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Can a painting g be abstract and figurative at the same time?

Can a painting g be abstract and figurative at the same time? ( a Forum on Linkedin.. )

Jim, I think; WHiTE -of snow- has to be found , in the nature -in the real snow- first. T h e n when I c o m e to the TUVAL; , there is that W h i t e; -and white Light- -or snow- in Front of m e, so I can , paint any color, on it; -on the SNOW- ..
..-i n ,other WORDs-; , ALL the colors -all the paint- that will appear on the TUVAL; ; will b e coming out , from, that; " W H i T E " .. that means ,because U put pressure on that; " W h i t e " ; all colors shoul come out from that; " white-light " ; -or say white-paint-

...S O; That " white "; has to stay; there , after U made other-color painting Job. ( that means, D O; not spoil, that " origin-white " ; after U made that color improvisations , out of, " white " .. ( the stream, and the Source, ; has to b e; together, on the; ViSiON.. for our, eye..when looking a painting.. )

I complately agree, what Marc says.. there has to occur something " n e w " -a Flower; on the SNOW- ; when Using, COLORs.. ( a Flower has to bloom; and that has to b e ; NEW; to, the artist; ,too..) I call this, a c t i o n; ;as " eXpression " ; , first....but then because it has to b e; FAST; -a quick act;to be born- ; , it has to b e named as a " fast improvisation " ; & that I call ; " improvisation at ONCE " ..

W H E N; " improvisation at ONCE " ; happens; (it is a very fast eXpression, that contains surreal, and; impression, and e.c.t.in it too,; ,simultaneously; ; and SO; interactively; that art history deciplines; act spontaneously; ..-spontaneous parallel with the human nature- ) ,and , there has to b e; a " CREATURE " b e EXPRESSED; o u t ; on to the TUVAL.. ( a creature because; ,when artist improvises; it is acording to, ( or with ) that, human-creature; we are ; i n ..(aFigurativeSystem )

S O; to m e ; ," ABSTRACTED " ; is a " Creature " ( from OTHER WORLDs; SO; it has to be NEW i n the nature or content..) that L i V e s; in M E; -made parallel ; and simetric ,to Human nature- ; " meantime " .. S O; I have to, love that creature, ( or created, ) ; and " caress "; i t using -my loving-writing-letters..writing has to creass; t h e creation; that is sleeping i n U ..and act parallel -and simetric- to that creature; , ( or b e ing, that is living and being BiGGER ..in U.

THEN; I Play a Basketball; G A M E; a Match that will b e finished at the point 101.. ( a very long game, to make creature, r e a d y to JUMP-O U T .. ); and, it is wild enough, to COME; o u t, then; B i R T H; shall, b e g i n .. ... that will be; into sound; into paint; or into alphabeth; -as a n e w writing-; that includes that; BEing; o r " CREATURE " in.. ..

S O; " abstraction " ,shall b e gained, using a " SYSTEM " ; -and that SYSTEM; shall b e ; HUMAN-itself-.. .. of course, there shall b e; " a b s t r a c t i o n s " .. because; the nature of the " creature " -or creation- won't b e semilar, to, What HUMAN-nature-creation, eXactly,and actually; i s . .. ( so I call this kind of abstraction; , " hidden Humanity; in the CREATURE -or creation- " ..

S O; there i s, a " KEY " to open that DOOR; ; o f " ABSTRACTED " -or abstraction.. , o r ; say " A B S T R A C T i O N " , in a " F i g u e r e "; SYSTEM; -HiddenHuman, is the KEY- B A S E S ..

..and Jim, ,,I WAS; to, F i r e " a STOVE " ; -every day- -and coal was to be used, in it- ,- when, I was to, go to a Town in North Turkey, for teaching Chemistry; in a high scholl- , and I was to wear a " BLACK " coat, -black as COAL- as I w a s a teacher.. and there were black-crows every where.. and big balck water-bufalos to pull;over rice fields.. (ALL 4 BLACK s determined; -or deveded- to the 4 SideD;Painting..

and the blue and " R E D " , f i r e Light; , impressed M E; -red fire L i g h t- &; went into my red paint, directly- .. ; -and SO; m y, REDs; h a d an i n n e r L i g h t-; ; , -when I painted RED-; ,o n these, SNOWY; M a u n t a i n s .. ( and there was my Father's BLOOD; who was to take an oparation, on his cancer tumor.. .. -he survived, later on- and I was on honey-moon, there with my W i f e , (she was to be coupd with the stow, e.c.t.) there, too.. ( SO " f i r e " -or fever- can be devided; into " 4 stories " , -4 REDS; can be dettrnined in 4 THiNGS in " 4SiDED " ; Paintings ..

" ABSTRACTiON " ; c a n b e DEFiNED; a s, a " scientific " " Abstraction " ;.. ( i f U can devide a Topic, into 4 stories Located; -or installed-, i n 4Siides; of a P a i n T ing ..

..." İNSTALLATiON of contemporary art "; has t o, occur in PAiNTiNG; (because they could not DO; that, they told that painting WAS DEAD..( -postModernists;who could not be MODERN,too- ) as 4 Sides of a Painting, -that can contain 4 Stories on each sides-..; L i k e, in a " SYMPHONY " in 4 parts..

..and that kind of " installation-into-Paint " needs; a miracle to occur.. .. (surrealism,automatisizm, cubism, expressionism, and all i s m ' s; are to b e used spontaneously; and simultaneously, to DO; THAT ; " İNSTALLATiON; into the PAiNT i n g " ..
....( and they still, try to practice, " installation -art " , to g e t ,that ability, NOWaDays.. -but nonesense, at all..4 they can not install all these " isms ", into, H u m a n NATURE; ;f i r s t .. - )

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Murat Oktay Danis'in fotoğrafı.

Murat Oktay Danis'in fotoğrafı.
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A k ı L ; Resmin KLASİK; K o n u sunu, " 4 'e " BÖLEBiLiP; d e ; TUVALin; 4 bir kenarına da; RESMiN; bir PARÇA' s ı n ı; yerleştirebildiĞinde, ; M O D E R N; RESiM; oluşur .. ( bu işin tek bir işlemcisi olabilir, O da AKIL.. dır..) (AKLINIZI; i Ş E; Koşarsanız; -iŞÇİLeştirirseniz,- ,ancak onun, yürümeye başlamadıĞından EMiN; olabilirsiniz..KapitalistleştiriLmediĞinden )

SENFONiLERDE; d e , BESTECiLER; S E N FONi nin, KONUSUNU; +4 e bölebilirler, v e SENFONiNiN; " 4 BÖLÜMÜ " .. n ü; VAR; EDERLER..

RESiMDEKi; zorluk; , Boyanın akıyor olmasıdır, v e; ; AYNI ANDA; AKLINIZ; " 4' e B ö l e b i l e c e k " olmalıdır .. B U Kadar; " Â N i " ; işletirseniz AKLINIZI; " oriJinal;-MUTLAK -" ; AKLINIZ da; RESMiN ; i ç i n e; -BOYANIN AYI T U Z A Ğ I N A " düşer

.. i ş t e , B U; " AKILDIR " , RESMiN; h e r k e s e , D E; VERE B i l e c e Ğ i, , " A S I L " A K I L :. .. ( Akıl yürütmeleri, yürüyen Akıl, verenlerin AKLI; pek 1 işe yaramayacaakken.. )

AKLI; , AKLIN; KAPiTAList MAL sahiplerinden alıp, d a; NORMAL; insanların da, -AKLIN MAL sahibi olabilmelerine- , olanak, tanıyabilecek, olan; " verilebilir, Alınabilir; A K I L " .. ( Sosyalizmin EŞİtliĞini, AKIL için d e, başarabilmek..aksi taktirde, Kapitalizme düşman olmak gerekecektir .. )

Murat Oktay Danis'in fotoğrafı.

Murat Oktay Danis'in fotoğrafı.

Murat Oktay Danis'in fotoğrafı.

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