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 (   A comment put in YOU TUBE.. )

My interpretation is to be a tough one. First of all, brush and spatula works are to be separated, in abstract painting as far as J.Pollock did use brush to drip in; , into one " line " only..( but many individual lines like atom orbits ) -as brush has hundreds of lines to paint with- ..SO; Brush, is not convinient in abstract enhancements because, abstraction moves in an undergoing area; and we have to use; only strict lines; to carry " THE THiNG " correctly to the ; artistic-Objects..o f the ART-Work.. ( Brush use is to destroy line and give " soul " instead of direction to the THiNG; being expressed.. ).. SO, while watching this work of U's ; on this video; I thought U were imagining to ENHANCE; the diamater of the natural born " VAG i na " ; enhancing it by the enhancer-brush should we call; it " the sun " then it; occured on that; direction.Let me, tell U where I stand on that; iSSUE..I think, abstraction has to be made; only; b y; using SPATULA..AND; The BLADE; of spatula, i s the " THiNG " of a " VAG in a " and that blade gives a " WAY " to walk on with the ; MiLKY-VAG ina- WAY " , where ; vagina is can be the true WAY; to the, Gardens of-EADEN ; in TRUE ARTing. ..(it is a Porn, when watching-HAND of artist's,DOing many thins..Stairway to Heaven has to be; " ONE-TRUE act " ; and always straight.by using spatula.. .. ( although U use half-way bendable like a brush spatula, just like the way; U use; U'r Big Brush. ) ..This was a thecnical, critic. I wish, every one should use, true thecnics, and so we shall enjoy, the , the true THiNGs, o f ; WORLD' s art..to be able to PASS; A WAY; ( or WALK to the OTHER;WORLDs; or realms are; an other topic to argue.(please,except my apologies for my direct speaching..)
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Lady, U were a great ARTist while, using BLACK..maybe U should go on all the way with black.. ( as far as U could ; beyond U'r imagination, too;in expression, though.. )( this is what I would prefer to see.. -as I am an artist,too-.. ) and let other -the house cleaning- job to the profecional house wifes..There has to b e left ; a hard Job to these people that should watch the " art job " .. -DONE-ONLY; the lonely- b y ; an ARTist...WE wouldn't forsake them and we wouldn't help them to understand the " THiNG "; for they have to be perfect too as they make the watching job. ( Artist would not try to watch the " thing " while making it..I think..)ELECTRİC GiRL ; COLLECTER i n PAiN' T

Türkçesi, Siyahla çizerken büyük bir sanatçı idin, belki d e tüm yolu öyle devam etmeli idin. ( gidebildiğince,hayalinin d e ötesinde,dışavurum içinde ,keza ) ( ben bunu görmeyi isterdim -ben de bir sanatçı iken- ) ve diğer ev temizleme işlerini d e, fiğer profesyonel ev kadınlarına bırakmalı idin. Sanat işini izleyecek bu insanlara de zor bir iş bırakılmalı; -yalnız ve biricik bir iş yapan- sanatçı tarafından.İzleme işini onların da keza; profesyonelce yapabilmeleri için, onları küçümsememeliyiz v e onlara yardım da etmemeliyiz. (Sanatçı yapmakta olduğu oluşan NESNEyi, izlememeli, onu yaparken..diye düşünürüm.. )

Just an other abstract work is created, now in the 
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