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Critics for last works
Posted by: Herco on 12/18/12 07:33 PM
Hi everybody, if you have time for critics my last works,  above all city in the War somewhere..
Thank's a lot
Happy end of year.
Posted by: murat danis on 03/30/13 10:03 AM
murat danis
if I was to buy, I would buy these, to TAKE w i t h  M  E..  these 5.. (suppose I had much money, and I w a s;  ,collecting a r t ..)
..firendly (F r e  e END ly..)    ....I think,   these can reach the  e n d.. (in U'r  show room..)
.....and     at the  " e n d   "  , there i s;      " H   U    M   A   N  defination "  i n arts.     ...   ;  (   here in the art,   reached  " HUMAN  Spirit defination "    i s, the   , artist -H i m s e l f../ herself..      -that,   ONCE WAS there    ; in the past;     o-r-and WiLL B E; W h e r e; he/she  m i g h t b e;   ; in the future..   ...   J u s t in the middle of    " i t e r n it i y  "..   -o r the iternal-..
S o Herco, I think these has that e n d;    ,that means, " U have ended at WHERE; U started, "   ,in these works..
...THAT; i s,  s i m p l y  "  WHAT  ART;  i   s  "   .. ( I T H i NK..)   ..and U, a r e  directly shooting  at that state, in these works..   ... away and intrough that, " g a r b a g e  " of contemporary  , a r t strugle..    U can b e, there.. awakening out, all that trash...  (MY IDEA.. ) ..and only a fighter , -or a sport-art man/woman- c a n pass intrough t h a t, trash of l i f e , and,  stil  h  a s   a   H U M A N  BODy; preserved.. so art of today needs  sport makers as artists..
(or making sports i n, arts  ,,or say making K u n g -Fu; -or other- war arts,  in art i n g..) ART AREA needs more, fighters..
..AND I THiNK; WAR-SWORDS has to fly i n , t u v a l s cutting- PAiNT; as my SPATULA; proceeds to o p e n the " WAY  "  ; to that HEAVENLy- STATE,   o f art s.. too.. (instead of brushes that melt the WAY..)
I Think..
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Posted by: Herco on 03/30/13 12:15 PM
be more clear to explain. I don't exactly understand what You want to say.
Posted by: murat danis on 03/30/13 02:07 PM
murat danis
H e r c o, H i..
.. to be c l e a r,  & eXplain,    I only w r i t e    "  4 my- s e l f  "..   ..because I do not demand any-thing 4 my afforts, afterwards..  (  f r o m any- b o d y ,  or person ;  )  , because I  c a n,   act ;  " t h i s WAY  "  ... ( I am a L i t t l e, Abstract, when with M E.. t o o..)
.. I think, U paint with a  " SPATULA " .. and I think, that is a " w a r- S w o r d "  ... even  USED;  , i n painting.. as I DO; SO; too. (I do not mean that U are a W a r M a k e r..with U' r sword.. b u t I mention that,  A   r   t;  A  r  e  a  ;  is  a  w a r;  A R E A..  -or say, in art , w e fight with o u r- Shadow images- or BODi e s..-  , -and  if w e are ARTing; w i t h our swords,   -s WORDs-with the body of PAiNT-   ; than, there will not b e Wars in the world... -  - because they want our Bodies put in pieces; than our souls will b e free, to MAKE A R T..  but Artist DOES that, without any BODY; tells him to D O; that..-- ..
...to b e  N E T...what I am saying is, I found these 5 works of yours, a r e ; " v e r y  F i n e "  ... and these could b e made, only by a strong fighter ; i n ART AREA;  ;  and only strong ARMs and LEGs; -but with a   " SWORD-in-ARTs "  ; could  MAKE his WAY , o u t of this, " CONTEMPORARy-ART-MASS " .. these, color and Paint, o n U' r t u v a l s;  has to be c u t, on U' r  w a y  to;  o u t, fromthat mass.. (that means U' r art has these contemporary-mass , r e s i d u e s; on U' r spatula -sword-  and that makes U' r art; POSTContemporary..   "-after the contemporary, a r e a has been passed..  ..)
.. or in other words, : t h e war in U' r  territory,  has been an advantage for an artist; to l e a r n  2  c o m e out; of the ;  trash that surrounds him, and that can b e a MODEL; to other artists,  , to overcome t h e ; M a s s  , that are, surrounding t h e m...  (every artist tries to come out of the MASS; around him/ h e r;  too.. I m e a n..
...to say,  "  a critic "   , m i g h t  b e..  "   I L i k e, these works of U'r s   "   ..  I  t  h o u g h t..
ı might b e, happy, i f  someone could examine my work and ,only say ;     .:    " I liked " thoe.se.  "  ..
..my friend, H e r c o..     (that would be the friendliest WAY; 2  " a  critic " , o f  course..)
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