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What makes a "good" abstract painting?

Murat Oktay Danış • ..DO; U, express U'r feelings,and i d e a s , when U write with Alphabeth Letters.. (this is not abstracting) ..

..but u can write with U'r hand on a paper to l e t, Alphabeth L e t t e r s; ABSTRACT U' r B r a i n, t o o..(U should write , for that reason; o n l y..).Like letters abstract the things in U' r w o r d s..they have to abstract U' r brain, t o o.
..so only a truely abstracted m i n d; can, a c t in abstraction, as that artist d o e s " t h i n g s " with his hands i n art s... be u'r self and go on with u'r daily d e e d s; in the medium of art' s.. (it automatically will be installed in t o , the medium..)

" truely-Abstracted-Brain ; o f U'r s" shall abstract U' r DO i n g s, (DOing T H i N G s) i n art too..U shouldn't try to abstract when U have to abstract, there in the art-doings.. that is the natural way of A b s t r a c t i n g , D O i n g s, I guess..     


Jaabi Faarai • Hi Murat, do your writings take time to write?
it looks like reliefs low down at the end of last paragraph, seems they reached the sea...

Jim Foster • I walk three miles around a Reservoir- from parking along a huge irrigation ditch filled with water. On the other side of the irrgation. ditch are geological cliffs and rock settlements. These cliffs are 40-50 ft, real rugged and have pedestals. The Native Peoples had to have used them for council meetings and perhaps total sheepherder like camps. Any time I take someone with me- they don't even see the cliffs but are talking full blast- telling me their story .

I prefer quiet and let the place talk to me. All this is within the range of intermittent clouds having real personal dimensions. I feel like every bird call is an innocent setting for me to realize I am in their place- this is- The Wild !!!- You keep walking and things start to be important that never were before. I usually fish where the inlet comes in and dumps new water. Every bird in the world could come here and be at home. Art works come from out of nowhere. They are not always understandable. I do a lot of things without understanding any art intended.

Murat Oktay Danış • Y e s , Jaabi..My writings take t i m e; 4X1writing; time. .that means, there are 4 person and 4 pen in them..and in fact, t h e y are; the minimal amount, -cut into; 1/4- in Alphabeth letters. (one has to read them 4 t i m e s..and in every read ing session, ; they had to find a new writing i n t h e m...) (they are; ;" SQUARE Writing s " )
..in fact ;I think; m y writings, Take their b i r t h in the , d e e p-s e a. (or in the ocean of that B R A i n..but can not reach to the shore to walk in crocodile or fly in the air..b u t in my paintings, these appear, t o b e. I guess..

..and a sentence that Jim has said.
" They are not always understandable. I do a lot of things without understanding any art intended. "
..people sit and write if they are to e x p r e s s;(or eXplain) something, ..they use alphabeth to shape " things " ; or to transmit, what has been shaped, inside, their thinking.

L e t me , tell " U " why I write..(my One-page;-4Writings; hand-writings..)
First of all; to " WORSHiP "2 the ALPHAbeth..I draw every letter correct and carefully and straight..(that means I install them into my brain ) ..then when they are installed in my brain, they must have changed my t h i n k i n g.. (my intentions..)

...while these " letters" being drawn by my hand; there o c c u r e s a passage; in my HAND.. (what goes from m y BODY; into that Alphabeth's Dark L i n e s; -into the letters- , and what comes into my BODy; from t h e r e; -from the Land of the ALPHA b e t 's-..I do not know, ,nor MyRatio; , only b e ; " inbetween ",)

Writing i s , the " Wagina; o f the art " to, m e.. there happens someThing in between my body and " ALPHA b e t h's ; other-side, L a n d s " ..and " these THiNGs " they will a p p e a r ; in the PAiNTing; a s " realms should reach to, ; their; WORLD s " ..(in the PAiNT..)

..instead of Medium-PAiNT; Writing itself can give birth to these NEW-THiNGs....a very instant birth takes place while writing. (when writing, the instrument U use is Alphabeth; not U'r Brain..so U'r brain-originated thinkings, shall change BASE; as they begin to include ,alphabeth letters..)
.b u t D O E S; ; any one OPEN; their Thinkings, to that " alphabeth affection " ...or do they love to put their-thinkings into these letters; and infect that " solid-ABSTRACT-TOTEM "..-named Alphabeth.-
(thinkings can enfect the Alphabeth letters ; -because they have different signs in them; ..would U let U'r thinkings DO; that..o r, DO t h e reverse..
W E; n e e d ; a balance and Equilibrium; .propvided i n the w r i t i n g.

- B O D y ; c a n, b e coded on letters,(as every letter can have color, sound, movement ,dance, sign . e.c.t.) -of Alphabeth's- and then , be transfered; in t o; the PAiNT i n g -or into other art mediums- .. o u t of; " any art intended "..

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