15 Ocak 2013 Salı

Murat Oktay Danış • ..w h e n, I write letters of an A l p h a b e t h, -with a pen in my hand- ,,I consider that ;Alphabeth itself will, " DO; someT h i n g " ,on me, -in my brain- or on the SUBJECT I am working on..(and of course I will MAKE; some,experimental effects on the Alphabeth,s structure -and o n letters, too-..as I am MAKing O N; ,n o w ; o n that writing , although I am typing the letter characters..with my hands..))

..making a r t, is something like that..( as we expected that Alphabeth-&letters could MAKE;some effects on things we were thinking..)..we use mediums -that are layers of the matter;- ..when we are acting on art doings, , there must be a " free experimentation; STATE " ; t o l e t; " something n e w " ,can occur.,happen..e.c.t. ..a s we can define there something -afterwards- w e can call as art -itself- ,, t h a t has effected the ; whole process..and there w e must have to recognize " some n e w; objects " and creations or creatures; appearing, i n that; act.. o f a r t D o i n g s..

..and serial work , makes , working, " fast; and quick "; ; and when fast working in series; is there ,boundaries begin to melt between art deciplines..and i n t e r a c t i v i t y, ; b e g i n to w a l k ; i n; , a n d,
" something in happenings; -as E V E N T s- "; takes control;
(and if there is really something that ,can be called a s art; it will ,take the control of t h e happening..afterwards w e can exemine 4 that..) instead e v e n; " knowladge of art making learned in art-schools."

...because when U are fast; and quick; there is no time to that " U'r RATiO "; can carry the knowledge-processes, (as " doing art " is defined by this knowledge..) to the hand that shall MAKE; ( or DO) ..a r t.
..l e t everything in U' r m i n d , w i l l F l o w; inthrough U' r H A N D s.. -when working in serials.-

..when talking on hibrid art working, ı would prefer to say; , " o t h e r art deciplines " ..if U have written, than go paint..then ; go play some Piano..then; go to a Miror to see how U move and dance, ..e.c.t. (they are interactive but not H i B R i D..I think, if U act s e p a r a t e l y. i n different deciplines of p u r e , arts..

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