

Murat Danis moddanis@gmail.com

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Murat Danis moddanis@gmail.com

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Alıcı: Zorana

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,, ..


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Dear Mr. Danis,

Thank you for your beautiful, awesome answers and amazing photos.

We will now continue with creating an outline for publishing your answers and information, and we will send an email to you as soon as we have a publication date for this interview post. We really, really want to keep your writing style and will do everything in order for it to work out the way in which you wrote your words and presented your ideas. We will also include our interview with you in our monthly Creativeroom4talk magazine on http://issuu.com/creativeroom4talkwith all other interviews and articles for that specific month, sending you a direct link to that as well when we have published the issue.

You will hear from us soon again – until then, we wish you a happy & creative time! :)

Warmest regards,
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e-mail : moddanis@gmail.com

http://muratdanis.blogspot.com.tr/ [8]


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https://www.youtube.com/user/moddanis?feature=mhee [12]

2016-02-05 21:57 GMT+02:00 Murat Danis <moddanis@gmail.com>:

,, ..

2016-02-05 21:57 GMT+02:00 Murat Danis <moddanis@gmail.com>:

website/magazine (creativeroom4talk.com [1]) and in our ISSUU issue
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,, o.k. I accept to be in an interview ..
L e t ' s - do- i t ..

[1] http://creativeroom4talk.com
[2] http://issuu.com/creativeroom4talk
[3] http://issuu.com/creativeroom4talk/
[4] https://twitter.com/4creativeroom
[5] https://www.facebook.com/acreativeroom4talk
[6] http://rs.linkedin.com/in/zoranavukomanovic
[7] https://www.facebook.com/moddanis/photos_albums
[8] http://muratdanis.blogspot.com.tr/
[9] http://www.artslant.com/global/artists/show/104580-murat-oktay-danis
[10] http://muratoktaydanis.weebly.com/about.html
[11] https://www.linkedin.com/in/muratoktaydanis?trk=nav_responsive_tab_profile
[12] https://www.youtube.com/user/moddanis?feature=mhee

Murat Danis moddanis@gmail.com

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