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Murat Oktay Danış • MODERN ART; BUT PUT EXPERiMENTALism of the SCiENCE; ; i n the C O R E..

...U may work on nature, for example, draw and paint a tree in U' r garden..(for tree has been created..before and has a nature of creation a l r e a d y..to fallow ; and maybe human can add a new stage to that creation..and name it as a r t' s creation..) ..or U may work on , any other T h i n g , that God has created.
..b u t, , " are there any " n a t u r e of o b j e c t s " ;created;n e w ly, &p u r e l y , in the field of art, so w e can dive in the nature o f them..and w o r k art, -upload artistic values purely- on them.. (can creation b e, freed from the creation s of God' s..)

S O, absraction begins..but still they are abstracts of some objects, i n our; minds..SO w e need that " eXperimentation i n abstraction " to m i X T h i n g s; and from that " c a o s "; " art T h i n g s " ,can -& may- o c c u r; or; happen; o r something p u r e; can be i n s t a l l e d ; i n. t h e art mediums..(this might b e ; our RATiO s ; or brains or organs from our BODies..besides..) (SO; they will be installed in art things -when experimentation o p e n s them for n e w combinations o f object-occurance..- ..originally &directly from our bodies.. ..and human -body naked inside- can be included; i n the art, or in the art things n a t u r e..and so art can automatically b e a human-BRAND, w o r k ..( that is the true MODERN i z a t i o n; i n ART; though..)

;S O, we have " serial works of eXperimentations " ..h e r e. L e t me tell U that..these are RAW-art-Things..and then U have to take U'r camera and go very near to the painting; and U need to have some " fish-eye" Frames.. -from many sides and angles- ..
SO, these RAW-art-things can be " c u r v e d " and these " curved l i n e s " can produce feelings, realities; and understandings,of many kinds.. -these are artistic values that U can Dress t o ; these raw-art-things and make them ready ,to be used, as art-works ,t h e n ..
That means, a r t i s t; can work on these raw-art-things ;that has been created by the worker ; -or the labor of art..- and artistic values have to b e; dressed o n these, raw-art-things..afterwards , ,o n l y..

SO; ART FiELD CAN be, " NORMALiZED " ; -and has a standART- , -being a w a y; from-, " GODLy-CREATiON' s N A T U R E " ..(and this can be achived using the eXperiment-serials of the SCiENCE " -the sister of the religion-

MODERN -may b e- i s about, original-human occurance i n art..and this needs a " raw thing " -created by science- , so men can b e i n s t a l l e d ; i n ; the nature o f a T H i N G..p u r e l y..(away from God's kind of creation..)
..otherwise, w e can not add; man-kind into, art..(of course, art has to have " creation-mixtures of every kind " ; but still w e n e e d that; ; " p u r e m e n -kind specials b e put, into these nature o f t h i n g s; as NORMALiSATiONs.. (and NORMAL leads us to the MODERN )
..and CAPiTALism has to h a v e that; MODERN character; - basis has to be MEN; in the nature of Capitalism-Based; produced t h i n g s..(even they are art..)and creation they has be based on the NORMAL..)

These photos above are, TAKEN from the  ; O r i g i n a l,  W O R K; b e l o w..
...and this original is o n e of  40  " a serialwork " ..

" I C E POLE ;  A L i E N "   ..
100X70 cm oil on paper..1994

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