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   ...  A, '      "  S E R i A L;  K i L L E R  ";   
 or   a;             "   SERiAL M O T H E R  " .. 

100X70  cm Oil &Acriylic o n PAPER..

Murat Oktay Danış • I am a " serial killer ", "or a serial mother " i n a r t. ..once a year; in 2-3 months; 500 pieces. " all, improvisations at once "..pieces, appear i n minutes; and 20 pieces a day.100X70 cm on paper, mostly acrilic & using Spatula, only..I describe art as " U plant ;-or even it is being planted- " creatures " or " b e ings " , in U' r BODY-&Brain (into mind) and they live there like pats, then; they shall jump o u t; -or has to be born into the world we , live i n " ..Spatula is the surface-e d g e, (FACE ) where they b e ; born -and f i x ed- into the P a i n t. ..and , u n t o u c h e d. ( w e are not aware o f ; what is happening there..)

I t is a contunious &unconscious ; process, and U should'nt control i t..art things in art-river should flow as they wish and express themselves. a s they a r e . T h e n, there comes t h e search, for them, (the other 9 months o f the year..a frame; &an objective -&one e y e; for realization- <, a camera in U' r hand and , searching for, " a gold " ..in the M i n e ) by turning the paintings..and U have to find " things " there; that work from " 4 sides " ; where art become , a " fact " and ; b e; " unic " and; genuine..and can be defined there, again &n e w l y. .. (maybe in experessionism &impressionism ,&surreal and automatism..both abstraction and figuration ,simultaneously..happen..the knowledge of art history is to R e a d them, afterwards.. )

S e r i a l W o r k; i s essential 4 that. and as Bruria says, u can know where Series is done..(that means the " creature" living i n U, has come out; and it is not in; U and maybe never will, again.. -Uknow how to give a Birth out o f U, then..))

A r t, maker; has to work on different deciplines of art i n g. I write, paint, make sound--art, and dance; and all are; made ,s i m u l t a n e o u s l y, ,-happening and in series-. U have to give space and freedom ; t o " a r t T h i n g s " ;i n multi -D O i n g; deciplines of art; ,and in the , m u l t i M e d i u m s, o f art..either. (paralell to that " serial s t y l e ".. ) (there must b e an o t h e r, " platForm " t h a t, serial-deciple (of DOings) c a n; H a p p e n, i n Space-&time. and on the " plain of U' r , u n i c BODy..w h e r art-river can eXtend. -and enhance- , i n. " )

Murat Oktay Danış • EXPERiMENT SERiAL s.i n ART..
" experimentation " ..needs scientists..(or who can create an experiment ..) ..and if U are eXperimenting in art, then we can say; that; " science " is " l e a k ing " into, a r t,there. (and after a science then engineering century (20 t h.) ;art has to involve those 2; i n . )
..when talking on series;
.. l e t me paint the same Form; o r ,or a " Formula of a Form "; " on and o n " &continuously,..many times..in a n hour..(Like someone said; U can not swim in the " same river "..many times..or something like that.. )..My brain and my imagination would try to change -resist- DOing-this, ( when making the the same thing, a g a i n.&again ) ..S O; I can experiment; " what " is trying to involve i n; and how Does it act; or how is it being added.. i n t o paint i n g.. These " same thing s" should differ,,as trials go on, -progressively-
.. and w e can examine , our abilities; (like our imagination or our mind ) ; or " something " sleeping in our subconscious, should find a door; (the Form we are imitatting again &again;should b e learned as a door, by some " creatures living in our subconscious " ), to come OUT. (and b e fiXed; in the paint untouched as they; come out into the w o r l d..say ; this is a birth, too.. 4; art things.. )

..W h e n, eXperimenting, , measurement; is a basic tool..Say, I' ve made " improvisations at ONCE " and they are ; 200 pieces, -a serial- , in 15 days..I studied the same " formula " to paint; the same Figure; o r F o r m; ..b u t some o t h e r " THiNGs" has o c c u r e d; i n; the paint.. (that can be said as; m e a n i n g has expanded.)
..first o f all; similar THiNGs; -o c c u r e d i n the paint - ; -that has to, be installed; i n the paint- ,should have , the same s i z e..so they can be added; to make a "whole", T h i n g. ..(this is; there is a b i g Story; to paint; - in U' r mind- ( AND BECAUSE; U ARE; NOT LiViNG in A CLASSİCAL-CENTURY; THEY HAS TO B E; ABSTRACTED in MODERNiTY ..) .. and some FiGUREs; has to be broken into many pieces and U can combine these pieces by puuting these Tuvals and Sides of Tuvals ; n e a r; -after 200 tuvals,painted-..) then " big picture " and the whole THiNG " can be; s e e n, there.. S O; here w e have a kind of a serial-work; ;but infact; i t's aim i s to " abstract " ; t h i n g s; indipendently; (SO; these t h i n g that are walking in the paint; from our subconscious; may be "unTouched "; by conscious; because they occur in apart-parts; and w e can not recognize; w h a t is WALKİNG; i n s i d e the pieces.. ) ..

...but, after, when w e think that; a l l ; has COME O U T; o f o u r ; BODY&Brain; ;into the paint; (after 200 pieces of works ,as abstract-expressions..) , w e shall try to put these pieces of works ; side by side; and s e e; t h e;" W H O L E; picture "..and what were; these THiNGs, that has WALKED; i n the P A i n t; as they w e r e ; invisible to our ; e y e s.. -while working for them , in the paint-
...and " L i ne s of the THiNGs " ; can b e added; (as a drawing lines of a T h i n g ) ; when U put those pieces ,sideBYside; -and n e a r- . ( measurement, d o e s ; fit;i n; and ; that gives us a chance; (and a method) to combine THiNGs, t h a t; WALK; i n the ; P A i N T..with their unvisable; WALK; i n Absolute-Abstraction..

Murat Oktay Danış • EXPANSiON; i n " W i D E " ; THEN; ,,can go " D E E P ". to UNDER-ATOMiC; creation-space.

I should go on, with my saying.
..before talking on the " d e p t h " ... I think an other reason to " serial work " has to be argued. f i r s t. there must be a wide river -of art things - of art, so many " barrages " can be established; on that river. Serial-work may mean there is a huge amount of " art flow of art-things , that has to be worked in series,because rate flow i s high...S o U are to work in Serries.
T h e n, how d o e s;that river of art doings, become huge. Artist must be i n many art deciplines, as much as,he/she c a n. Art is a whole thing and to catch it's genuinety; -and the fact in art- artist has to be working in -or on- many art deciplines, simultaneously..(Like was;in early centuries..)
..SO, artist has to be; multi-Bodied ..writer,painter,musician,dancer, e.c.t.all in art field..of course u can not be a " figure " in public; or in society; if all U'r DOings are based in art deciplines..(because being a social F i g u r e; requires; total-social affairs,,other than working in multi-art deciplines,and purely..) T h e n, there will be a series of BODies; L i v i n g in U'r , Worldly-L i v i n g - BODy..that means; art-Things may enter to that; multi bodies; and then, perception and feelings and intuitions may be more p u r e; (and much more ) and untouched by conscious -because they are multi bodied..- ..w h i l e they flow into that; UNiC; POOL; o f the BODy; and then; ; they will flow OUT; into these, " serial works; " in several; " dam s " . (in several kinds of art- d o i n g s. -or deciplines- )

What I am trying to say is; ; Serial Works; need; a very w i d e; and a high flow rate; in art-flow; -or in art-river,that can flow i n through t h e artist.- .. ..SO, i f there is a W i d e; river, there; then; w e can ; Talk on the " depth " issue. -of the r i v e r-; ( where; river can flow; W i d e; too ).. and; the depth; occures, as " multi-creation of the BODies " ; of creatures; that can swim; t h e r e , i n i t..(so there can be found spaces to be; as " sophisticated-creation-stages " ; ; a s ; they; can progress t h e i r; creation; rates-&states..(and show species..of every k i n d s..to us in art-work ..)

(art,has to make -add- that; t o that; religion's; preservations on God' s creatures.. ) (meaning enhancing and progress and e x p a n s i o n, will p r o v i d e us; these new kinds o f " species " and; artists can give BODiEs; to these creatures; i n a r t; f i r s t..)

..an addition to the " d e p t h " issue ,in art. . i f W e use; COMPUTER-Programs as instruments to dive d e e p; only; (computers are to dive deep only; all creation has to be captured; & fixed; into the Paint media, only by artists doings..) ; then; we can go deep, in the " Absolute Volume " ; (computers has that "deep absolut Volume "; i n ATOMs; as they act in atomic space;in Si-Ga; alloy.) ..T h e r e are; " ATOM-under " , " b e ings ", like A n g e l s, e.c.t. -as told in religions- ; and w e can; paint , t h e m.. -or capture them- ; (fix them) , in the Paint and ; i n ATOMs of computer' s ,mind-spaces..using electrons a s a brush.. i n absolute-volumes.

Murat Oktay Danış • In Engineering w e call it " continuous state production " ; or say, "what comes in must go out " ..(shouldn't wait, inside..) ..if we express sounds my playing piano;(4 example) , then we shall b e g i n; to hear; " hear " n e w SOUNDs..if w e paint visions o u t, then; w e shall begin to s e e, n e w; visions..(or our subconscious will " b e O P E N " & will begin to lookfor, new visions )..e.c.t.Art is a very fine way; to express all o u r feeligs and " d e e d s " ; so, , " n e w perceptions " c a n; H A P P E N; t h e n.. and n e w ; can born, i n our " OPEN SYSTEM " ; BODies.. (or in the L a n d, o f ART ' s..)

the ORiGiN a l  :            ..oil O N; P A P E R;  180X240 cm  ; " MiLES DAViS ; T A T U in the J U N G L E  "

....t h e n the computer,  W O R K on the ORiGiNAL..


"  reCREATiON; i n " a  "  SQUARE.." (..in the,  Round-WOODs )


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