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Murat Oktay Danış • I should, prefer to b e in the NORTH, (Like Norway, Sweden,Sibiria, North of England; or Toronto or Chicago..) .. at the first row, I guess..I like snow, and I like ice-blue then, the blue of the sea; maybe. Cold will try to conquer m e, , and there has to b e " fire " in me; twice -or Bodies more than 2 in m e- to stop that " absolute V o l u m e " that comes with the warning and will swallow m e....t h e n.. ... -of course the worse thing is; " the cold " ; where people a r e many.. these are hot places and people are in the people and that negative absolutness , I do afraid the most.. (Someone who wants to kill himself will kill U and still he might think he is killing himself..)
F i r s t; North, .. then W e s t, and Sauth, and , E a s t..I g u e s s... I am examing them i n my art y e t..

Murat Oktay Danış • * Y e s,Yosef.Kasamir Malevich and suprematism, and his well known " Black Square " , ..That Black square, is -what I am saying-.. " Absolute Volume "..M a l e v i c h has said; that; this w a s; " theZERO FORM " .. (F o r m but i n, the ZERO; V alued..) (and all that; RALM y-R E A L; t h i n g s ; must have been L y i n g i n, i t..-inthat black Volume, REALM ' s - M e d i u m..-..

................a n d; if ONE_Artsit can , install all his " flesh-&bone-worker-socialist- BODY "; i n t h e r e; thenH e can , DRESS; A L L these " REAL FiGURE-FORMs " on his BODY; t o come back -or to take them to the earthy creatures seen, - , to the Land of; " Con temporary ;ART- W O R L D ".

...and that dressening s can, -or has to b e - , H a p p e n, in a Computer -& PURE-RATiO- work..(Machine can illustrate, all these Entities of the REALM' s , to be dressed by a body-from earth; ;that has LEAKED; , i n the Computer..by using Abstract-Expressionism..) (RatioHAS toBEused , only, toCUT-paste-stretch-&turn actions..you may not add, any color, or a line, -that hand brings-, to that, original painting image, -from abstract-expressionist painting- put in t o, the computer...) (U can c u t, ifUlike with U'r-RATiO, -when U needTOdrawAl i n e, in the absolute MEDiUM.. - ..and paste, where everUwant2; -theseCUT-pieces.. -Just like the other suprematists offered; geometricCOLOREDshapes, would be pasted on a tuval-..)(but this time what Ucut&pasted are; Human- dressedEntitiyFORMs.from absolute L a n d s, of the REALM s..)

* ...o f course, U have to, HAVE; " a fully-HUMAN_ socialist-body,-MACHiNE; " -fast' ened in sports-; and can improvise very fast with the paint..S O; U' r BODY; and both U' r Absolute Valume- RATiO; might have been, installed into; the same flow and mixed, in the PAiNt-space; -used while eXpression-..(abstract expression).. ...............( t h a t means; both U' r Human Body; and U'r Absolute-Ratio; has to be mixed in the space of Paint.. -f r e e l y..to every w a y-.. .... t h e n ; when in the computer SPACE; - that is a absolute Valume providing -Machine with the Programs..- U may find b o t h, U' r Human BODy; and U'r Absolute RATiO; i n the computer to ; OPARATE- O N; &DRESS; that Human Body; w i t h ; t h e s e; " ABSOLUTE ENTiT y R E A L - T H i N G s.." ..

Michael, if was to tell in; one sentence..
Yes a painting can be abstract and figurative; at the same time; and that is an " Abstract eXpressionist; painting " ,and then; , if U process i t; -only by using computer and U' r RATiO- P U R E L Y;- these F i g u r e s that has LEAKED i n, the abstract-expressioist-painting , -that LEAKED; " f i g u r e s of GOD's Creation " but now in " scientifically determinable s h a p e s " i n the " Abstraction' s Absoluted-ARAREAS " ; can be DRESSED as; " REAL-ENTiTy-FORMs " instead of these, " system-Creatured under-siegeing F i G U R E S " ; in the " abstact-expressionist-PAiNTiNG s.."

* abstract-expressionist artist; seiges HiMSELF/HER self; ..volunteer ly ,not seiged BYtheSYSTEM..-

... a n d that w i l l; b e; aNEW-A G E; , that abstract -expressionism can have a ; " ABSTRACT-iMPRESSİonist "; E R A;(aMiRoR image-STATE to Abstract-expressionism), instead of; " NEO-ABSTRACT-ExPRESSiONism' S "..repeating S..

t h a t, i s also; ; art's (as stuck in , a socialist workers abstract-expressionsim-,STYLE ) ..c a n EVOLVE; to a n e w ; " i D E A L; CAPİTAList S P A C E -inHOLDiNG BUiLDiNGs,4now.. "..(where REALMy-REAL T H i N G S, as they were DRESSED; H U M A N- F i g u r e s; and will be only on WALL's 2 dimensional; painting-spaces , -as PLOTTER POSTERs-; to pretend the ultimate-piece; to the ROOM -SPACES.. -even to one lonely people, that will fight with himself; i n s i d e the ROOM; ; if no one is around.. L i K E; ..m M e..-)

Murat Oktay Danış • http://vimeo.com/37592516
I liked that, Todie.. (there occures,appears, " a REAL BODy"; in the result Picture..of this naked act, video; from figure to REALM s), I s a w.
..and these " digital squares " -of U' r s-... in Figurative art w o r k s; -of other artists- may be, opened transitional " windows " .. -theycan b e, bases to pass into a " transcendental WORLD " of these famous artists; (but w e are not them, and that train has gone, SO ..-) .. because t h e y studied, these works " f i g u r at i v e l y " .. (They did not , computerized their b r a in s, ( -nor digitalized themselves by writing Alphabeth latters to the papers with their -touching and lifting pen, 1.&0- H a n d s ... (I do write, 3000 letters to one piece of paper -as my face looks at that " paper-mask " , for 1 and a helf hour- , every morning to digitalize my artist; Brain -linked to by acting body- and that brain will learn my body in " quant-squares " .. and my writing has 4 sides like a tuval..that means I write 4 otherwritings on one paper.. and every tuval has to talk from it's 4 sides..)

..." 4 a transition " , to " a Transcendental; C U B E ".. (o f the REAL ..or where real can H a p p e n..
.......as absolute RATiO; E x i s t s; in that C u b e.. because,of this eXpressed -and parallel to that-; " abstract expressionist " flow of our, naked; b o d y..within t h e paint..)

Murat Oktay Danış • RE: "Michael, can we say that, abstract painting has to be made," in a hurry "..t o free t h e " art y .. t h i n g s ".. (V e r y Quick.. work.."

No I would not say that at all...it is about "attention" and not time!

...when do u pay " ATTENTiON " ; T H E MOST..? W H E N; " improvising..a t once "..
..i f U need " super attention " U have to improvise. (very quick &freely)..
When with "impro ", ..contra jobs occur in there..for example, U have to remamber while U have t o , forget; simultaneously..ONLy that will c l e a n; unnecessary things from the genuine " a r t sayings "- track " where " human-art-conscious " , i n art, will be excluded..

...so, to pay attention to that " a r t TRACK-sayings happen spontaneously "; o r, " art saying itself, " will be clean, o r PURE;,or spontaneous, by the highest attention, i n art job. (that is not the attention to put pressure on our conscious, and heavy- mind s , to form a total BODy; from them, when arting.., forexemple..)

..if a r t can not be in " impro "; it will not be clean..b e c a u s e, paintings couldn't b e clean,if they carried that; " arty-conscious ", i n the art.. (that would be kept, , out of paintings; and b e put i n t o, " contemporary things " to , " where they belong "..and that will MAKE; " that action of contemporary-art " )..
..( ..to clean arty-consciouses and concepts o u t of " t h e pure Painting -that is purifying the PAiNT in fact..- ) " ...
.. if improvisational painting should HAPPEN; ; that contemporary-art; wouldn' t b e.. (SO THEY give TEXT s, to show U how U have to put U' r " ultra actived -but passive in fact- m i n d s ", & can install these activating facts , back into the daily- things or " universal- MASS "
* where they have come from, &be installed into our minds.in daily l i v e s...- ..

..b u t the only; " f i n e art- WAY " , here i s, " i m p r o " .( will clean a r t itself, - CLEAN-when creating - ; ) only ... " simultaneously-and SPONTANEOUSLy " ; twice at O N C E..

Murat Oktay Danış • .. you can't , " equate language and art. "

I have something to say begining from that concept in this sentence.. ..I do write with my hand (that is a drawing ,too) every day, what I lived..(and I do live when I am writing too..) and I know these letters of alphabeth and words have colors, sound, sign, move, e.c.t. -that are the elements of arts- when I write them they will come from my inside.. THAT WRiTiNG; is a B A S E; for m y, " free P a i n t i n g s , with pure paint.." .....

....that m e a n s, , writing is a way to draw l i n e s , to tell a story..b u t these abstract and geometric -put in pieces- and digitalized lines -letters- are the base for " MODERN l y; a c t i n g "; i n art, with the pure-paint..
... because -MODERN is the way to define n e w " U t o p i a of t h e M A N "- ..(Modernisms were trying to be Modern, somehow but they couldn't reach to tha Utopia-State..)

...to b e ,MODERN with ONLY-one technic....T u v a l ; has 4 sides; ; (my writing must have 4 other parts too). (that means, I have to write 4 parts, like a symphony d o e s, too..) (in fact our RATiO; knows that " 4Sides " of the tuval;(while painting) and it automatically devides the subject of the painting i n t o 4 , too, i f our RATiO has been L i b e r a l i z e d; by a very free, painting and a Liberal Writing just before painting....

(what I am telling is; I write in 4 parts; and because tuval is 4 sided; Subject of the painting will " t a k e birth " in the 4 S i d e s of the tuval ; i f we paint; freely.
....that also means; " t h e U t o p i a of M e n (human) " ; occures Liberally in the 4 sides of the tuval; a n d w e have to t u r n; the T u v a l; to find out these other definations, on each " 4 Sides " ..MODERN UTOPiC M E N; is P U R E; and even untouched by the ARTiST..him/her self..

...S O what I say is, , Liberalization o f the " utopic-Pure-m a n -dafination " has to be based i n ; and ( emerge i n, the paint then) after the DRAWiNG o f the ; -put in pieces and digitalized- (non traditional lines..) lines of l e t t e r s ; of the AlphaBeth..

..I am a child;too, , but I am r e a l y, " WRiTiNG" " (instead of drawing figures -a child tries to write letters only to put in pieces the lines of the drawing-) everything; instead of, READiNG; L E T T E R s.. (where they install everything in m e -if someone has written them- , and make me a passive person;...... instead I have to write the things that will appear in the paint, only.. ) ..i f U are an artist, U have to write even what U have to READ.. (install things in U when writing..with U'r hand)
(that means, I install the things from my l i f e; into Alphabeth letters then, they are preserved in the letter lines and have a new birth i n the P u r e Paint space..when painting..)

...S O ; is this " Writing-WAY ; B A S E " , is the WAY to " the CLEAR- O r d e r ", to , t h e , a r t DO ings.. ( I MAKE WRiTing ; SO -but-, I Do not MAKE; a painting..)

.. ( a long writing again..forgive m e 4 that..I have used to write every thing, once.. )

Murat Oktay Danış • Consepts are flying, a r o u n d; L i K E; " UFO' s " ..

In m y oppinion, (or where DO I take, all these ); I agree with what Michael said..(because they are in scientific-logic ;and with public's order..). I also agree with, Gary, too..( Gary is talking on the left side, for " right " has been corropted, o n c e -&is today ,too-; because they were not scientific,y e t, ; in the mean time..)

Where DO; I stand in all these conversations..
F i r s t of all..in my understanding," BODY is Brain "; and " Brain is not BODy " ..(that means just like, our brains go out to shape our Bodies,&actions; ;reversely; (as a mirror-image) ; OUR; B o d i e s; can be installed into our BRAiNs and shape our Brain-inner-sides...
t h i s is; ,if I make sports, or write ,or play piano, (these are doings in deciplines; L i k e our Bodies have a self-decipline as theyHave aShape, too;-that isSame-..) then we locate (or install ) our body-shapes; into our Brains.. (that means, public-architect orders are not " GOD ";for our; being Unified union-members&flowTogether like animal-crowds..(be fluidized, by someCovboyArchitects....)
( we can locate -or install- our " d e e d s" ;" -ready-object- BODies-; to clean; " other shapes " -put in our brains by public architects-.. -or turn them into- to "true-BODY-objects " in, the brain..t h a t will be a natural " thing " to b e, in the BRAiN..
( s e x ; other than sports, is an other; Body-object installation; in to the B r a i n, too.. there are 2 bodies doubling the BODY-content-upgrade ; into 2 Brains, there..)

...in f a c t..Bodies o f HUMAN; has to stand; , N E A R..(song STAND BY M E..)
.... and sports and sex or " deciplinized and systematic DOings c a n produce BODY-like-deeds-things "stand b y US ...
. i n reality every person (every BODy ) can not stand parellel to each other ..(if U are not i n theArmy..) .. S O; " BODiEs located in the brains " , has to stand&beSTiLL.. (when I write my writing in the morning, m y BODY is installed into my brain -and into the PUBLiC materials, put in my brain by free perceptions..- ; and whole day; NO ONE; can change, the way my BODy-STANDs-in my brain- .. ..

" O N E M i n d " concept.. A r t has to be; done byONEunic-BODY. b u t that BODY can be multiple, if U have multi talents & d e e d -up s; these multi BODies..(that means, U'r body can DO; many things..O N E can be a basketball player, a musician, a writer, a painter, e.c.t. all inONE-BODy..

S O; U can multiply U'r BODy; (but still Unic, if U DO them, all in ONE-DAY) &; U still have to have ;" ONE BRAiN ".. (..if U are to be, an ART i s t..4 anART-WORK..)

There are " right i s t " P E O P L E; in the Public ,and they multiply their BRAi n s; and try to u s e, " O T H E R' s ; -B O D i e s "..-in the serve of their unified-Public-BRAin-RATiOs-. contrary to Human-Bodies-united..(,instead of workers-unions there has to be artists that can multiply-BODies, but still has ONE-BRAiN; and ; O N E M i n d, in their art-LAND-BODY i n g s..

; S O; in a n art- W o r k, there has to be; M u l t i-BODiES; b u t,o n e-Brain-absoluteVolume .. (SO there will b e, that; U N i C-absoluteRATiO; -notUnified- but leaked in uniFormly2Make " F O R M; of the art "..)

F i n a l l y,L i f e; (righters and lefters ; & artists in it) produces all these PUBLiC-OBJECTs; that our M i n d; catches; &includes i n..then be able to pour them into art mediums .. (so a child can not make art..because can not catch these " all objects " , from both left and right ,s i d e s..)

p.s. left & right S i d e s; are; essential to M a k e a " M i rr o r " i m a g e. " .and a " Mirror image "; added to the original-nature; will produce both WORLD-natural, and The OTHER-ATOMiC-WORLDs. in art i n g.. (that means " original-Body-shape of GOD's HUMAN " ; can be " miror-imaged ; in ARTs,too.
(No need 2 negative energy &BODying..of righters ,in the world)

Murat Oktay Danış • ..Ko,do not worry mine..( my brain and my ass a r e still SCREWable..that means they still are tube to transfer things..or they are to transfer " T U B E s to the tubeless " .. )

,,..U have to focus on " shit moved back i n t o t h e , Bra i n s ". and there are some, w h o think with " tastefull idea salads ".. (but their brain has been ONLY stomachs to digest every t h i n g , w i t h acid s.)

..but " Z e n " does not E A T..anything .. (to o p e n , a W i D E; W i n d o w in the Bra i n.)..(which I adore )
" W i d e UP; U' r Window " ; , " to a SQUARE " ( I hope ) ; ..then .." U " wouldn't t h i n k , that " f l i g h t of m i n e " ; ,w a s ,a SCREW.. (for I am, s t a n d i n g at the corners of the SQUARE, o n l y , while writing.. with the keyboard .. especially..)

...screwing " this way; and thatway " "that way and thisWay "; ; makes " a SQUARE " , then..and these 4-S i d e s can not b e E v o l v e d to a C i r c l e, to be bowled-dawn from the bottom e n d. (but even that is better then " shit or food in the brain " ).. (or art-making-knowledge; installed into a r t-Work..while D O i n g, art..)

...but I Liked " U gave a chance to write " , , the way " I am D O i n g " , h e r e..

Murat Oktay Danış • ..my opinion is..multi talented person has to let every thing in life and has to practice them (talents) full time. (then they may be collected in one " case " and they will work together and interactively..) (that also means, U have to put all these multi talent-works in " ONE-day "..and U have to live just for this unify ing ..only.. ..that is " to be professional i n art ", (2) 4 m e.
Secondly, I would rather be in -for example in 4 art deciplines- but not educated in any of them; instead of a perfect-study and education i n one art decipline. t h e n ı would expect these 4 deciplines might catch " that THiNG ", called art..(or define, what is necessery 4 art to happen..) I am an Chemical engineer but Iwas a High scholl chemistry teacher for 4 and a helf years (to marry a girl) then I gave all my afforts to be in art mediums and in my multi talents..(if U are in them, they -the THiNGs of art- may find " U " ,too..I guess; and here at that point; I belive in GOD; ; that will guide me to travel in art mediums..while I travel in m e..) and if I can be in me -and in art mediums-; art will have to, find itself ; i n m e. -and in the pure mediums of the arts..-
..I wouldn't listen to these art critics who will say " what art is " ..(or art educaters..).instead I would wait for art to happen ; i n me; and in my multi talents and in multi-mediums of the matter. i f art will" prove &define " itself , t o me. then I will belive in art and I can belive every thing inthrough-art..(and me) .. I think.. 

Murat Oktay Danış • ..if Aliens of OTHER-WORLD's -or,other realms- , should come to enrich the earth's poverty & misery of life; ( maybe they are making lifeSOcomplex NOWDays , by leaking in our natural and pure biological and fine-social lives and happen i n the public-life..-is a mixture of -separated- WARHOLL -soups. -.onlySEXcanCLEANthem- )

..t h e n, I would expect them to " come " from the " rocks " (not from the space) or from the meltedONCE- concrete WALLS , that we have made ; i n our cities.. ..(that means, Aliens or Angels or beings of other worlds has to pass from a filter (that is a solid rock where atoms are standing as a barrier..) then to stay J u s t on the surface of the wall and can not be three-dimensional like us in the world..(no problem, then)

a n d, the atoms of the rocs or concrete has translated them into our humanly-defined Forms, -and shapes-.. ..(that means they will show themselves to us as posible as they can convert themselves..) ( C o n v e r t e d; because of A t o m s they just have passed i n, to come , to the surface..of the rocks..or concrete..) (or they would b e, TRANSLATiNG their Existance s to; the FORMS o f " ATOM structures -or architecture of atoms- ".. (-as they are b e i n g s , like u s;) -but can translate and mirrorize a t o m s , to u s.-..) that would b e the most i n t e l l e c t u a l T H i N G;, to m e. in the World. ( that I would only feel and read their tales -of ATOM dressed-beings- , only by the means of my ; " t h e RATiO "..)

S O, I can call " M y ; multi-talented &multi-deciplinezied &multi-systemic, acts a s they are my WORK; to leak m e into art material s " ..(MAKESme, " A worker " who tries to dive in the MATTER ) .. ( Matter separeted i nto ,art mediums and materials ) ) .. (so art materials are to be " different DOORs ", into t h e matter ) .. (if U are to work in art U wouldn'T avoid any of these DOORs..) ..but i n " art world ", they educate students to MAKE;" a GATE-WAY " ; from ; one of these, materials -or mediums- for a r e a l ,a Passable-perfect-DOOR to " theOTHER-WORLDs " if made of one materialONLY.. (in ONE art) ..for example, " we can find that perfect- DOOR "; in one of Betoween' s M u s i c s.. -they expect-, or a painters Painting,..MONA L i SA;wherePAiNTER h i d es; a UFO under aLADYfigurePainted-canvas-cover.. e.c.t.

What ı am telling is , " WE have to use art " , to leak in the MATTER (at least our soul will leak in the ARTmaterials) ; we (with OUR BODY) have to l e a k in; (or pass to the other side; of ATOMs..
..t h a t is if I am in the Paint and I could leak into the atoms of the paint; -and dressed them- then ," if " , I can a c t, in these a t o m s; t h e n we shouldn't n e e d those alliens to dress, and BEin , our WaLLs&A t o m s..

ThisWAS; too much " exaggerating " !!!; b u t, it is the realms (" other-worlds") (for US to act i n; LiBERALLy ) if we can only " WALK; into " A T O M S, (by USing ART's technics) (where ATOMs are " very close ", to u s)..and that will be " the W O R K "; ; done on that e a r t h.. (THAT is my UTOPiA..)

..and if U think that U have leaked into that WALL of atoms ; (mentally inU'r Brain & in U'r soul) then U have to FORCE i n physically too.. ( act freely in art mediums; and improvise fast , s o, then U'r BODy can find the way back to the " surface of the WALL ", once U WALKEDi n..
..that is a tale; for " Architect' s-WALL s ofTHE C i t i e s.. .." for how they can be " AQuariums for; Space-Alien-beings "; , ( for US to be able to know our RATiOs..because only ratios can read these pictures.. a passage to the RATiO- A G E.)
.... instead of naked and -cut- and hunted , traditional creatures-of the world' s , -by using art technics- , ; should " live o n " , our i n n e r - W a l l s..

...O H! that has b e e n, a " M a n i Fe s t o. "

Murat Oktay Danış • * To go beyond that, one eventually has to unlearn all one knows if one is to enter unknown territory.

* "The man who deals with originality is desperately needed, but seldom wanted. For along with his promise of victory he lets loose the shadows of chaos."

_..from Michael's_posting..
I was writing on these .but after one hour of writing; there was a electrocity c u t; and I lost all of it..(that made m e crazy..once written can not be written again in the same day I belive, so that day I am off..)
but; Gary and Ko..when I write, letters " abstract m e " to their lands of Alphabet's..( where I meet some " Alphabetical THiNGs " t h e r e..when I both d i v e in me and the d e e p L a n d s; o f the " Alphabeth;-TOTEM.. " )
.....in my daily " ONE-page" but " 4 writings; on a page " ; -format- ,perFormance-writings ,every writing has a " h e a d l i n e " ..SO there are 4 headlines; and a " final word " in capital letters .. but here; there are non of these, but some capital-lettered words; -in my writings here- instead of these " headlines.. I know these headlines in my head but, DO; not put them in my writins; ..SO; long lasting, " open end " writings occur and they can tell themselves, SO, ,in the long; r u n. (Y e s.)

Murat Oktay Danış • Gary, LetmeTellU what I did yesterday when elctricity-cut happened.(;&both cut myBODy and " guillotined " m yW r i t i n g ..(because I had laid -or installed- my whole BODy into that w r i t i n g , for instance..)
ThereWAS a WALL; deviding my saloon; (in my STUDiOhouse ) ( I MADEitUSing plaster-panels..with sound isolation.. and added Ablack-DOOR ,to it .. - whenWEwere using mySTUDiOas ourHOME - ; -now we carried a way our home to a mountain top near the AnkaraC i t y..)

I decided to BRAKE-dawn that WALL..(IneedAsaloon, in mySTUDio; ..) M a y be I might need a SLADGE-H a m m e r; to DO, that but Iwas very nervous; (there was electric and " elocto " C i t y ) in my BODy -to save my " written BODy " ; SO; I was like a electric-generatorTOmyComputer-
t h e n I used my l e g s to Brake- d a w n that ; WALL.. Just after that, I carried the residue and cleaned up the Studio; all i n " one-Day " ..

...b u t I did not; take off, the metal-frame , -that was carrying the plaster -panels- , and the " black-DOOR "; near the wall;it still eXists..
SO; there has o c c u r e d; a STAGE; -frame i n my saloon..I c a n be on both sides; and where ever I am; I can look at " a STAGE "..
(when it come s to that DOOR; ;
... it might be a passage to someWhere - -orNOWHERE- because " Stage-Frame " stays always " w i d e open ", why should anyONE ; o p e n that DOOR and walk intrough it..-near the stage- ..where does that door lead t o ; other than that stage l e a d s u s..(OTHERside,IGUESS) ..
if U open it 180 degree; then it can add a a " Blind-LOOK-Surface " s i g h t ; into that STAGE.. .. ( b u t Taken from the S T A G E; and added to theSTAGE (because;open-Black-DOOR now stands in the STAGE FRAME..

" THEYsaid" .. U shouldn't have made that " WALL "; that devides a big saloon..( but if I did not DO that wall, my family should still b e using my STUDiO SALOON; as a traditional H o u s e-Saloon..a traditional river flowing intrough m y; STUDiO..
..so now; if mission is complated; ; " I might brake dawn " the WALL " that I MADE; b y m y; ; " OWN; hands " " ..because My L e g s; Broke-DAWN; what my HANDs-MADE; ;m y RATiO could w o r k , -inBETWEENbetween-.. (as both 3 are in and with my W h o l e-BODy..)

(by the way, when someone makes ;-or DOes- " things on a tuval; or in a W r i t i n g ; or on a STAGE; " WHATmakesALLtheseDO i n g s " ; a r t ; i s; installing RATiO; i n ; to make thatBODy; W' H O L E..
(because, our RATiO; takes place in our BODY; but it is NOT; a part of our BODY..-may be it isABSOLUTE-part of our Atoms..as RATiOis absolute volume of atoms,can be installed into o u r brains..- )

.." there was a STORY "; in Liszts 2.PianoConcerto; Today, an hour ago, came to my ears as pure-sound; -not in words- .. there was L i sz t; on the Piano; telling WHAT he D i D; with his WHOLE BODY; and soul..-as a working hero- and there was that RATiO; (as Romantisism ) made it music-art to my ratio ; c o u l d read it..-from the unic ratio of Franz L i sz t ' s..
SOa r t mightHAPPENif; RATiO;-added;2AwholeBODY-picturing..; h e r e; is a multi WORKERS; multi-body and multi-DOings.. -in multi talents ..
(and if multi-talents; U shouldn't have to b e; having a deeply -or very-high or very powerfull- ONE TALENT..for one of t h e ART s.)

" M y; H a n d " ;" can sleep i n " ; Multi-DOings, where m y " Conscious is - E R A S E D " -by these, multi-doings-;
and it shall " APPEAR;i n ,art mediums " ; -as my hand can represent and install my BODy in the unified art-L a n d s-..
t h a t means, when I WRiTE; that WRiTiNG; m y H a n d ; has that Joy of; playing a Piano; Playing Baketball and making 3-points; or sliding a spatula on the multi-PAiNTs; w h e r e NEW ; " i m a g e s " can; i m e r g e..
..then acting with " my Body " i n any ; of these mediums -and instruments; -piano,basketball,pencil,orSPATULA- IamWiTHmywholeBODy.

Murat Oktay Danış • I am to tell my; school stories..I was in Ankara-Radio -chorus when I was 12.(the top children chorus in Turkey ) and I was on the stage of 14 Operas; -20 times performed each-. singing in childreen roles.When we grown up, in our first competition we won 5. prize in Arezzo, Italy..I was playing basketball in a club (P.T.T.) when I w a s; in the high scholl..My highschool was based on U.S.A. Commission Science Program, to gain scientists to the U.S.A. (S o, I am always in Theoretical f i e l d; as if I was in N.A.S.A. to bring some ALiEN-Creatures, to the WORLD; ;in the " PAiNT-Plane,-c a g e s "..or " dress b e ings with ATOMs " ..) My father was writing a book on Technical Drawing and I was to write every one of my highschool books to the papers with a Pelikan İnk P e n..(that my father gave m e ; and glosy-papers) (t h i s gave me the habbit of writing everyting thing; instead of s a y i n g; t h e m..o n l y)

I n Univercity, I was to b e a Chemical Engineer..but first I was for a girl (because I have no sister) for 2 years; then when I gained my " female " side; I thought that, ı was i n v i n c i b l e.. (art-Brain needs that male and female S i d e s BOTH..) then, I should b e ; MY-O W N. and truely -indipendent..
.begining from that day..(of course girl has left m e; when I changed my w a y, to notingness and, a r t ; only; NO L i f e -plans..)

P u b l i c, became my Hidden Enemy..I was a fool on the Hill; or a NOWhereMAN; I should live in yesterday; W h i l e my Guitar gently weeps..I was to OWN my T i m e; and my Place..I shut, me in my ROOM; (in my Mothers house)..(like Iwas safe in a " Uterine "..like wise Iwas never born..) I studied every ways of escaping from the P u b l i c..I w a s a BUDHist,M O N K; ; left alone; t o (orWith) his TOMB..
..and I used Univercity; as a big theatre; ; a indipendent soil where I could hide my individuality, from the abuse of the Public....f o r 16 years..they could not e v e n , put m e , in the army; ..Finally I was graduated in the year 1988..(1972-1988)

..of course; I was to walk inthrough PSYCHiATRy-B U R O; (1978-1988) that was Located; in my Univercities-Medical-Department..( and that was like a PsychiATRY; L e s s o n; taken from a Prof. Lady the HeaD OF the Psychiatry-Science-Department..of Univercity and the Hospital emerged from tha Univer c i t y ..(1 hour every 15 days)
(an artist has to know at least Psycoanalisis..or Existantialist-psychiatry not to be lost in the Brain after surreal or expressionist act,s i n art..or in L i f e .. )
(I have been writing everything I lived; since 1976..and I have Hell-a-lot-of; S t o r i e s; written ; and they are in a BLACK-Library; in my Mothers ; ROOM..(of mine) (if I had said them in Public; or did " what I did " , Outside that; ROOM; I w a s not L i v i n g, t h a t; D A y..(Public has a strong practice to put those who do not obey, S o c i e t y..( Society is a very " kind " ,word and, they seem q u i e t e , polite..))

..then; ; I married to a medical Doctor, , I sold houses that her family gave to her, and I proceed o n; L i v i n g in; and D O ing; a r t ; and art- L a n d s.. (wher I can L i v e; i n , because I am a runner; a escaper..)

I w a s in f i g h t ; with my o w n family; w h e n I said; I w o u l d L i v e ; in my ROOM; (room in my Mother's house, ) (I would act only for I OWNED; that Day..Was Univercity mine or " the Public's " ..I was going to " my UniverCity " ,and to my eXaminations..to learn what wanted to l e a r n..)) L i v e d as a BUDHist; all my L i f e..( Public and ARMy-System wouldn't STOP..and they thought I w a s their Property..) SO; ,That was my traditional family.. (but can we say my wife was not raised by that tradition..but she was againt that tardition,and came near m e..) (I have two boys 8 and 16..)

S O; that w a s (and is) my WonderFULL; Family; Chat..
..b u t my Wife, o w n ' s me; l i k e a " FACULTy;-Department " , she has..

Murat Oktay Danış • I think, what I wrote, as my life-story above, is parallel to " Can a painting be Abstract and figurative at the same time " ..-My Life-deeds has shaped, how I make my art- - i n fact-....
..the figures are, my Wife&Children; h e r e;..and I am the Abstracted .-by the PUBLic-or; I showed them ,the way how they could use their; ABSTRACTi O N;-Potentials-.. o n me..(SO; that w a s the only thing their lives were based on, to d o ..(good they've acted SO)
t h e n, there came my "ABSOLUTE-position" and my Expressions as ANeXpressionist..(I had filled multi-deeds of my body in m e; and could eXpress every-T h i n g..)(SO they can not abstract me , to the position, they think..I should be, a t.)

THAT is;" ABSTRACTiON and EXpressiON; works, contrary "..Public ABSTRACTs U;(installs Emtptyness i n U ;so U can be " ONE Thing " only, in U' r Life..-and U may find enough empty-s p a c e, to grow U'r proffecion, in U ; SO- and ExPRESSiON may ; install U; into PUBLiC.. ..only artist takes that abstraction of the PUBLiC's ; and begins to his expression begining from that abstracted.
.(SO; that abstraction DEED can WALK-i n t o, the W O R K; simultaneously, with Expressions , . -I think that if abstracted can reach to that absolute-degree; then it may o c c u r as;" F O R M; " ; (the Total-Ratio), i n a r t..

some short add s..(to that writing above)
Why was I graduated?.t h e n..
In an exam ,they want "U" to give back; what they 've given to U , in lessons..(or they want; " that machine "has been , wholly installed, into U' r Brain ).. because I was 16 years in the univercity and listened every lesson for, " 4 times " (16/4 = 4 times); , they knew I had their " machines " were in my; H e a d..b u t why did not I , " give them back "..I was converting all these lessons (or machines) to b e my needed machines.. ( they never knew what I had produced from their Machines; )..( I was to use engineering methods i n art-work..) W h e n conversion complated; I gave them back " what they wanted " that has to be given,; b a c k ..(in eXams ..they should stand)

Chat..DO not think " my wife is; owning me..(of course some sprit s are free and can not be cought other than; art mediums.. -that means artists souls only can be cought by art mediums- )
...because I was 16 years in Univercity; o f c o u r s e; (what did I do such a long time in the Univercity) I have Converted ; even the FACULTies; o f " being Univercity " ; put them in my pocket -every day- and carried them into my atolier; t o o.. (they may HOLD; the Building as they want..and touch to their concrete walls, every day in the Univercity..every day then..)
L i k e wise; being a WOMAN; (a female) i s a FACULTy..Just like U ; I couldn't love any girl a long time..5-10 years..I think that means; w e were learning the FACULTY o f being ; " A Woman " (in the Brain) and these girls thought that; they were losing their most important FACULTy..) from them..and they left us alone, to cut that feed..and w e still went on; " M a k i n g a WOMAN " ; in our H e a d s..(so it took so long) (and U can not add an other girl to that construction because; other personalities will blurr the " WOMAN i M A G E " ; that was being constructed. -i n our brains- ..

SO; my wife has to L E A R N; -and she is L e a r n i n g - how to be a W O M A N; from M E; S T i LL.( THAT is the other Faculty, I have studied ,for y e a r s..)
SO; she is after my Faculties, which I converted from; Local; Establishments..and because they are; " abstracted-&eXpressed " t h e y can not b e ; OWNED; L i k e Univercity-Building-Lover , D O E S..

M y Wife is " Family-Psycian " ..(Like in England ) but she worked for emergency servises in Privite Hospitals..(because she can overcome %95 of patients in 5 other ) brances ).. but now she is one of the Doctor of a Highschool Collage, with 5000 students.. (where my older son educates) ..

Murat Oktay Danış • Gary ,that reminded me; " there was, -and there is- , dust on my writing TABLE; ; and especially when I sit to write on that table, in the morning , I clean -TAKE-off- that dust with my hands, to fill-i n my hands with my " vaporized BODY-skin, I guess.. " (or in fact,maybe I sit to write , on my o w n-skin , -laid on my T a b l e by the " carrying-suspending- a i r- .. ....i n my sleeping room..
(if t h e y are not , these white-fabric-dusts; -I only use white fabric in my sleeping ROOM; - ,i n my ROOM-....) it is nice talking to you,Gary..(you give good assosiations to my imagination; and U are a " sound " man, U can be in the " sound ", even if sound is in the letters and ; words..U wouldn't stop to sing , " the s o u n d ") . " A good freind " , that comes with the " sound " and " in the sound " .. I think..

..although I am a good friend of t h e " sound " ;Although, I shut my self , in " the Absolute D a r k "; of my TOMB.. ..(deliberateLy..)

Murat Oktay Danış • ..s e e my; " sound arts " ; in my You-tube Channel..p l e a s e..

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