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Has art lost connection with humanity? Has art lost its way? Does it answer our innermost human needs? Is the disconnect too great or...

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I     N E E D;  that; " 50 LADiEs " -all NAMED- B E T H-   ; from the   "   ALPHA-WORLD plaNET,,        " ; of     "  the A L P H A beth " ..

..." to B A T H;"   ,  m y,  " BODy-with-10-fingers "..  -in my HANDs-  ..( not to screw my BODy..)

Murat Oktay Danış • Mark, SO; U say, " DEAF; c a n SEE " ..O.K. then BLinD has to s h o w SOME; Vision.. BUT; I think; " d e a f " STiLL-has to see " the sound "..because, " contemporary-abstraction " PRODUCED and PROGRESSED; in the computer; StiLL- needs " eyes that can s e e; sound; " ; i n the picture i n g ..


w h e n Talking ON; MODERN; ; " 4Sided " ; painting; ( Figuration has been shaped in 4 sides of a Tuval..) (SO U have to fallow all 4 Sides; to be able to see whole characters and the whole 4 act s.. to tell the whole " clasical " s t o r y; in a MODERN; painting..


Murat Oktay Danış • Hello Brian..

M o d e r n ity; -also scientifically- is realted to " time " basically..i f something " n e w " is happening in the matter now, u have to be able to look ; into a " nano-second " of a " t i m e " ..if U can be in that time-interval ; ; U can experiance " w h a t " is happening , there.

M o d e r n i t y in art; " takes t i m e " and divides the " t i m e " of the, story..( or Topic in a painting.. ) at least 4 parts.. (division by 4 means every 4 part; can be magnified, 4 times ; 4 example if U have a 4 person class-room; and if U can take every person one by one; U may have time to understand and go deeper into his/her brain and psychology.. )

W h e n we divide, an " issue " , to 4 ( 4 example) ; then in 4 steps we can be successful ; more truely and efficently.. dividing by 4 addes our; " ratio " into the job..while dividing by 4 U can discover; ; what that THiNG; i s; " r e a l l y " ..

M o d e r n i t y; " installs i n " ; a " t i m e Square; W i N D O W " ; where " ratio " can be added into the topic&Painting.. (SOafterwards; U can " be PROGRESSiVE; " with U'r , SQUARE-RATiO; in a computer , processing ;t h a t " MODERN;-Painting "..

(Maybe ,Modernity is to put a " BASE ", -a time window- into the painting so we can u s e every 4 parts -4Sides of a painring- 4X-probabilities to act in -PROGRESSiVE-W o r k;withRATiO, on computer..)

.....(why on computer: .. Progression can be pure; if all is based on the ratio-WORK; ..that is; " copy, cut, enhance, turn,&paste.." and that is not to put additional-color or ; line into the original " improvisation at ONCE;" paint-Work..)

..SO; One can be improvising with bare paint; ;-at once- -that is a creative act- with paint labor..(and I will say that is the work;with h u m a n- L a b o r only ; .. -the socialist part of the arting-..)

U can be progressive with the paint too..SO; U have to paint once again..I can Paint my expressions; , to -say- 20 tuvals, a day; 300 in a month.. ..and that will be ; " EXPressionist-Modernity " ; ; because; ; I made 20 paintings in a day; and that; STiLL; d i v e d e s; m y ; afforts ;and -excludesMYratio-A WAY from my pure-human-Labor..- ( then in computer my mind will find my " broken-excluded-ratio-acts "... " i n my improvised paintings; and then I can MAKE; " a PROGRESSiON " ; ; only by using; " RATiO-WORK " ; i n computer's " absolut-Volume " ;afterwards..

(copy,turn, strectch,take miror image; paste ; ; these works are Ratio-Works and that is not paint work;, on the original " h u m a n- L a b o r's-painting " ... that is a true " secularism in art..that means, U shouldn't miX; socialist and capitalist values; ( 4 example time versus place.. or to be clever ; or be Rational..talent versus accomplishment, FORCE of skyWalker's Obi Van; or Power or Dart h Wader.. )

S O; progression has to be in the computer -purely-MADE- ; b y; ; the work of- the RATiO; only.. SO; do not tell m e; ; someone does that 2 different jobs; " at a time " ; ..I think; that 2 other Work; has to b e D O N E ; separately.. ( S O; " H u m a n i t y " ;that has been P U T; into; the improvised-paint Labor; w o u l d not be corrupted b y ; the " RATiO; work " of t h e ; man..

..that i s; DO; not l e t; RATiO- W O R K; -and ratio- b e NESTED; i n , the H u m a n -flesh; or PURE&-socialist-H U M A N- L A B O R..

...an EXPERESSiONist-Painter should; ; add his/her ; RATiO; , into the painting when working with simultaneous-ratio&-paint W o r k..H e/she will finish a painting in a day progressively ..but I will work 2 hours only, to make 20 paintings ; ..( and that is dividing the story of one painting into 20 tuvals; ; STiLL MAKES; my " expressionist-act " ; MODERN..( because, when dividing by 20, I could learn components of the STORY -or topic- better..4RATiOwork-AFTER..

p.s. " imitations " can occur in a 20 tuval work.butTHAT also can be cleaned in ComputerWORK; byRATio.

Murat Oktay Danış • M o d e r n i t y; & Modernism; i s s u e ; ; on the first step ..
Modernism is a conra-act ; to " modernity " ..Modernity comes from the (say) hand, and Modern i s m comes from the minds of architects of the Public-L i f e.Modernism, is a planed action; to carry people, a way from being modern (be in Modernity ) toMAKE them,part of ; the " Architect's Public-Building; process e s " ...

English Language give us a " Modern-PlatForm " ; for us to share art problems here.." Different LOOKs "( from many nations ) carry an other part of the issue.. W E can, , " D i V i D E " ; the issue.. into many PARTs; " many; S i d e s " .. the SAME; ; has to o c c u r; i n a Painting, too. ( we all stand on the same platform; named " painting; a n d " .. Painting itself has to b e ; CARRiED; with some divided parts (impressions )..A painting has to b e " D i V i D E D " ; into 4 parts..because a tuval has 4 parts; for every o n e of us..)

S O; Modernity platForms; a r e; ; " to d i v i d e " ; the issue; -or topic; or story- into parts; so - different looks- can carry and present ; the issue in new orders.. (if there is a strong statement written; then I will ask 4 person to express -tell- it in an other w a y.. S O; there once was a strong-expression; &very concrete..t h e n; instead of that strong expression; you can present 4 soft " i m p r e s s i on s " t h e r e ..and exclude the strong o n e.. o u t .. ; ..that is, " MODERNity, came ".. but Modernity; has (say) 4impressions to soften the strong.. ..some should say; ; l e t ' s find " O N E "; contemporary expression; that can still b e soft; -b u t;still s h a r p- ; that can b e "1" "; instead of Modern's; " 4 ".)

...o f course; contemporary needs intellect; ;( to be sharp&Light ) (instead of soft impressions ) & it still has to b e; strong; ;b u t ; not y e t -not again-; conventional..and traditionally-strong&heavy..

T r u e M O D E R N; is; " i m p r e s s i o n ism " .. (parallel to the relativity Theory of quantum mechanics..) Figures and stories; TURNinto impressions when artist melt the borders and lines of the figures; and when these borders were melted, figures has to be " divided " into 4 shapes and; go to the sides of the tuval; so w e could read these 4 impressions on; ; 4 Sides of the Tuval, afterwards..

...i f there are impressions ,then, there is not the traditional " story " present..i t has been d i v i d e d; into impressions ..though.

S O; if there is MODERNity; ; t h e n; U can not find;a traditional or conventional-THiNG; t h e r e..

; W h e n; Talking o n Humanity..; are w e still talking o n; ; this traditional; conventional THiNGs..i f I w a s to be a L a b o r to Modernity; I wouldn't h e l p to those; who try to strenghten their, t r a d i t i o n s; and conventional-standings..

.... being H U M A N i T i V E; is ; to b e " M O D E R N " ...in the first s t e p..

o n the other hand; " contemporary " has a silence..a brilliancy, clear and direct ; standing.. ( in nature )..( at least it is not as heavy as traditional; or classical..) contemporary is still strong and " s h a r p " ..but it tells that it is a sharp knife..and U should ask; it to cut U..(traditional knife does not ask any one if it shall c u t.. in fact it cuts continuously, ..naturally..)
Contemporary is much more decent, ( at least; it has separated art; from us -the human-.. ) ..than traditional and classical or modernists..

S O; contemporary can be put; into the classification; ; of figurative; classical; & the-strong,
.. b u t ; more sharp, b u t;elegently-L i g h t -&in weight too- ; and more, thin and ; cool, ; and in the " other side; of course " ; ( so we need to feed the empties; with a TEXT to reach the maths o f the artistic-Logic..)

M o d e r n; ( with the presence of , only impressions ) wouldn' t strike; t o any of U S..and that is the Humanity i n even ART; though.. I T h i n k..

Murat Oktay Danış • My painter friend once has said to me : I use 37-color-set ..reason is to be able to reach " undefined " colors.. ( colors " inbetween " , I understand.. ) ..ART; happens if there are unidentified -undefined- colors, there in the painting..

...that is a tactic, to improve -extend- U' r painting, t o the unidentified-LANDs ; w h e r e; HUMAN-Soul can, act, i n the P a i n t.. (and that excess Land of the OTHER-S i d e; ; gives a Liberation to the Soul; itself, to act freely.. ..and he says this area is a true base; to What w e shall say; A R T; should happen. or should heve been happened..to lookfor, a r t , afterwards.. )

..that, he has to say to me then H e ; said; " how many colors do u use, to reach these undefined colors ?"..( if U define a new color ; then U shall give it a name.. ..that is, " e y e ; can see it " and; recognize it . i f there is a color that can not be defined then " the science in the e y e " can not, b e there ).. (that means U can not use the science, to make a sturucture of anything, t h e r e..) .. that is; a r t is not scientifically produced a, t h i n g.. ( a n d if U use, all these; defined colors; in painting; n o way..U can not, pass i n t o; t h e art' s ; OTHER SiDE; and U'r spirit shall not; a c t; L i b e r a l l y ..

I said, I use; 3 basic colors only..Blue,Red,yellow..and black and white as darkness and Light..b u t, I pour " much paint " on a tuval ,that is ; ,colors can mix Liberally; and my spatula; acts ( my whole-body c a n carry my soul into the paint ) ; can r e a c h ; to these undefined colors o f ; the ART..

t h a t, w a s; " U N i D E N T İ f i e d " S i d e; of colors " i N B E T W E E N " ..
..so modern (established by defined' s ; division s ; ) painting has to evolve to, " inbetween colors " ; t o o .. ( so glabal-contemporarisation; of the Modern painting; shall realize itself because of this; UNdefined; and " inbetween " fields o f the; ART i n g..

SO; w e Live in a contemporary world..( when ı play basketball match; there are all kinds of animals; i n that g a m e ..and I touch them; they touch me.. -if it was with; GOD's creation's contemporaries; ; this touching should bring death to the earth..- ..SO; i f U made a match with contemporarians; then; U are ready t o; EXPRESS U'r self; as " all these creatures " can; b e poured ; onto Tuval; as they gain their body from the paint, this time; by binding on my soul; to e x i s t..t h e r e; on the tuval..S O; " EXPRESSED-MODERNiTy " ( not expressionism in modern art ) ; then will b e ; Turned into; " A R T-picturings " ; o n the computer programs.. (where they become contemporary-Things from; t h e R e a l M s..

T h a t ; i s, ; there happens; , these " unidentified ; undefined " colors and; some "un - i m a g e s " in these ; OTHER-ART-L a n d s.. and Computer is to cut; Modern sides of the eXpression; and , establish; ; these undefined-ARTsapces; and l e t these unidentified-i m a g e s; g a i n ; Contemporary-Forms..
S O; that is ; the " TRUE " Contemporarianism; i n ; PAiNTiNG.. ..and true contemporary-Paintings..

..and all that contemporarian a c t; has been occured in that; other-Side; o f ART i n g.. ( S O; all these Figurations with " contemporary creatures or ; THiNGs of engineers " are fake, happenings on E A R T H- -S o i l .. -Earth- L A N D s ..-

S O; " contemporary human " can b e achived in a " war-like-matches " only; (so they can touch U; when U Touch them; too..) , o f sports only, then can be expressed..just after.. i n art m e d i u m s .. t o r e a c h; ; that " contemporary-Things " o f the A R T ' s.. .... t h e n .

Murat Oktay Danış • My " m a n if e s t o " ; ; on Contemporary versus " H U M A N ity " ..

1- There are 2 " basic-designers " ; that art and artsits; depend ON..

a) First one is GOD..All F i g u r e s are , his Design..W h a t ever U paint or draw; i f there is " f i g u r e " ; then that means U depend ON-H i M..
b) Second is; Engineering-designs..AS M.DUCHAMP; has said that, " engineers have stolen design from the GOD; " ..SO; this time, " CONTEMPORARY art " ; has to depend on, designed-Things.. ( h e r e , once again; artist has to depend on ; " DESiGNs " other than art' s ..)

(GOD; is a Contemporary-ART-Designer &Maker; i n fact..All animals are; acting-&A C T U A L; OBJECTs; ;(THiNGs) ,just Like; ; Contemporary art is based on things and objects of a c t u a l life.. -and actions - .. that is for example, , a Lizard a crocodile or a bird or a snake ; has perfect engineering d e s i g n s .. -SO GOD; i s, an engineer too..-

MY P o i n t is; all ART - Conventional (Figurative ) & Contemporary;- has a Problem..That is, they depend on, Designer' s DESiGNs..
S O; what ever U DO; i n a r t. i f U USE; READY-MADE; D e s i g n s..(in fact M.Duchamp has used that ready-made for engineering designs; in fact GOD is an engineer too, that is figure is an engineering design too..) ,, t h e n U were, CONTEMPORARY..(With the ENGineering Designs; that means..) (So engineers; M a k e our contemporary l i v e s; and a c t u a l-&USEFULL- T h i n g s..)

2- m a i n difference ; i n M a k i n g art; has to b e ; The M O D E R N; p e r i o d..

...i f U say; MODERNiSM; it becomes contemporary-b a s e d..M o d e r n i t y ; m a k e s difference; n o t ; M o d e r n i s m..

M o d e r n i t y; has to produce, " a N e w " thing; and it was to b e; " inbetween " the contemporary- STEPs.. ...U walked 2 steps; b u t ; What did U " Think " " inbetween " them..Modernity is all about; that " inbetweens " ..
SO; i f U look at a MODERN; painting; from 4 Sides; ; U will define 4 other THiNGs; t h e r e..(and these 4 other things should't b e; in the state of " figuring " they might b e ; in between that; being a F i G U R E ..
(if there occured " n e w-THiNGs " ; in that 4 ; Sides of a tuval; -a painting- then there will be NO figure; in any sides..because; new-Things occur if F i g u r e; is divided.. -if U have steak in U'r refrigerator then there is no COW; in U'r barn-..

...H U M A N; -that is mankind- ; i s not a contemporary; a r t engineering design; ..My God has not made me ; an animal.. (an animal is a contemporary work of GOD's so..)
That I understand; I am to r e a c h; o r ; achive; the MODERN; STATES; " i n B E T W E E N " ; " C O N T E M P O R A R i A N i s m " S t e p s. ..
S O; to b e ; " H U M A N " means; to b e M O D E R N; to m e..U have to kill someBody..(in contemporary-acting graunds..).. b u t MODERNity; shall say; D O notDO; that..DO; not act; as iff U were a animal-engineered..

S O; a r t has to; b e MODERN; and establish; " N e W THiNGs " ; first..
( these inbetween things, establish a n e w base;, and when MAKiNG-NEW T H i N G s; by using this n e w- ; BASE; , U shall n e v e r; reach these CRUEL-contemporary-steps..o f engineering; Design-systems..
( tT H A T; is what I shall C A L L ; " Humanity.. i n a r t " ..)

O N C E; by MODERN-painting; a c t; U MADE; these " N E W- THiNGs " ; t h e n U can e v o l v e them; t o ; ; " CONTEMPORARy-T H i N G s; inPainting-Graunds.." o n computer programs.. (,MODERN-Things can be transformed into a c t u a l THiNGs.. in the same MEDiUM.. ..- ..L e t m e; tell U " THESE-THiNGs -contemporary " ;are purely simetric,&from-FRONT..they wouldn't TURN t h e i r S i d e ; and bite U JUST L i k e; a contemporary-design-snake D O E S..to- U..-

3- i f ; ART and ARTists are; TRUE ;putALLartHistory; in PaintingONLY

Murat Oktay Danış • - " the SUN; i n My FACE " ; shouldn't touch; " white-cold MEAT " ..

christianity's H u m a n does not need ; " the proof " ,where animal figures (as frozen imagination ) can act with the just the , s u n- l i g h t.. ,
..art can evolve HUMAN; to creatures.. (there is no need to God created creatures, to b e,..in front of our e y e s.. -or if, has been created, ;o n c e..)

..sociality is pure sunlight..( sunlight asking4 sunlight..) a n d art i s ,,w i t h ; & where; " when SUNLiGHT; is frozen " i n the P a i n t; sound, letters, e.c.t.

Murat Oktay Danış • no:) ..2 " NO-NAME "; " 2 a NO-WHERE M A N ".. ( ready to be lost i n, T i m e ..and BODY..and i n art i n g..)

& Y e s:) to whom , has to say; Y E S..to e ve r y DAY; - to each ot h e r-..

Murat Oktay Danış • ..t h e n; ; an other THiNG I eXperienced..

.. " U have to " brake " every -t h i n g; when U are ART i n g " ..( just brake; f a s t..DO not think ; to " combine " any thing..while ART i n g..combining job is refered to ONLy -theGOD-FORCE..)

S O; " U can can BRAKE-ATOMic-STRUCTURE; too, " ; to travel; ( U'r SOUL) under-atomic times..

..then GOD; would s a y (TALK) .. " DO not BRAKE; every thing; that f a s t..I wouldn't create ;every thing as I did; O N CE.. -in the HisTory of T i m e- ..SO; " give " ,m e ; " T i m e " .. "

S O; if U can take facts -in art i n g- back in t o, the- t i m e ; then " HUMAN " creation; -or Defination- " m a y have toOCCUR; ,; a G a i n..

..." if I am LOST " WHEN; ,; i n my mind -in historical T i m e s- ; when ARTing -when braking endlesly- ; ;T H E N; , t h e F i r s t THiNG; I sHaLL; " remember " -ON t h e W A Y; H O M E - has to B E; " the D e f i n a t i o n " of the H U M A N..( that i s; " M E " .. ), that did that BREAKing; " i n the MOMENT; b e 4 " ..

..and that " defination; of H U M A N " ; h a s to bE; " N E W " ; if GOD's creatiO N ; is, leasting.. i n N E W; T i M E s..too..
..and I d e F i N E; (that; process; as; " A R T i n g " ..

..is this WHAT; ; imagination; r e a l l y is; ....or; " r e NEWaL of imagination; i n T i m e.. " of theHUMAN ;

.. -is creati ON, i n ART; M e di U m s.. .. -" i m a g E i n i n g "-
....... ;and art-mediums are; " parts or categories of the MASS-MATTER-ATOM " , though..

..and I call that; WHOLE-Process; a s ; ; " improvisation; AT; O N C E " ..
(and that should include i n; ; all artHistory; " i s m s " ..

Murat Oktay Danış • " rather ineffably enhanced by being a part of such wonders”? " ..

W h e n I read, such a sentence..it tells me that; ;
; if human is a " continuous-f l o w, " ( -that is, nothing stays in the Human; -to b e OWNed- .. ( flow takes everyTHiNG " a way " ; but n e w come just after- ) )

; if some says; ; H U M A N; is a " STEADY-&Closed-aSYSTEM "; ;i n " an Equilibrium " .. (and if some try to d e f i n e; that ; " the FORM of this; in-an-Equilibrium; system; ; " ;HUMAN i s " .. , -& what that " Human THiNG " ; contains, i n- ).... ..eXcuse m e, but that is close to " ;J e Wish " r e ligiON; system; -or alike- (because J e ws were; -or have to- live like an Island..in all History..has this been planed in their religion (imagination) ..or " they were to live like that; because; they were sent from their L a n d..) -that is similar to " is imagination first " ; or happens after, an " e aRT H*QUAKE " ..)

(and then there comes that " human defination " qualities; to that " Island " .. to JUDGE; other " H u m a n- b e ings.. " ..

..and although i f U " ineffably enhence " ;" WOULD; that bring<,; f r e e d o m to that " Island " .." " U " .. .... "( being a part of such wonders”?) " ,means;" that enhance;in HUMAN " ; can only produce " wonders " ; but that won't b e enough; ; to m o v e that; " F L O W; t h e HUMAN-SYSTEM; " ; ; anyWAY.. -or ;A WAY- ..

( but Je w would reply; there is " NO; W A Y "; t o go..as U " b e a HUMAN "..(WEare TRAPED; into HUMAN; -or say in ATOM- ..&cells are not in H e a v e n; unless; they are not made of; ATOMs ) (ATOM is a PRiSON 4 Human S O U L; or BODY; ;
...( so we define human soul into 3 categoris..-to find a WAY; (A Door) to escape from that ATOM i c prison-structure..and; " f r e e H u m a n " ..n a t u r e.. )

S a y, U are an ISLAND..) ( but Problem is not " to KNOW-the WAY " ; ( where to GO ) .. ...e v e n; when U are i n a FLOW; U can not KNOW; which way U are GOing..
.. (in science -quantum physics;unfortunetely; ; Werner HeisenBerg has found that; " uncertainty principle " ; and it says U can flow; but U can not determine the WAY; ;" U will b e i n " .. )

(and that ISLAND is a MUST; i n " binding-J ew- R e l i gi ON " ..as far as I know..)

..b u t BARUH-Spinoza; has RENEWed; that; J ew-RELi g i ON.. (in his BOOK; ETHiCA; , SO; h e w a s; " eXcomminucatiON e d .." ..

Murat Oktay Danış • Irena; can't we say; " imagination is s c i e n t i f i c, -beautiful;and aesthetic..- and imagination come s from the he a r t; ; into our RATiO-Based;BRAins..; & i n t o; FORM(RATiO)-b a s e d-a r t s.

M a r k, ı think, it si only; this; ;
" if someone tries to OWN; what he/she KNOWs ..o r N O T "...
..that i s; ; a shaman d o e s not; OWN; t h e; Knowledege..J u s t; transfer it; while leting that THiNG; (or KNOWLEDGE) u s e; all his Body-brain and soul..(allThese 3 Bodies)

( that I will come; " I LET; " ARTwill-eXperiment-toKNOW " ..(oWN the KNOWLEDGE-THiNG) ; -where I let my imagination f r e e l y install i n ; KNOWledge; ; ; -in the medium of the art s- ; where THiNGs; can occur-u n d e r control of -a-FORM..;-
... I supply KNOWLWDGE;( i n me ) ; and give it into art-medium; then s e e ; HOW D O E S; a r t ; KNOW; (OWN ) ; i t . ..(and I , with my knowing and learning capacity; I can fallow art's DOing that; f r e e ly..) (that is, art has to be l e t, free to define thatKNOWiNG; ( OWNing,,) ,the knowLEDGE..

Murat Oktay Danış • " Let's have a look at Rudolf Steiners's concept of the human soul.

We have the sentient soul, the intellectual soul and the conscious soul.
In the state of the conscious soul you get aware of your attachments and trauma. This is usually a painful process, because you are confronted not only with your good sides ,also with the dark ones. You may come to the point that you deal with serious issues and it seems almost impossible to find a way out e.g. the obstacle(s) seems to be very big and quite hard to overcome. "
I have to put every thing in " Turkish-based " Thinking..S O..that will shape my writing..

..first of all; if " 3 souls " : ; can we add ; a4. ,(3 is not stable..in fact )

..second; if WE have these; 3 souls, then; WE; are to have ; " 3-BODies " ,to carry these, souls..out in the " universal-loop " ..

..third.. H u m a n is not a " shut-SYSTEM ".. -existing with both; ; BODY;&soul- ., ..it is an open-system , -runing like a river- ..SO w e ; can not " lock " soul into tTHE -body.. ( if U put it in a classification with 3 steps, U may consider; there is a " stuck " of soul; shut into Body in the subconscious.. (that will be learned as SO; by the subconscious )
.. BODY has to carry soul out ; 4 the universal-cycle ..
S O; if w e are to say; 3-souls in a man; then it is better we have to TALK ; on 3-BODies; of the men..That is we have to have; " a BODy " ; for our , ,every soul..

..and 3 soul has to b e carried; out of BRAin; ( I think in Fact; soul is stuck in the BRAin..) by the usage of the corresponding bodies..; -SO they ( souls ) DO not; M i X in; each other- ..( if U have " 3 spring s " then MAKE; " 3 pipe-lines " to carry them; to ; " 3 different places " )..

In my eXperimentation, art gives; basic and secular shapes; to these different Bodies..WriTER; ,is 4 ; the " intellectual soul " ,..-to be carried, into Writing- painting, dancing, making sound, e.c.t.can Form; different bodies, 4; ; these classified souls..

I agree, to that classification of the soul of man..4 it can couse Multi BODies; of the man..(we shouldn't f a c e; with the problems all i n our 3 souls; -we can not say; there are 3 " soul-bodies "; that act in our BRAin s..if there are; then; ; science and art's -eXtra BODies;Like sound color; move e.c.t.- ;c a n carry them o u t of US; (our human b o d y ) -into MEDiUMs- of art and science; ,and,t h e n ; some become " a e s t h et i c s " ; -to be solved in our eyes from the beauity-as a base- and ; some can be solved by engineers; or Social-scienctists..) .. but they have to be carried o u t of HUMAN; to keep; " H U M A N-s o u r c e s " ( it is a GOD-creation-r i v e r ; that is based in our cells; &runs in US; continuously; ), C L E A N..

..and that V A C U M; as Larry says; can happen in US; ; only if w e carry our souls OUT; with our; multi-Bodies (and eXtra bodies with art mediums ) that " sucs " our soul with multi pumps..if there can occur a Vakum, i n our; BRAiNs; t h e n, NEW-Perceptions ; will be sucked , f r o m OUT-Side. (or outside can suck our human nature in; reversibly..that is to be melted in whole-NATURE in F a c t..as we all are ONE both Atomic and GOD created s..))

.( after I MAKE; -or Listen t h e n- m y " SOUND-eXpression-sessions " ; -where SOUND is the Body that carries; " my-soul-learned by-sound; " o u t .. ; MY; " SOUND-SOUL-BODy; ; is not in my Brain, , in " that moment "; -eXpressed out- and then I can b e G i n2; H e a r ; v e r y different -&naked-; s o u n d s; -even in electonic-timbres o f perception, itself- ( that is the sound of the H U M A N-THiNG; , i n Fact.. ) ,,THEN will soon b e added to my paintings, and will be investigated; i n the PAiNT.. after I will be addingTHEM; to the Letters of Alphabeth,w h e n Writing-Work, happens, o n the PAPER..)

Murat Oktay Danış • I Think I've said; all I WAS2; T e l l ; instantly, and they WERE; improvisations ..THANK UAll ; 4U'r patience..

Murat Oktay Danış • SO; Irena.U are a Lithuanian..and U look different in U'r other photos..(An European..) and U were educated in Au Sydney Con..My brother's son graduated (Sercan Danis ) ( a concert in Sydney Opera House; with ten most succesfull-graduated students in Au )-and in Dallas now- ..( I have some video records, in the con. 2006 of course; with my; " uncatchable "; unic style ) .. Video s; ;taken by him..

p.s. Idid not take any lessons 4;PiaNOplaying.. ..SAME; a s in ;PAiNTiNg; and ;in Writing..4art can fall i n; -the medium- free l y. (art will be defined;Later. -after the session-)
1. Au Sydney Con.


so; TYPing; with Piano; or keyBoard, is an universal; sport to m e.
Murat Oktay Danış • Problem i s, " C a n someone b e l i v e in; (what they will see in my POSTERs as The Things in there are " TOO; R E A L " (U'r Mind can ACT; in these things..
..as they OCCUR i n MY COMPUTER; o n l y -coming from my paintings of course from my RATiO; Work..byDividing4.. )
..My Violinist-friend has said me once, " these are TOO-REAL; to me; c a n they b e ; i n FACT.. ( do U want me to belive; or am I to belive how my RATiO act in these things....)

..I can WORSHiP; my " Ratio..MADE; Things " (as Angels); -and then BE; an Ateist;, then -..instead o f beliving a GOD; i n the Society..-to be social- as in a religion....(but I am to belive in God; when art i n g , though..)

Murat Oktay Danış • .Mark; I am a " dervish " a " BUDHist- MONK " ; that has given; all his life; to that; Living in " one room " ; and only 4 the DOings of; the art..5000 painting experiments, 100Million empty shootings in the Basketball; 20 000 writings to be put to a black; Library in my room..400 CD s in sessions of sound-art..e.c.t.
..and I let my " post " teaching-chemistry in an high-school..after 5 years of working; and never be paid money afterwards..to b e able to be a Monk-in -art.. t h e n..
..and then I am not; i n ; ; H u m i l i t y.. .. i n art s. (or in L i f e )
and these long-suffering parents; w e r e 'nt; in H u m i l i t y.. to feed that; " the MONK " ..

... b u t when it comes to Capitalism; AREAS of HOLDings; ..I will not be " in Humility " ; with my TRADE-MARKs; there is a sayin in my country " if U are in too much Humility " they will THiNK; that i s ;the FACT.. (that U are; nothing; and small.. &a loser..)

Murat Oktay Danış • Irena, it seems ; the du -i-ty; has been given to U; to stand; ; in Front of m e..

i f U are, saying that; " One needs some humility to be agnostic. Something an atheist lacks." to m e.. apparently..

I give m u c h more than " humility " ; w h e n ; I am; painting in my " improvisations at ONCE " ..with the paint..(as if I am " NOBODy " ; that has melted his soul and Ratio; and conscious.. in the Paint..) ..and I l e t; GOD; should execute; his creation i n every free act of the h u m a n..( m e ) ( I am not an arrogant to display my owned figures,from the nature.. there.in the paint and on the tuval..)..and I am not an AGNOSTiC; ; when I open all my imagination and intellect; ; to the process ( " divided by 4;Processor; my RATiO ") should dictate ..to my Mind.. T h a t means, ı do not demand proof; before someTHiNG; should OCCUR; i n the ; P A i N T; and even in MY; M i n d & imagination..
a n d ; I b e l i v e ; anything that comes with that; SCiENTific-d i v i d i n g; with the Processor "4 " ..(OF MY RATiO; shall b r i n g )
I am a beliver when; I write; and when; I paint ; first..because God is with me; there only; i f process can be ; scientific and; m y e g o can not OWN-ANYt h i n g..
S O; I am not a PROOF-PROViDER; -orAProof-fallower- -withMYconscious inART-; during free-DOing s of my art i n g..
..And that is a habbit;ongoing after artDOings; that I DO; never ask 4 PROOFs..in my social life..
..and I am a true beliver, o f my art..when I LOOK at " what has occured, there " in the clearence of science-with-divide-with equalizer-4 ..
..and also wHAT appears in MY POSTERs4WALLs..4 my RATiO; was twice in ; THEM..(one in my paintings and; ONE i n my; Computer; processing ..)

..when come to; " Something an atheist lacks." ..
I think; I gave the answer to; that..ABOVE with the Writing beginig with

" ..m a y be; too much blief came from that, my much sport-MAKiNGs, -8hours a day..- e r a s e d my " conscious " with " bright light ", .. and I forgot to belive in; the GOD.... -does that make me; anAtheist..
(please see all that writing)
I can USE; the " position of an ATEist; " ; O N L Y; ( and that does not make me an ateist..)b u t; then; " be a FUULLY-beliver and bowing to that ; ORDERS; o f SCience &art i n g " .. -a M i n d, on the WAY-BACK; to, H O M E-..(a TOTAL-beliver to a scientifically-divided; ; artDOings; and that processor4 of Ratio ,shall b r i n g..)

" thank U 4 U'r Sevice " .. ...in U'r Garden; Australia..

Murat Oktay Danış • When it comes to these " Angel-POSTERS;4RatioWORK " ON the W a l l s of the ;ROOM s. (ROOMs can be Firms Main SALOONs; too ) (becauseMAinPLACEs4ART; is not galleries or Homes; but offices of Firms; in fact..)

..they are to begin with these original 4;Sided PAiNTiNGs; (mentioned above as a FREE DOing; an improvision with Paint; ALL at; O N C E..) then Painters RATiO; should DRESS; these artistic-Shapes of oil color created " things " ; t h e " Absolut Volume " that is in every computer-matter.. ( then painting art; is in absolut Volume..then art figures has been ANGELs; of OTHER-S i d e.. ))

S O; art WORK; h a s 2 steps..in the first step; RATiO is a processor to divide by 4 ; O n l y..And in the second step; RATiO has to dress artistic-figures with; Absolute volume..that is to take them; into otherside...(SO; that work can carry people to OTHERSiDE; when LOOKED; at the POSTERS ON WALLs...with , USiNG-RATiO s..) ( and that is a COOL-v a c a tion; to every one that uses his BODy; all the time, and prisinor to that W O R L D..

..and it is very cheap , t h o u g h..only a POSTER on the WaLL; and a LOOK ; to the WALL..

Murat Oktay Danış • I think; I came where I started..
..there was a " question..I 'v asked..if we can divide the Stories in art; (by4;) ( or Figures in a painting; c a n change when looked from 4 sides of a tuval..) L i k e is in a Symphony with 4 parts..
...ART is not an OBJECT; ( a NATional thing to be described in all angles and nations );
or tHE AESTHETiC is not " an Object " to some to describe or define " other aesthetics " ..
art can be scientific if "division with 4; occures on a 4sided Tuval ; and when someone turns that Tuval, every side can talk and say something..

T h e r e is no need to know what art is.. (as it is not an Object to describe) if art can occur with " devision with 4 " ;on that art work..(Divide a figure to be " 4 definable-Shapes "; when it turns in a tuval ) ..A r t is a 4 Sided flow..i f artist is the part of that f l o w..

..Artist can not b e; a Nationalist; or an Agnostic..ART; and artist; has to be " open-Sytems " -like a Flowing river- ; only can be determined " on the points " i n " the Flow " .. U shouldn't know who U are; or what are U Doing..when acting i n (DOing) art..then U shall s e e; that U'r RATiO has divided; the STORY; into 4, and art speacs; w h e n U turn the work (painting) on ; 4 sides..

..and that unic " theAesthetics " ; can occur scientifically if U DO not TOUCH i t with U' r conscious..(FREE DOings has been divided by RATiO Machine, only )
..can I tell, "what I am saying " ..

Murat Oktay Danış • I have to go now..to home; -from my Studio-; as F1 will begin.

Murat Oktay Danış • I agree; . " U'r RATiO " ; is Talking; , and c a n; TALK..

..m a y be; too much blief came from that, my much sport-MAKiNGs, -8hours a day..- e r a s e d my " conscious " with " bright light ", .. and I forgot to belive in; the GOD.... -does that make me; anAtheist.. -I am asking my-self,only- .(I am not taking-on that AteistSayin; I am just-imagining in what U'v written..)

..I was in univercity as a normal students 4 ; 16 years..(there was terror in the country; so I sit there stiil..and listen Chemistery-Science; 16 years..)..and I am " in the science "..and I know how to install science into ART DOings..( U can separate state-religion-art-&science; as architects of the Western Societies; d i d; (there are 7 arts w know;last is cinema-art)..

..that, my saying " 4Side of an ART THiNg; ( or division of art into 4 parts using RATiO; ) needs both that knowladge of science ; and that; engineering..

if my tired and wounded by too much sports; ; (as in Tom Waits, song Matilda ); my soul should go other-side; and I can find my heart where my soul has gone; and MY Ratio; can be Located; i n " other side " too.. (that is an art work )
t h e n; i f U import; that ; to DOing art; ; I hope there are; ANGELs too; i n that; WORK; installed i n..

..m y claim is; if these " ANGELs " ( that occur in my Paintings; and in computer-realizations- of my Paintings) ; can b e; " perceived " a s REAL-T H i N G s..by our RATiO; ; DO WE N e e d ; a F u r t h e r ; PROOF.. -i f I believe these are r e a l-; ; DO we still need them b e ; " L i v e " ; things.. that NASA; has proved; as catching them; in the space and; agree with them; to b e ; introduced ; to US..

..that should b e ; a NEW; State; (anew stage; a g e ) 4;BELiVing; i n; ;- by RATiO;...
I Think, , though..

if my RATiO w a s there; in the PAiNT; ( then I was to b e; put into; PsychiatrY-CliniC; 4 the LACK-of -it..i n the Society.. ) because; both MySOUL-andMyRATiO; ; was not in my Body; and has been; Lost;; ; in ARTWork; ..in ART History; NON of artists; Could give both their souls-&Ratios; into their; work..
Only; ; R.SHHUMANn eXemined to DO; that; and he was; pulled out of the Ren River; and put in a Clinic-then..
S O; proof 4 THAT; REALisation; has t o be ; inWest igated in the; ; PROCESS i t self..using scientific; look..and determinations-linked..

Murat Oktay Danış • Irena.I was in Australia in2006,..three monts in Sydney streets..(my brother lives there.) I loved; " NO Problem; M A T E " ..a perfect ; T i M E-; given Human; toBE; i n Perfect-RATiO..that was a " NeW; England-State " withNO-WRONGs; to the people; &; perfectly-STRUCTURED, C i t y and L i f e; i n F a c t. t h e r e.

Murat Oktay Danış • ..these " Black Velvet Paintings " ..DO; they c l a i m ;that, ALL these " People " &Things; MUST have come, from " THE DARK-OTHER Side " ( that it was a lie; all these were Angels from-Heaven..above..still state nested in religion..) .. ..( or They have to be PUT in that " DARK-OTHER-Side " ..as I d e f i n e, that " Darness is theAbsolute-Volume in ATOMs " ..-a very soft and r e a l defination..not an darkmatter-unknown..-for atoms are what we are made o f-..

..should U be brave to put them" (black velvet paintings) on the Walls of U' r ROOm s... t h e n they Will be ;found ( a window there to free their souls from " their REAL; Graves they were put i n ) ; their R E A L; " hallow " there inside; U'r WALL..

..as they are eXcluded from society; -as they did d i e..they shouldn't have..- (that was some did) -as if they were not; r e a l; Angels-;..
......that may b e; will be truth because they are " religously created " -as they were living things-, figures; leaked into everyBodies-Lives; .- but this time with these; " black velvet paintings ; they will b e eXcluded to where they a r e ..( r e a l l y )

..m y claim is That..artist must; sent his intellect and soul also his brain and heart to the " OTHERSide; then DRESS-up; these, r e a l-ANGELs; -that live in ATOMs; M a y b e -
" i n H U M A N; STYLE; o f, shapenings " , and then; putTHEMinPAiNT; and then; ; " KEEP; them in the CONCRETE-of-Room-WALLs " in Posters....and 4; if that could r e a l l y happen; LOOK at the P i C T U R E S; that can Float on the WALLsurface; s.o n l y, to see if they a r e R E A L..
E v e r y ONE; has to LOCK; his/her " OTHER-SiDE-SPACE; , into their-ROOM-WALLs..that has to b e a WORK; e d ; -DONE-; to keep; PUBLiC; o u t of; paranoia; o f E v i l.. ( & r e a l l y-clean from these creatures; cins and beings under the protection of the C h u r c h s, Mosques; an all other..religions..
T h e y say; BUDHAism is not a religion.4 there is NO; " GOD " but only " Nirvana " ; there.

..am I exaggerate i n g, M U C H ..

Murat Oktay Danış • Irena.I am not against, any government-acts on earth.(U.S.A. government make the same to it's citizens..so " same " to those living on earth..-in any country..- D o e s that make USA government bad..NO-Way..i t is in the Mission on " STATE ESTABLishing "; -Like DOing ART- .. because being a state needs that same-act to any " human " or m a n..and 2any OBJECT; ( just like is in ART-too;) ..A R T i n g has these f r e e DOings; to the material.. ( D O E S, in fact. )= ...( and there lives a special-STYLE o f STATE; i n some- art; too; and in the future; STATE; should b e; p r o v i d e d ; from these STATEinART;-Works.. ..and some written STATE- TEXts, o n l y..to R E A D ..on WALLs to whom, " WHO are in the habbit of a READ-T R i B E; in the future.. .. " ..
.. (Like there is NO-Written-TeXts; o n how Democracy should; o p a r e t e. i n EngLand..)

I want; to dedicate a song; ; w h o are in that welth of; Freedom-state, i n USA..

.. t h e r e is a TOM' ,, W a i t s.. i n the P e o p l e ..o f USA. t o o.
..and I AM; A " TOM WAiTs " ; waiting in i n my country; ( a person that waits ) .. and I l i k e, to WATCH; TOM Cruise-Films..while waiting too..for Tom Cruise is waiting 4 someTHiNG , too..

..and I think; All Auasee s; are waiting too, -(in that DAWN-under ) 4 the WEST; can carry that Technological-industry; t o;THAT; " the ART..o f H u m a n i t y " ..
(That is; " perfect-ANGELS-born-inthrough from the ATOMs " ; ;; that can stand in O U R; ROOM-WALL; as REALity can b e; the Property; o f anY-Mind.. ( socialism has to overcome-that religion-content ..-well it is being worked in sports;in the world; nowadays- , but when every-ONE can USE his/her OWN; M i n d, and RATiO; , ,there will b e a new socialism i n; the " EQUALities of RATiO;- O W N i n g s " ..

1. Matilda S


p.s. only a " comiNist to himself-ART worker " can, install that " STATE of A R T s " into t h e ; A R T WORK s. I Think.. (so there is a meaning in ,making people cominists..4some can b e genuine -art i s t s. -that is I mADE-MYself COMUNist-NOBody- D i D..)..Am I a comisnst, ..no I am not..

Murat Oktay Danış • ..Frederick.Some said my " WritingStyle " was " a Form on Art " ..(and we suppose that everyone d o e s that what U'r telling, either..)

Larry,I think we all are ina " trap " ..( there is a GAP; in the world; -the lack of Cominist Soviets- )..
I see " cominism " as a " renaissance " (or reForm) to Cristianisty..
I was in Georgia; a 2weekS ago..their authentic-Orthodoks-Church is back but " pure " t h i s time..Soviets were bad then ;G e o r g i a n s are " the GOOD " then..and if people are-good then; C h u r c h can b e " PURE " . too.(because every religion;gives a uncertainty -unknown caracter- to; what is BAD; and what GOOD is..but in Soviet-regime; even the BAD; was made of human-flesh and Bone.. and SO; Georgian people are very close(in1970's) to each other; and there is NO; " bad lookİNanyEYE...
I saw Carfour; an d Mc Donalds; i n Tibilisi.ALLtogather-TRADE MARK-d e s i g ns..from the HOLDings..They did not change a thing in the design (from the Firms ) nothing added nothing missing.. ( J u s t Like; a pure; Religion İmPorted, o n l y..that is what they say;Capitalism i s..) Look at USA; (orTurkeyIstheWorst) ; U can not see McDonalds; in Full Design from the original firm..T h a t means, nationality (as a Firm ) L e a k s in; ;" theHOLDing s ". .. They negotiate with HOLDings; -behind closed doors- and they change the designs and architecturing of these,Firm's designs..if U should letFiRms; free; they are to come to these borders of the " human "; religion-Systems..

(THAT means, in Georgia, STATE; is small..and they think Capitalism is a ;" RELiGiON-SYSTEM " only; t o o..andSTATE; DO; not touch, Capitalism; a s they DO not want anyone touch their people,and NEW-CRiSTiANism.
and bigestGEORGian-FLAGS; sWay; i n ORTHO DOxCHURC-yards..

OUR NATiONal-STATES; dress our-nationalities; on Capitalism's HOLDings-designs..; then people can eaisly b e " MANiPULATED..both by state and Capitalist M i n d MAKERs.
I Liked OrthodX-Churchs..Humanitive-eastern-&authentic; then in BERLiNER-DOM....(there are NO; org Machine ,in there; Lady-chorus takes place near the BiBle-Readings by M a n..and Christ-Pictures-and Ikonas; a r e; more concrete; and they kiss them with the mouth..as Crist is a theMOSTsocial Person , in his Home there..I pointed my camera on to their faces and NO-body said; a Word to me..as Crist is in s i l a n c e; there , t o o..-who could tell anything 2any human, where CHRiST-is-in silance i n his HOUSE,..- -or H O M E -

..c o u l d I say; " N a t i o n a l i t y " is a trap;; o n P E O P L EofTheWorld; , today.. (national designs; that we are already dressed within.. ) b u t, state-politicians ; Urge Capitalism-RELiGiON; ; to give up; -from their trade MarksİnA RELigion- and they agree that " Nationalisms; sholud b e DRESSED; o n their Products and Original-&architectural-style-designs..
STATES; change "Capitalism-RELiGiON"; to manipulate; their PEOPLE, m o r e ; eaisily..
STATES W e r e ; true states; when challenging with; the SoViet; r e g i m e..b u t then there w a s a fear from ; COMiNiSM..; to manipulate-p e o p l e,though..

I saw a " small-SiZE " STATE; (that is not Nationalized ; if not " i n; the religion SYSTEM-state..) and former Soviet-Union is an union ; in RELiGion-SYTEM; o n l y.. -in ORTHO do X y..- -and that is a true-h u m a n i t y ; i n f a c t..-

p.s. if U are a true " reliGioUS " ; then there are rules and deciplines, like i n COMiNism..it is a EXaggerAtion; to put these deciplines into; a state-ragime..but it is obvious that U are the ONE; who has to APPLY these deciplines; to U'rSELF..ARTists has to b e; WORKERS; f i r st ..but Who will be a volunteer-COMiNiST; then..c o u l d CHURCH; a c h i e v e ; it's GOAL s ; o n, people, t h o u g h.. ( that people should be Workers-for GOD ; first, -b e a Human, so- ; then, they can create the L a n d s of Heaven-in the E a r t hİnARTs.

Murat Oktay Danış • I totally agree Mark.Our Prime-Minister talks under the Posters of Ataturk and His, side by side..nowadays..I did not say, I was for Ataturk..All I said was; ; h e was to complate the Westernization of Ottomans; ..b u t ı must confess; ; his ideals were put (installed) into my brain when ; I was a child; .. and I lived as if he has b e e n a Cominist L e a d e r ; and established a " art Institute " to renew art..

.. t h e r e is NO_ACADEMy or Institute on that; iSSUE; i n Turkey, -established- either they say Ataturk w a s a Fachhist; not a " r e d " cominist as I demanded h e ; was; (in my young years I admired universal stand of the Soviets, t h o u g h..and I was a cominist to myself; a true-M a r k s ist; as a teen ager..)

..s o m e can call me ; " a kind of a schizophrene " for I w a s living in such a " bell glass " ..described above. (there is no such institute and U still act like as it i s there..)
I should say; ; " I am; that INSTiTUTE "; my-self-NOW.. ..then they shall bring that; " straitJaket " imidiately..b u t; I should ACCAPT THAT " STRAiTjAKET " a " t u X e dDO " sent from ATATURC. to WALK i n the; D A R K nees..o f the WORLD..

A genius is a GENiUS ;( Ataturk )" the Things done or MADE, in building a Country." are not Holy or blessed..and yes they are open to " tacQuiya " ; because they were the DOings, made in the p e o p l e ..(not in art )

SO; if U are " genious " then; be a scientist; or a n artist..(not a Politician)..
E v e n Mozart says in AMADEUS Film..DO not look who I am, or what I DO.. ..but my music i s good..

SO; " tacQuiya " is the negative-side operation; with a strong-THiNG..
Positive-Side; OperatiON; could b e ToLD; a s , a" N aive L i k e ; M E "

{A} pure, unadulterated, unmixed, absolute, all, fine, genuine, refined, distilled, simple, naive, ingenuous, innocent, deceivable, harmless, simple-hearted, simple-minded, unsuspicious, artless, candid, clean, clear, credulous, dewy-eyed, elemental, elementary, entire, facile, guileless, gullible, homespun, honest, immaculate, mere, pristine, pure-minded, raw, real, sterling, unalloyed, unblended, uncontaminated, undiluted, unsophisticated

there is a new song N a m e d ; " Tranquila " ..I do not know Portuguese but; vision shows , a L a n d; MADE; poor by all; t h e s e ; " tacQuiya " MAKERs..W e can not say that; Modern-West; did not make any " tacquiya " especially in Africa and south America.. (there was coups in every decades; made my West, in Turkey..as we thought we were a democracy, ..can not that b e said; , a tacquiye, of west; too..too..)


Murat Oktay Danış • Mark." TacQuiya " ; is someTHiNG; I am always in..(in my county Government perForms that political-art-&engineering for 10 years every-day..they say they were under the pressure of the Turkish-state (as they were religious..) and the army;
...then " tacquiya " is the only way to overcome " that FORCE; on them " ..nowadays they have all located themselves in state bureaucracy and " erased the ARMy-Generals " in political courts..(EGYPT; w a s a similar state; and when they did it all in ONE-year; Generals made a C o u p .for stability..I am afraid our government is in these people at " A d e v i y e " square; against the ARMy-coup..)
....( and world has changed from national-states to " GLOBAL-System " ;that is " Religions are the Fundemental SYSTEMs " ..(that is STATES are NOT )
on the other hand, ..

..muslims are o p e n to that; " Public -or political-Engineering " ..but they are ready for " tacQuiya " ; if get the FORCE, in their hand..b u t there is an other huge-RELiGiON-System; at the origin of that 3 " ONE-god " SYSTEM; " J u d a i s m "..
T h e y were; " Stateless " till Israel was established..They did not have HOME; and they were in whole world; living as individual-states..T h e y were to hide; b e h i n d ;FORCES; ; in the history..T h e y are Positioned as a b i g but invisable FORCE; behing STATES that has F o r c e..they are very original, , u n i c people; and they work hard..(they say all lagend violinists are; J e v.)
SO; U can find them; under any STONE; i n the WORLD; i f it is H e a v y ..they are i n v i s a b l e but; r e a l; in every corner..( M e d i a ; all over Western World; is under the control of; t h e m, they s a y.. )
..and they DO; not MAKE; " tacQuiya " ; (they do not show-themselves like TaQuiya makers..) because, they a r e " in the r e a l " what ever i s REAL; i n the World..

What I am sayin is, after living in a country where everyone is in that " tacQuiya -POOL " ;4ten years; ; U have to eXpress that; " object " " that makes tacquiya and locates in your body " o u t; U have to DEVELOLOP; t h a t kind of a D A N C E; ; where I OFEN; H A V E; 2 M A K E; ; " i n FRONT-ofTHE;MiROR " ; and " g a i n M Y; s e l f " ; from THiS; " what has been put&-c h a n g e d ; i n M E " ..
...s o; a r t F o r c e s; find their W A Y; i n " a n y " situations..
..i f U can live in them; our let them in U'r body w i t h; that new-religion-SPORTs..
...that was a Politic-science; " Picturing " ; MADE; b y an a r t ist.

p.s. They say, Israel-STATE ; is stronger " i n TURcEY " ; than ; -it is- ; i n I S R A E L.. S O; can U imagine hoW fast; I developed; t h a t " DANCE " styLe, ( although I was standing in my ROOM; t o become a BUDHAist-MONK )..

p.s. when I shut myself in my ROOM; in my families house long ago,..I finally found out that; I have become a true-KABALA i s t..Then when I learned all about Kabala; it w a s; as i f; , I saw my-FACE; on the " mirror "

..22 letters that has NO-S O U N D; in Jev Alphabeth....and can be converted in MATHematics..and then reverse; M a t h can become words and sentences from; M a t h-F i e l d s..

T h e n; I was to ask; to my self; " WHO am I ".." WHAT am I " ..and then I knocked the door of; PSYchiATRy-BREAU; (which was established by 2 Jev , SigmundFREUD..and C.G.JUNG..)

..2 years ego, when I begun reading EThiCA; o f Philosopher Spinoza..I thought that w a s; in my Bones..

..so artist has to pass over these " i n s a n e ities " in the infinite..
(in Turkish when we say " i n s a n " ; it is " h u m a n " ..inEglish.
if somebody makes art; and there i s " g e n u i n ity " in his art; ; then, U can not define him as a " tacQuiya " MAKER.. to know someone look in his art.. (not "what floats o n the surFACE " )


Murat Oktay Danış • ..so I can come to Live in USA, then. (where TRUE art ,c a n b e..) (and true w o r k..) (not that is PLANED)-&programed..

Murat Oktay Danış • Fredrick. is it true, Big-Banks and Jev-Kapital is MOVing to China..( that they are bored with USA citizens; and media criticizing them....) and let U.S.A. people all alone.. (some say that is the truth behind the economic crisis..and then; should USA; stand on his feet; not using that " walking-stick " ..ifBernanke; will say; Y e s ..we can stand, alone..n o w..
Murat Oktay Danış • Fredrick..I haev been in MOMA;Metropolitan,Louvree.c.t.M u s e u m s..Art-Works ,they have to be shut in; ," Museum-GRAVEs " ..because all -in there- are; DEATH -already..(how can U deliver them into living-live Society..t h e y will kill US all..although some worship perfect-greatness; though.. )..
U pay money-because; it is a unfinished project of Capitalism; " architects " -led by Ratios of the architects-; and eXcitement has come from only from H i s t o r y Making.
t h e y say; architecture, i s art..b u t look at art-history.. (all made as arthistory was;the planing of architec-thinkers..and it has been concrete - totally; in contemporary-art-planed-texts-; o f todays..that architects HOLD the WHOLE ; responsibility; o n ART-N O W.. .. U pay money 4 them to; finish this UNfineshed; symphony o f ;SHUEbert's 8.

natural evalution o f a r t; can happen ; when these Capitalism-architects will reach their targets..and MAKE; that IDEAL_Capitalism LAND.. than w e shall have to wait; ; the " Modern-art Project " will b e truely complated..(renewed ) ,t h a n; ; a new contemporary P i c t u r i n g; ; c a n; T a K e; place..
..as the BASE;o f " theCONTEMPORARy-SOCiETy " ..in concrete ROOM s.

Murat Oktay Danış • o.k. that is all 4today.

Murat Oktay Danış • ..people, forgive me, 4 " the f e a r " ; comes with that " ATOM " i ma g e..but I am a che m i s t e ry (Chemical)Engineer; and I can TALK; o n A t o m s.. (so I can b e a secular; when talking on atoms..in science..) (but ı mean it..all politics are happening o n that " perfect-Globe-MODELLiNG " the conceptual field..(and mankind's subconscious could not learn that Atom-Concept ; athough we use atomic thecnologies..and create with atoms..)
..how can you tell an Atom; that (U are not a MAN ..)
or reverse, how can you tell someone; U are not a n Atom..
..w e s t; L E T; ATOM f r e e; and it; begins, to slaughter, (atomic Orbitals are like big aXes ) p e o p l e..(who will give themselves to the slaughter of ATOMic-Machines ?..o f course who think, " they are Atoms " ..of the big " Atomic-Mother " ..) that is the " tragedy-comical " situation; ; happening in Middle east..b u t, that is not the issue, to be talked here.. ( b u t all is realted; thhe creation of art's too..as history is universal)

M y goal by telling; " ATOM " ; is to say; ;individual can invite; " Angels Made of the light (color) ; &on the ;" WALL-big POSTERS " .. ( b u t , they have to b e; ; BORN from the ATOM.. -I clam- ..that means all Angel D e s c r i p t i o n s, in Cristian-art; are tree-dimensional; and the creation of the GoD's..That Angel,
(born from he " machine; Atom "; so it is not religious)
that has to be described as SO; has to be ;m u s t be ; L i v i n g ; in " the ATOMs of the WALL..(that is The Made of concrete atoms..)

so I say; ; every human has a room; and " theWALL " in U'r ROOM; as a " atom-pool-aqarium; that " ; can give U a chance; to float; A n g e l s ; i n it.. (theseAngels are two dimensional in MaX, ; and have no contradiction with being " a creature " ; in 3-dimensions..(3-dimensional always has an instict to kill other 3-dimensional..to open space..)

..perfect simetry-alwaysFrom the FRONT- Ucan Never; see any of them from the side; or n e a r U..they will be Many, b u t they only WWaLK to U never turn their side; to go a way from U..
that means , they are; and WiLL " b e; TRUE; w i t h ; U " .and they have perfect; S i m e t r y and always LOOK i n g to U ; from the FRONT.. M a r c..
all I can offer; is that..(always TRUE; ALWAYs from the front; and AUTOMATiCALLy-PERFECTLy-Simetrical; ; B E i n g s.. " i n y o u r; ROOM." " to sleep- w e l l ; " W i t h ; only " .."

Murat Oktay Danış • donna, they shall come to slaug ht e r; i f U call them; that; m u c h; and- l o n g..like thatLADy Does; i n the ; V i d e o.. (audience c u t; h e r, on the stage )
she o p e ns place; to the A x E; i n H e r -ne c k .. (but she is too THiCK ..)

Murat Oktay Danış • ..eXcuse m e; p i e c e s; in my writing has to b e; " PEACE " ..

Murat Oktay Danış • W e s t, has learned, to U S E; " ATOMs " ; i n TECHnoLogies.. (of course that Field has noting to do with the cevilized Cristian-society..( t h e y are HOLDiNGs-ofTHEWEST..)
..look at the Big-picture..S o m e; (Muslims ) has a herritage ( from Kuran) to worship, A GOD; THATisPERFECTasTHE-ATOM;
(it is ATOM; theBig BOSS i n them r e a l l y, ı think )
...(that is my defination)..and they are c o n c e n t; -agree- to be " A single ATOM " and live SO.. (the-piece that being-Atoms can give to mankind..) .. b u t they a r e ; poor because of their belief on " being Atom s only " ..

T h e n, " c a p i t a l-RATiO; i n Holdings " ; ; h i r e these " ATOM-humans " ; in their Political-PUBLic-Structuring-WORKs..
CapitalisM; i s ; -in fact- ; " theMUSLim-Side " ; o f Western-Christian-culture.. ( I t h i n k..)
..when " Ideal Capitalism " ( not the savage ONE; like today's ; and all savage-happenings are based on the " SAVAGEness of the Capitalism " situation...) .; shall b e ; established; ,e v e r y individual
( ındividualism can be told as; MAKing people; ATOMs; as atom has a perfect-structure like an individual DO..)
will be ATOMs, i n that p i e c e; then; o u r -Cristian-CELLs; (all H U M A N ) ; will b e; " f r e e, i n GOD's , " p u r e-and b a s i c-C R E A T i ON " ..

..S O; till Ideal-Capitalism; i s REACHED..(all men are, " individuals " in the World -" d e m o c r a c y ; o f philosopher DEMOCRiTOS "- ) ; c a n , happen t h e n..
t h e n ;
".individuals u s i n g " dividedBY4 " BASED art "; -scientifically defined and produced; ;i n human-Languag i n g ; (Human-B a s e d-art )- will b e in demand..

.. that is U DO; not need; to learn or use art-History inbetween..b e H U M A N; -as Cristianity; s a y s it TRUELy- , .. t h e n be in the heaven o f THEart; that has been promissed; i n religion t e X t s. ( when U look art, it must be enough that U b e human to find all m e a n ing, i n it..)

..b y the way; I think; I have graduated from being a JEv;a Cristian;a Muslim;and a BUDDHAist; at L a s t.. 4 RELigions C a n, L i v e in m e.. I hope.. as a "4" i s t.with " 4-BODies that Form " a SQUARE " sytem ; to ,Globalism-c i r c u l a r ism,,..4ART"..
.. h e r e, ıt seems I begun to r u n again; o r " f l y " w i t h; " WORDs of the World ".

Murat Oktay Danış • Mark..U have to " know U'r " self first..( that will help to know people eaiser than U thinkk...) t h e n ,U can take a eaisy-look to " o t h e r s.." (U are LUCKy-Luke after me the DALTON-brot h e r.. .. ) (there is always a h e r ; if someONE; has shut himself, i n s i d e..acording to my knowladge..)
Murat Oktay Danış • Irena. U have got it right..(these are what RADical-İslam say.. -and radicalism is in Capitalism , and in any Ideology, too ,in fact..- , and as I am in art-field as an artist; I can not b e in ; Ideological forces, and actions..although Capital-based contemporary-art; has painted all these social acts -in the Public area- were contemporary democratic-art..-in Arab-Spring; or in any Event has been Taken as -by all TV Channels- ; HAPPENiNGs-& CONTEMPORARY- DEMOCRACy- A R T ..) ( I hope they will pay to these " " Computerized-contemporaritic-democracy-perFormance -ARTists " in the streets and squares; instead of " sending troops to foreign Land-eXpences " w i t h ;Military actions.. ) (states can act in the strategy of being-state, in state-policies ..no problem with government-acts..)

W h a t; I meant w a s; " RADiCALism in İslam; could b e MODELized; to a Simple, " b e ing-ATOM is ALLAHism " .. ..That is a " READy GLASS " to LOOK at i s l a m ..(like looking sun with a sun-glass)
..to strengten What U are mentioning ; I shall say.. " these Radical-ATOMs of iSLAM; b e l i v e that; ; " If they can DO; What they belive ; then it is because ALLAH; has Wanted that too..i n Fact; w e find that in L i b e r a l i s m, also..a Liberal; wants freedom to his/her RATiO.. " What cames to my Mind " ," I want, it can b e; HAPPEN.".
..(so art is contrary to Liberalism..art needs ONLY-one person; " to DO " ; everything with h u m a n -HANDs..But " RATiO-inAcapitalist BRAiN " ; , hire people, to kill someone..because they think Their RATiO; (Just-Like-theALLAHin TheirMind) W A N T S; " THAT BE co me.. " S O.. inART; U can not DO; what ever U' r Ratio w a n t s; " to BE " .. H a n d has to apply it using simple materials of art's only; instead o f using- PEOPLE..o f the P U B L i C..

Murat Oktay Danış • to Mark, I practice " tai chi " instead of " tacquiya " ..
..take-a look and; s e e ; H o w I MAKE; " my MARK.."


Murat Oktay Danış • donna, this is my face book.. http://facebook.com/moddanis
Murat Oktay Danış • I should say,we should give one of our whole wall , in our rooms to " the other WORLDs " to the " PAiNTings of realms " ..";where they shall give us the Land of " atomic absolute space-travel. ".because we are made of atoms before we are made of cells.(and we have to gain the space of this atomic side, -space of us,though- , first..other wise we should have to wait for unknown-evil to come and visit us ,some time some place.&from any direction..).(everyone of US are paranoiac ,somehow;aren't we ..)

if not we are to b e bored of both our cells and our atoms; because they shall be mixed by " good-&evil " contrariness ..give one wall of U'r room to that " other side " with human dressed Forms of perfect strangers ( b e ings Like Angels; in shape, but came out of atoms perfectly- r e a l ..) ..t h e n, earn our celles and every thing that has " pure cells " in the World..;when U look at other walls of the " room " .. and the " things " of the EARTH's that are very " n e a r to US " .

İs .Fresco-a g e comeing.., again to every ROOM..
U can pass through a Wall; as Perfect Angels are kept, b e ing, in that wall and they can be seen by us, dressed in our Forms,t h o u g h..(that is a plane picture, on the surface of the wall ) and that trip will be more cool than any touristic holiday..I guess.that can give US -to everyone- the use of " individual's ; RATiO " , in Mind.. ( because we have a room; wall for our individual ratio to b e in ,there, where only our Mind can pass that " g a t e "o f ..comcrete-WALL ; and only Ratio can pass inthrough it..while Atomic Angels are kept and L i v e in that wall under powerfull pressure -they need that- but v i s a b l e; on the sur f a c e of the wall.. to invite us in.." other side "; &that is n o t a grave..a l s o. ( a maniac description ,I know.)

Murat Oktay Danış • I have to g o, now..
Murat Oktay Danış • ..I have read some about, " hypergraphic " ..
..( " It might b e, right " .. but no visable parallel senroms nearby, going )
I was writing on Artslant; Forum opinions; and there was Alan Amstrong; who told m e that; w e were; i n " dysleXia " ..( among all these great personalities..)

..let me give U some details..
My father was a book writer..SO; I begun to write my school text books; to papers with a Pelikan; ink-P E N..(my father provided that pen and papers..)(write them complately the same; noting added or; missing..I would write every-letter..) ..(that has been going on all with my High school years ) (I did not love reading.. instead I love to write when I am in hunger with Alphabeth letters....a s if I have to " i n s t a l l " these " letters " i n MY B r a i n..,instead of " just sliding on the surface " when reading them "..may b e ; " there are cells of Alien-MADE; i n me; or a ROBOTic-structure; and they should b e fed, b y; some " m e t a l " A t o m s ..

...I should eXpect; t h a t; " they would't TELL m e " (the PSYchiATRY-Office-in Turkey) , i f I was so..They should add that " hypergraphy " of m i n e, to m y; l i f e ; and then; G i v e ME; " a ROAD " to L i v e.. ( who knows )
..but i f SO; it has been d i f f u s i n g; to; M A N Y; catagories; L i k e; I am in; MUSiC; SPORTs, WRiTingONmyTABLEinMYROOM; and Painting..these 4 deciplines should hold; the " reins " of my being; " hypergraphic ..

..an other angle.. if I would be living in a Western; country; ; I WOULD not; have to; -must- " SLadge-HAMMER; every thing" ..that much; ..ARAB esQUE-relationships; i n many W A Y S.. -in a MULTi-MiX-CULTURAL; country-state- .. ;I am a " destroyer " "destructer " a " braker " a " divisive " .e.c.t. I have to " crack " all these objects &nestings; 4; I was raised; in WESTERN-CULTURE..(butDOnotBEa ANTiSocial..)

My western-abilities:
in Highschool I studied;U.S.A. Comission BOOKs to raise; SCientist-program..
I was in Ankara Radio child chorus; and singing child roles in State Opera..
I was playing basketball in PTT club..
I raised myself BASED to; U.S.A..c u l t u r a l products..

..can an USA citizen, live in T u r k e y..SO; I had to make a " bell-glass " o v e r M E..first break; then bent to USA culture.. -or bend every thing to -my BODy- ..

A l p H a B e t h, is a very special " instrument " i n F a c t..
IT also, b o t h; " breaks-&Unites " L i n e s..
W h e n writing;l e t t e r s, i t, can BREAK; every image; or Thing; in " U'r " brain; and give a READy-MADE; f u s i o n; with; broken lines..into letters..

They say, Picturing is to " ride on the L i n e s " ..b u t, when it is art; ; U must t e a r ;and break all the; L i n e s; then L e t; them; combine in Alphabeth-letters; , then;U can e n t e r ; -the imagination part-; o f the " creatiON " ..
..c r e a t ing should b e BASED; to ALPHABET-FORMATED; t h i n g s..

Murat Oktay Danış • ..hypergraphic?
I 've just heard that word..
..I will l e a r n what it i s..(but although; I had my Psychiatrist (1980-1988) ,she did not tell me anyting on this..)
..b u t a good Point..( to understand myself..) ..
I will study o n, i t.

Murat Oktay Danış • ..if " U " complate; -or garaduate- -by memorizing-human- ; -the " border " of " GOD's creatiON "- -in cells- ; (-4 we still are in that creation,now,too-)
...t h e n; " TRUE-ABSTRACTion " ; c a n HAPPEN:: -to carry " THiNgs of the WORLd " ,to the " " ABSOLUTE-Volume " and to the " OTHER S i d e-of WORLDs " ..
1. s e e; how life and Human; e X i s T s.. T h e r e .. t o o..

( So that will be a painting, 4Capitalist-SPACES; o r HOLDings..)

(THAT i s , the regiON; w h e r e ; MASS-A T O M s, e X i s t..-and W E; still include; these A T O M s; too; i n our cells.. .. -can WE; pass to that Atomic area of our A t o M s-.. (that would b e; L i b e r a t i o n to our; B r a in s ,and RATiOs; of course.. if U can see " what is REAL " ; -and Human should be REAL; too, in there- then, seeing should not b e; ,b e living..) (these are like aforiZms; of Philosophers..)

...i f we need to MAKE; contemporary art; of " the perfectATOM- architecture "; ( as theyMAKE; in Todays; Capitalism-guided CONTEMPO RARYart ) ; (and B E; i n ATOMs-AS weAreArtists-.. ) ,, f i r s t; we must have memoriZed; that " Humanity " cell of OUR' s "..
..because; " the WAiTer at the Border of DEATHofMASS-river " ; should ask a " GOLD-Pens " that is o u r; " cells " ; " our once has been-H U M A N " .. (SO WE need to memorize; -make2- o u r, Humanities; u s i n g GOD-Concept; as a; " M O U L D4Human " ..

... 2 "still have Human i t y " ; i n ATOM-AREAs, to, t e a c h; Atoms, Humanity; (or see ourselves in the mirror of Atom-machines; -orATOM-eXistance-..

I wrote all these..to come..2 donna's " sayin " in " Ali Dadgar ".. (an İranian " ..) (Ishall take a look at it..)
T u r k s on the; w a y from Middle Asia; lived in iRAN; first..then they conquered ARAB lands, then; East of Europa.. (but they say first they were beaten by iSLAM; arMies.. and learned to b e come MUSLiM s..t h e n )
Atatürk; has complated that westernisation, by, being TURK s and Take L a t i n Alphabeth; .. S O; w e are, on the ROAD; y e t ..

... b u t iRAN; is 2500 years a state..and always there..stable..in Turkish, we have many Arabic ,iRanian WORDs..b u t " sound of primitive Turk i s h ", L i v e s i n them; (SO; I have to D İ G-i n; that word arceology; to reach at these roots o f the Turc-sound.. even I write in EngLish..)
and I shall cover; t h e m all .. and their culture s , too. (Latin-ROME-state ruled all that region before OTTOMAN-Turks..) (so that is a L a t i n-mission to Unite all these cultures..)

I especially love; iRAnian pop; M u s i c.. (arising from mass-atom-cellsOfiRANiANs..) (I like Greek POP music too, they have the sound of antique-Greek-Philosophers..(I do not listen to Turkish pop music; it blurs my Western thinking too, m u c h ) ..and I do not fallow iranian art, -in contemporary field- ..because they automatically are in ATOMs; " as ATOMs are their home " .. or Was; their HOME.. (noWadays TheyareBuildinG; their PALACE of ATOM;, Atomic-Bomb..)

..I think my mission in ;" being a Muslim " ; i s to produce; ; IDEAL-CAPiTALism's RATiO-MOViNG; P i c t u r e s; 4 ALL; ; &BUiLDing; SPACE-WALLs.. (4;Painting on Objects; WERE; forBiDDEn; to the Muslims..) ( but Carrying Humanity; into; the ATOMiC; structure; i s; not 4BiDDEN..)
...have I told U that; I have strong feeling; ; that; ; there is a PRAY; -adored to ATOM - in the book of " KURAN " .. ( to M E; ATOM is ;" theALLAH " ; i n fact..b u t that " " THEBOSS- ATOM " ; i s READy to, give everything, that could b e ; " given " ..

all are MADE; o f ATOMs.. S O; ALL are OWNed b y; " ALLAH " ..so, do not take anyTHiNG's; responsibilities.. b e in piece;..ATOM; should take care of anything.. " that can b e named; a s a f i n e ; belief; " parallel to being individuals..

..I know my writings need " to much editing " ..but AlphaBeth runs ahead " ofF " M E..alWay s.

Murat Oktay Danış • " the ability to express a message " :
..I think a strong abstracter has to " have a life " lived in stories .. (that means U have to memoriZe U'r self, in U'r lived nerratives and -romances-..a life lived under GOD's message, -Message of GOD's- I should say..T a l e s lived in heaven; i f I eXaggerate ..)

" Abstraction, even of text " :
I T o T A L L y agRee..(there is abstraction..)

" Evidently, meaning is not important to the author."
: (because autor is under the absolute influence of the ALPHABETh L e T T e R s ..because when writing RtradaMark is theALPHABETh..that will convert what has been thought..

Abstraction goes contrary to the meaning..(because abstracter has a very -live-, -still livig in- Tale, to tell -lived and even memorized-..) ..Abstraction -if u ride on it- shall carry U out of the, M e a n i n g ..(shall carry U to ABSOLUTE-VOLUME).. S O; d o e s the TALE; the lived-story can be a " Crown "; i f U eventually; l e a r n the; " L i v i n g M E A N i n g.. -or History- " .. ..Otherwise, if U tell u'r story every one should listen " the t e X t " ,of a; " snookered "..

S O; " message is " Abstaraction is an extension -to prove that- , artist can eXtend time and " can live in things "..(even U can not stay in a Woman forever..) .." although object describers should like to stay out of THiNGs..-but very close to them- and watch " time-itself " .. ..(and that also, means; i f U L i v e d i n ; something; then it is timeless and infinite; t h e r e..) i f U can add ABSOLUTness; (this absolutness should be added by Abstraction ForCE s ).. (may FORCE ; b e with U; -even when abstaracting- )..

SO " abstarct artist ", can be in " the THiNG " ; " L i v e in it " ; where Time is; Limitless; and infinite -like in heaven- and, only abstraction can give art, ,a HeavenLy Country-4our; THiNk inG s..t o L i v e ....(DO not TELL; that is a shiZophReniA; Irena..) (I DO; my self in 4 DOing THiNGs..write,sport,paint,MakeSoundONPiano..to make my "body4" ..

" M e a n ing, is not important; for the Autor, i f he is in abstracting-process.."
H u m a n; is and w a s; important " 4me "; and comes before art;MA'KiNg. I w a s to; b e " a human " first. ..(I include, " every plant and animal, any creation that GOD has Made " ; " i n s i d e ; to the H u M a n ity " ..U have to talk with U' r animals and plants; L i k e in Nietzsche' s BOOK; " SO; said Tha ZATATHUSTRA.. (he learned every thing from his lion, eagle, snake and the sun, in his cave where he lived for 10 years..)..(MY-ROOM History took;m e 4 ;40 years..)

S o m e think; Abstraction; is the ability of being " ABSURD " ..these kind of abstarctions has n o; story; " NOmessageONHOW2LiveLife " ; N O; " m e a n' i n g ", i n them..

I have a book; (begun to write in year 1996) Irena..and I was telling the stories; h o w I lived them in L i f e ; and what WAS; the " p o e m " ; in them..Every Page a Photo of Work then; " story after " ; in only ,that page..(Like BOOKofART; gives a page to every painting..)
..and I w a s proud; to tell the TALE;laying u n d e r the art-work of M i n e..How I Lived , then , HOW; a r t Process has TURNED; -evoluted- -or revoluted- that; L i v i n g.. to " WHAT " .. S O W h a t;i s " my art " to the watcher.. ; WHAT; (MY art-W O R K; ;) D o e s.. o r maybe HOW; a r t -Process; W O R K; i n ; human -M i n d..

I w a s telling every-ONE; ; " did Picasso write; the tales under his paintings; from his sayings..(ALL rumors all RUmors..All more than one-womans; did he know what he lived; " ;4sure " -but a " s n a k e " should tell ; GOD; why he/she does,l i v e " just in time " when god ask's.. a s it needs that memorized-message that it is a snake.. that is we are human.. ..)

Murat Oktay Danış • Irena.." small and; Big -letters- " ; has to b e free ; in Normal " c i r C l e i n G " (cycle ing) ..I guess.. (and that propeller of free Capital-Words, lets sugar to be gained in to wheat..in our multi-fruit-cake s..)
..saying " pedophilia " , is a " fine imaging " on the issue..but.. ..in fact U have to read whole statment..(peDOphilia sucks, sinless-BODies -screW is opposite..) ..what I DO; i s ; to create -give birth- to these innocent-ALPHAbeth..

..b u t I can accept..that there is a sCreW i n; m e..( I am beeing screwed by art, in 4 deciplines simultaneously..and I hope, I can eXpress that devil,out o f m e.. (by becoming a poster-producer..and become a merchant in welth..)
I am " sharing " that ScreW; " h e r e, ..and measure " blood pressures " of helty-thinkings..( under that process; w h o dare to g i v e-hand; or an arm )

..yes " FORMAL; polite ness " , should WORK; either..
..SO; I became a " smart ass.."
I am only playing-games..I am only kidding..DO not take, serious.. (sometimes brilliant-WATER; can hide; best-poison s i n it..
so let " someThing " b l u r, .. visable..i n the water..
..I am too, bored of my self..SO; if NO questions on ME; I am in listening position, ,t h e n..

Murat Oktay Danış • ..donna,U are PReTTy; a L a d y.. ( withThat unTangling U'rself..)

Murat Oktay Danış • " SO, AlpHAbeth is a M e d i u m; " ; t o >mE that I can; " DRAW " m y; " 50 LADieS "; i n .. ( that has been created -or BORN- from my; BDy-with 10-finger; and BRAin with SQuare-RATio , O N L y..) (ofcourse no one can say, Iscrew them also after giving them B i r t h, from my BODy..) (U have to b e " BORED; with m y; i MA G i nation " b y ; n o w..I know that.. ..SO; that was a " acquaintance-party " ..that's all..

Murat Oktay Danış • ..to my TyPE-StiLe.. First of all, I play basketball-every day- and my HAND; has to comand that " h i p-big BALL " ..(some comand that ball of EARTh, in fact..or " theyHave ball-like heads ", ; &they think that t h e y ; a r e .." comanding; only "..b u t while comanding one has to look at if he/she is being comanded..too.. W h e n ; I write, I need to watch, i f I am being comanded, , -and I want to be comanded, by some " signs " or " symbols " ; but in a standart..that is ALPHAbeth..

when I write in my language with my hand in my one-page;4Writings Format; it is simple , -because my hand is simple and a native instrument there..b u t when it comes to w r i t e; on a keyboard-Machine ;&withREADY-letters, , -it is too eaisy to make a " letter- " ..so my " hand's comanding-energy stays free to; PLAY; with all t h e s e, buttons, as they can DO; m o r e than; W r i T i N g. ...( because my hand is standardized to command ; that h e a v y-BALL; o f Basketball; and " push these-Huge Hip s located on the ball.." ..)

When I write, problem is not " to give a simple message " ..I have to serch, what are hidden in words..of course first of all " alphaBeth letters " ..-they too, have to be in a " dig i n process" -- then other ;adds and roots and sounds in the WORDs; that may help (alternative s) to establish the structure o f; the eXpression, (or eXpressions in ART;

..English is a foreign L a n g u a g e; to m e and it's W o r d s; n e e d that (or available) for this archeological-d i g- i n..(4NewUnicnesses)

M a y I say; ; " that style " is a source to develop my thinking and " what I know already " to better-UNiCness..(that means there are clues, signs,symbols, in words ;and I also add my simbols,signs,colors,inner voice and sound ;and e.c.t. into this; progressive-structuring..
..this is why I have to be " established in my Language "; first .. ;and b e myself; with my sings,and simbols and colors and sound..Then I can look for -or investigate- OTHER-SiDE's; FORMs..
(Latin-Alphabeth, is a Form to all of us and we do not know; w h a t is H i d d e n; i n ; it..(that means it has a dark-side in it that effects us all as we use them..and I want to b e effected ; b y that; READY_MADE; F o r m, and it's DARK-S i d e..At least; i t is constant; concrete, unchanging..to my Brain and to my Body..

(there is a rumor,that Latin AlphaBeth was taken from Etrusk s near Rome and Etrusk s (Etrusci orr Tusci ) were T u r k..and in middle Asia in some caves; they found an Alphabeth; it's letters are a bit different but the " abcdefghıiklmno........z " sequance is, the same.. (of course republic of Atatürk, has chosen we were to be TURKs; to b e a Na t i o n, also..I w a s raised; a s so, i n my subconscious..)

S o; i f I am cracking, Breaking, puting EVERyTHiNG; in Parts; with my, that work of " AlphaBeth-WRiTiNG "; ; U people -and I,also- should hope; " U N i C ness " from that, a c t i O N..and I think that is the WAY; to DRAW;letters i n an " u n i v e r s a l Language-calligraphy " ; other than; PAiNTing..(picturing is inside that writing, also..)

They say painting; -or picturing- has to be when there is something that can not b e said with words..and only ratio can get meaning from that, m o v e..
" that move -not even a letter- can only be translated by the RATiO of the M a n..
S O, what we canMAKE with writing- l e t e r s; ;is to a c t in more Contemporary, to " " M O V E the ALPHAbeth "..

when come to that " an individual have to have a SCREW-LOOSE to " ..U are right Mr..if I use my HANDs; that much -basketball,Pianoplaying, Writing and painting with a Hand-big Spatula; - and with ten fingers all strong to command; ; after some time; Brain begins to fallow, that there are; " 10 penises " with that; guy.. .. S O ; I need 10 LADies; 4my EveryFinger, ..in theory..10 fingers with 5-Personalities..isONElady; enough. 2that-GAPinLOOSE.

Murat Oktay Danış • .. that w a s ; a " SQUARE " intellect-tour around M E; ; complated..
...p l e a s e be sited;, t h e n, , be " L a d i e s F i r s t " .. ..I won't interrupt, till i t is Morning- t i m e.. thank U all..

Murat Oktay Danış • donna, " I think i n Turkish-Language " ; .that is why; I can think; UNiC; in my understanding.. of couurse U are far a WAY; from that UNİCness, for instance..and I have to USE; MY; LEARNED- English; MacHiNE; ; to talk ;to Americans..
-and also; a s I said ; " my SQUARE-addiction " ; i s an OTHER; M A C H i N E; takes; P A R T, in every thing.. ( but, H u m a n i t y can overcome all these machiness, I G u e s s e d ..)
... b u t I see, although; U all are i n very politely TALKing Manner; " some also still has e g o " to f l o a t, " t h a t baggy- di?k; " -or Have strong BALLs ; to s a y ; that; " are U a sick PERSON really.." statement.. " Sen gerçekten sakat mısın " .. w h e n there is, stil a c h a n c e..i n the a i r..

on the other HAND; ..I would confess..it is n e w to m e; writing i n American-Engligh, , and that give m e further j o y.. ( and that has to b e L o s t, 4 U all, u s i n g English, 4 every-day life talk 4 every, O N E..) do not 4sake ME; for, my-tiny-joy when WRiTiNG..

Murat Oktay Danış • ..d not , try to; LOCATE; " i n m y SQUARE-intellct " ;as i f; " c i r c l e " can comprehand, s q u a r e .. (that w a s 4,; ; telling my intellect-Form i s, dfferent..)

....because I am an " addicted-TUVAL-4Sider " in painting.. ; , even i n my; b a s i c; " 4Writings-on a PAGE " ,f o r m a t- Writings.. t o o .. -evenin m writing s ,too, - -may be, a criple ;or adicted; ii n this w a y; I A M ..- ( that I will b e, proud o f, -being that,criple-..)

Murat Oktay Danış • I' ve Written, " my DiAMETER i s W i d e r "; ;than; even any; ,,,,,,,, " Wo' man " ..and also my big-CHEEK; can revolve, any r i c e.. i n .. it.

Murat Oktay Danış • Fiona; DO not tell m e; U are n o t; " easily-convincable " a person .. b e c a u s e, even I can convince U to; " someTHiNg, " ,e v e n , i f I try- h a r d. (as i f my Writings WERE; 4THAT..)

Murat Oktay Danış • ..U shouldn't add, m y "STAMPs " ; -to U'r intellects imidiately- ; to th conversatiON.. L e t them, stand; -or stay- ,o n the envelope.. ( at least I am a Turk; and that has other things-sides; to TALK -to say-..l e t them FLOAT; along the, c o n v e r s a t i o n; B O X.. (for further read in g s..)

Murat Oktay Danış • ..........problem is (to m e) , " too much lost in specific-conversation s " ; " NO-formal intelligance " , to international-use, o f ; the i s s u e..(to much natoanilized..) .. T op i c i s g r e a t; t h o u g h..

Murat Oktay Danış • D e a r Stephan,
..may be I am a criple (a bot as Marks boat finds it's WAY..) to ; satisfy my; " sedness feeling " ; h e r e.. (does that mean, " U can see my sadness-s i d e " .. ..U'rs is all U'rs, sweety..and mine is m i n e, ..tat mean " U are in U'r sadness " only..)

..i n fact, these writings are my " daily-work ".. and I carry them to my blogg, jus-after.. they are to be written, somewhere..where AlphaBETh and phlosohy- happens.. (that criple (me) has to penetrate M E; into m y-Body; , -that is the differance ; that " it all happens in me &in ALPHAbeth..writings.." - ; .. (but talking theory includes ; " nested-thinkings in nested bodies " ; -as if all thoughts will b e; United, i n " thebody of the THEORY " ; in the future. also-

..b u t U are right, when saying that; ; there is NO audio ence to m e, here..-every-body has been located to every " BODYofSOUNDs " ..aready-. -and everyTopic has nested in the voice of Every-Topic..- . and all3of-U 'r; attemps to; " L o c a t e in m y situation;" " and What i f, I am ; " proves that fact.. (UniC-Body-of UNiForm SOUND-sturucture..

W h o told U that, I needed, " instantly made friends " .. (was it I wrote " seX " ; once..)..may b e I shouldn't " decip h e r " that; " these close-conversations; (covered by cheap philosoph ) can not take place o f; a " healty body s e x " ..
I think sex-criples; need these cheap talks.. (TALKs can b WEAK..but then will be strenghtened..) ..but NO w e a k- Talks on art h e r e..they are WARM; instead..

" Why not give it a TRY " ..who DOU; think Uare, to give a WAY; to a, person, -to a Mind criple Like; I am- ; give a hand to the criple to pass the ROAD; where fast-C a r s; trawel i n big ; C H E E K s..
I t seems it is a big-HUMAN-CHEEK F a r m, has occured in h e r e..

D O; not TAKE; m y Writings a r e; o n; U; folks.. I put my spell i n where, e v e r ; honest Thinkers can LOOK; -or will b e, Looking- ..

...goon with U'r Daily L i v e -Talkings..D not see ; what I STAMP, h e r e.. (because U folks can not toouch any of my ideas...even say them with U'r tongues..
( L a r y, U are out of that category..I appreciate, U did not write my name while talking on my written s..))

..why not ," NOT-mention my NAME " .. (may b e I have a criple-sister and I need instant; ;" huMAN "-c ar e , h e r e..),, in my s e n t en ces. is this the way to c a r e ; " human " in a " Humanity in art " session.. MY LOVELy.. (squeeze-the-f i n g e r)

p.s. that ww ssa PLAY; writen & erFormed by, m e.. h e r e.. originating from the " famous L A S T " words told tottha; F R O N T; l i n e.

.." amusement is all M i n e " ; e v e n if " I am; i n M E..and " in MY-Writing; " ; f o X..

Murat Oktay Danış • ..ofcourse, " a r c h i t e c t u r a l; W O R K " ; of art comes after, 1-F i n e ART-WORK; and 2- EnfineerDesign o f art; F o r m..

3- Architectural structure of ART MAY BE; learned; -then-, From that (2) to be " in -TEACH " ; to these, who shall b e stand i n g; ; in the F i e l d of; CAPiTA L ism..GREAT;-G r a u n d s-architecture.. (where humanity is a puke, there..i n these machinery-parks..)

Murat Oktay Danış • SO I am talking on F i n e arts, t h e n.. ..COEDs walk in the traditional rows..-imitation, o n l y- ..but e v e n that will show if they have talent and soul too..imitating shall take U'r soul and talents i n ..( some people may be more artistic ,sometimes.. because artist was to establish all art standarts into that architectural side of the work..b u t imitator uses that structure and then give m o r e feeling and soul and spirit, t o i t..)

...but, being an ARTiST; n e e d s; " dedication " ..U shouldn't b e divided-into many things..U shall b e " whole-with your multi-DOings;&m u l t i- B O D ies.." ..then during making, art, ;RATiO; shall divide U'r self (U'r BodyWholeBODy content; U'rslelf ) into, PARTs and; that shall develop wholeness -of content- to art-F O R M..
( but, they teach -in art schools- how to establish FORM; i n art.. instead " make U'r Body-whole " to be the source to the " c o n t e n t "ofART and act free to eXpress i t to the medium; t h e n ; U will s e e ; U'r R A T i O; willact-intrough U' r eXpressions- spontaneous& automatic..
......of course that means " U'r m u l t i -BODy " ; and U'r RATiO; ( Mind ) shall b e USED; in this establishment of art's..( and then U can not use them in Public..I mean U can not sell them, in society..o r, even use U'r RATiO;or Body, for U'r own sake..) (beingUsedIn-arART's SAKE..)

..i f art is in U'r blood..,that happens..( dedication ) and that happens in a wide-diameter ..if U'r WHOLE-multi-BODy; (can not be devided ) and SO; U'r DOing-Diameter is WiDE..then U are born as an artist..( the movie..Steve Jobs..yesterday we were in that movie...shows that diameter-Wide and Wholeness of theMind..)
... b u t if U are, not that W i d e, or in that Wholeness ; U can still, b e added to that; " READy-art-things "..,,..U'r soul and U'r talent and claver, and intellectus shall bend, s o m e thing, , .t h e r e. ....MADE-art-Designs; can be used; to bend, with U'r eXtra talents " that main-designer , artist did not have..
(some of U'r talents or U'r soul will be higher than the ART-FORM; creator-artist.. -the Master-..SO; chose the work U l i k e; t h e m o s t ..that means, U have some extras to add to it..U Like it because U can add U'r talent to it; -in U'r EYE- and what U like to watch is U'r added-talent -imaginary- to i t..So act to add i t genuinely..Genuin colors will help U express them into art-work..)

..when I make free-improvisations on the P i a n o, I record them.. because they are my BODy-content converted in, " SOUND " medium.. (so there are all my DOings; in the nature -or object- of the SOUND.. ...of course, that is not; " my inner-sound " there..(-my inner-voice was put in my writing lines; and my writings also are inthat sound-perFormance-).. ..contrary, that SOUND-EXpression-session; ; an OBJECT of SOUND; OUT-Doors.......
..... ; when listened in an absolute-Room; i t can not b e learned either by brain or,by e a r.. (because o f the DUALities, that m a k e s; genuin-art un touchable, , i n art's absolute space ) .. (U can not capture it by using -giving- U'r time..U can not hold it..-a slippery fish in the hand- ..)
..then I listen to that; ; ABSTRACT-a b s u r d-SOUND-session; a hundred-times; then it shall begin to tell m e; it's FORM.. ( and why it has become, SOUND- a r t .. .. not music for Brain s..art 4 intellects..)

S O; " art " , " ; is an " ENGiNEERing-DesiGn- process " ..As an engineer; (dedicated my life to be an wide-diameter-artist ) I am a free-designer-4art, -to art-, i n fact.. a n d; I think; TALENTED; and strong-soul people shall; PAiNT; m y designs, t o POWERFULL ART-iMPACT; (that is -what they say-; GREAT-ART..) Art Schools-graduated are; 4THAT..o n l y.
.. but a designer has to be in the " L i n e " .. ( where my main job is to b e ,put my " inner-voice and my colors, into AlphaBetH l e t t e r s, first.. a s humanity, shall b e ,in theLine.

Murat Oktay Danış • ..can not we say, we have to learn more languages of art -music making, writing -letter making- dancing -moving within the body language- ,painting e.c.t.- .. or any-thing we can make that has a language..if we can play basketball then there is a language i n it, too.. for an eXample, s e x has it's language, too ..i n standart DOings of the " h u m a n " ..all these " different language-including " -some w e only DO; by insticts- , diciplinized acts of body would ; be combined i n our Body &soul and brain, to b e put in " art-action " ..t h e n comes the a r t action; to, eXpress whole.

..what happens i n that " w h o l e " ..are there some creations or " creatures " that we don't know.. but has passed through U S, .. -and they continue to pass, s t i l l - ..to me art is a microscope, -o r a telescope- to s e e; what passes, i n t h r o u g h ; U S..
w e , can " d e f i n e " them; a s art-history gives us the learned clues, to recognize..t h e m..
SO; " what is a r t " .. I think, ART is the W i d e; river where w e can define THiNGs; to the " s e e " of our eyes, -or ears- -or senses- ..as V i s i O N s..
(now I think , so..)

Murat Oktay Danış • A snake does not have any chance to be romantic.(its body is simple & but with the truth..) ..but human (men) can.. ..but in this contemporary age, -w e live in-; romance for " human " has to have " stages " .., ( the man who thinks he has to act l i k e, many-animal, as a job, ..-if he has to be an artist nowadays- -as if he was created -by GOD- in these many simple forms in these different-kind of creations- and then man has to study or perForm all these; simple-works added all at o n c e in art-work.. a s he will, perForm art.. ...c a n be said as romantic, a c t in contemporary a g e , of art. )

(what I mean is , to work -to study- on different " simple-creating stages " ; but this multi-talented several-works can be seen meaningless, -in different fields of art- by one-person.. (they should say, be succesfull in one field..) .. -to some-..but in fact art has several -cinema is the 7.- diciplines and artist has to work on each of them..contemporary romance; -or being romantic today- is to study multi-creature- stages..)
S O; that may transfer creatings -or creatures of the GOD; untouched-works of imitations..because as artists w e W O N D E R; m u c h more than " how GOD c r e a t e s " ..(so we have to copy-paste these creations fist.. ( I would put any action made by created-nature, to represent GOD's creation, i n the field of art..as man can DO the same..)

..some say they know what a r t is; and then they offer " stages ; after " that art makings..These after-art stages has to be carried ; i n t o art-making-proceses.. instead.... Modernism was to make that..but it has been added to history -of art- then;.. b e c a u s e mission could not be complated..once again I shoul say, l e t art -what ever it is- a c t; i n related 4 sides..o f a tuval.. (let U'r Mind and RATiO; divide it by 4 like a symphony with 4 parts, -but still stands in 4 Parts-..
i f once, modernity has been complated; then contemporary Painting can b e ; d r i v e n from this 4-sided Modern ..

...and let romantism of man; and whole body and soul transfered -be carried- on many carriages,(by writing,making sound, painting dancing but all by one person ) un touched (not defined as something called as art before )

...some will still argue, what has to be done, to study i n " one -field " -medium-, o n l y..L e t " h u m a n " , complate itself in U' r DOings -of arts- freely ; then see it as it begins to act; o r " transform " in many stages of shape e n i n g. and then d e f i n e ; something acting as srt, -i n, art-history--categories- ; and giving us philosophical; clues on genuinity of both the object and the nature.... (and nature of God's creation , too..) (but be contemporarily romantic to act and work like, creatures of the GOD' s..b e a multi- worker, not a worker on the union..)

..my writing has been too, massy, a s are electrons fly in their compleX-ORBiTs..of atoms..b u t there will b e some sentences, t o carry the i d e a .. (that means creation has to begin i n an atom, t o o.. (humanity has to be searched ; -or located- in an atom, too..)

Murat Oktay Danış • Pardon m e ..if I am interrupting .. " some t h i n g " ..
..do not mis-understand, ( I am sleepingin i n that intellectual-speachs.., talking on the spesific issues " and that is essential, too I agree.. ) b u t..
..l e t me, put some broken-glass pieces, i n the BOX.. (4 I am here, 2.., but can not get into these specific-t h i n g s ..MayBE; I will..)
L e t me, say my opinion o n, t h e " authentic " V O i C E..

U can not write a l e t t e r,of AlphaBeth's, if U DO NOT; give U'r inner-voice, to that l e t t er ..before, ,U will draw the letter then.. ( When I write with my HAND ); , b u t now; My inner-voice has been in my drawing that " ; l e t t e r " .. - put my inner voice-somehow by bending my live-lines from my HAND.. ..-

C a n w e , say; " H u m a n ity " was in that, " inner-voice " and has been " installed " , -or stored- in the letter, somehow.. ( stored in Alphabeth l i n e s -letters- then has been ,learned by m y " E Y E " ; ; to b e p u t; i n t o the " PAiNT " simultaneously, -and automatically- while I will b e expressing ; the ART-T H i N G, o f H u m a n..

U can not " d e f i n e " U'r inner-Voice; ( humanity ) .. i t has to be carried away i n t o; a r t,m e d i u m; -un touched- only ..then w e will see, WHAT; will be swimming " as HUMAN " in that, S P A C E; o f inner-Voice.. (by turning tuval sides ..)

Murat Oktay Danış • M a r k, -thank U for touching m y post- ..My I d e a s (and my acumulated works ) Provake m e, so my writing has to b e provakative (even to my self ).because U said U did not have time, twice, let m e, " give a HAND ".

p.s. I am not after art-History-&Philosophy text books.. I fallow my Body and heart and my brain ( as I am a H u m a n -first- who d o e s not know "e v e n, what is art", b u t search a r t in my DOings, t h e n..) (I have to " blow " myself to h u m a n first - -instead of defining what humanity i s -by humanitive DOings- (art has these deciplines, like writing,painting,dancing,making free music on piano e.c.t. t o b l o w U'r self t o, H u m a n, first..). T h i s is where I stand, i n this; concept on " humanity i n art " ..


Murat Oktay Danış • D e a r Irena, good POiNT..(well I should say;" good PAiNT ") .
." What is needed is a population of art lovers who will recognize and appreciate something outstanding. "..

SO,what iSthat; " somethingOUT STANDing "
C a nWE; s a y," B E A U T Y ; isALL a b o u t; (and all i n ) " D i v i d i n g-by 4 " .. " .. ... can that be, MAiN QUESTiON..

.." d i v i s i o n", ;that can not b e; T O U C H E D; e v e n b y H u m a n..intellect-withKnowledge..) -but U are free to give all U'r SOUL;& RATiOintoART- ; -THATis a c t;reverse to even c r e a t i o n itself- ; -a breth-taking for " -REAListic- RATiO o f MANkind that l i v e s alREADy; in us all a s , Public-presence " ,. ..still..)

SO; being that." population o f art Lovers " a r e adequate; ," for-ONE; -living-inthePublic- ; ( NO need to art Concultants) for " h u m a n to b e , in art work " ..
.. i f it's BEAUTY; has been Located i n that; " DEViSiON " process, o f the " ARTiST' s SQUARE-RATiO " -as an instrument, i n ART-
..(if ARTist's " RATİO-MACHiNE " ; iSinTheArtWORK; (SO d o e s art lovers have their RATiO to fallow the driver inART .. o t h e r than the -spontaneous- creation of art's.. ( and e v e n WE can say, that artist's RATiO presented -as a processor- ; i n the art WORK; is an anti-KNOWLEDGE-processor.. instead " some put their knowledge&conscions ;in art." .and on the other hand, , a r t-spontaneous c a n; gain empty place; a s that RATiO-Processor a c t s in the A R E A ..
( if U do not use spatula; i n painting U can not use your RATiO; " as a c l e a r-processor-fast a s " white-l i g h t - of RATiO's " ..)

S O; W E have to focus on; " devison " ability of the artist ..
..and TUVAL (as a 4 SiDED; OBJECT ).. t u v a l is a natural " devider-to4 " to that intellect PROCESSOR- R A T i O; of m e n, to a c t with.. .. ( to devide the subject; - or story- o f the art-Work..to that 4 parts..) ...... ( SO " division i n Painting -or in arting with RATiO- " has to " di vision b y 4 " ..b a s i C a l l y..

" A r t L o v e r population " ; has to ; " Turn- ART WORK; o r a Duval.. over on 4 sides " o r they have to l i s t e n; -4 Parted ;devided 4- Symphonies of Western-Classical Music .. E v e n We have to read; t h e s e; WRiTiNgs of writers; ; who write 4Writings; a t O N C E; as a perFormance; o f a r t.. ( can a writer devide all sayings in 4 Parts fallowing interactively e a c h ; o t h e r..)

S O; can any-one turn these, Tuvals if S i D E S; can TALK; o n both; 4 s h a p e s..." ." W h a t ever these can say; i n free&spontaneous a c t s of ART-itself can W E; accept, and " a p p r e c i a t e " ; w h a t we f i n d there; i n S İ M P L E F o r m s; and s h a p e s.. (or wouldn't they b e; e n o u g h to f e e d; our MEGA-EGO-intellects and Bra i n s....)

...of course, t h a t should lead us to that; Society; (art Lovers ); ..how they are QUALiFied.. : ..... e v e r y one has to-work-a c t ; with their " multi-talents " to b e a " 4 Sided " PERSON.. ....that means, 1- U can write,SOwrite.. 2-U make sports, 3-Ucan play Piano, thatmeans MAKE-SOUND .. (no matter what U DO o n Piano, " Just DO i t "; and " U C A N " ..) ; P l a y with , the PAiNT..(may b e, there can occur something with 4 sides,,i f U proceed o n DO i n g; these 4 art-things )

G E N U i n E; A R T; has to ; SPRing O U T; from t h e s e; , f r e e; 4-Sided eXpressions o f normally-L i V i n G - P E O P L E..

F O R M; , ,e n o u g h; SPACE; , (o p e n AREA; with U'r PROcEsSOR-RATiO;-that takes place o f FORMmaking; i n ART ) ;4ART2 eXpress i t self; ; spontaneously; a s U (art Lovers ) can act with U'r selves, i n U'r Normal L i f e. (or spontaneously-living s ) ( Simultaneous happens when division t a k e s PLACE; also.. )

p.s. i f U couldREADAll that t e X t; then; U'r Ratio c a n; " c a r t w h e e l; b y 4 " .. IcanSayThat..

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