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M O Z  A RT' s   S i S T E R..
...T H E  D O ughter ..(in DO minor..)
...." the   D aO u g tE R " ..
...the DOughter.

" M O Z A RT ' s " " S i S T er  i  n  ; " M E " 

;  I have similar stories,, (that I have lived here in my country..people and societies are similar every where -if there is a society, there- )

...when talking on woman, let me tell some stories from my life..

I have a brother ,only. ( I  am one year older than him..we were raised in the same room..for 17 years..) I do not have a sister although my mother wanted to have a doughter.always..S O, she pretended that I was her dougther..(Iwas standing near her and my brother used the shade, I made for him..- I was blocking my mother so he was free..- )  I remember; I was listening Mozart' s concertos; ( I have recorded them on Grundig TK 30Tape, from the radio; -years 1967- 1970 s-..) I was helping my mother to clean the " house ",  - just like a dougther of a mother; s h o u l d-..

Nowadays, I; SAY;  , that; I had been friend to ; Mozart' s sisters..( because ,Mozart's sisters; (or only one sister )  was (were) i n MOZART' s  ; m u s i c..(I know my brother lives in m e,, because we were raised in the same room..too..)
SO, Mozart's sister was helping my MOTHER.. (I have arranged that, as SO..and that made me, install a    s i s t e r ; i n  M E;  t   h   e   n  ... ; (if I played; a girl , then; I had to install ; -or create- i t in ME..)  S O; there begun ; " the Woman i n M E " , process, that should g u a r d  me ; from all  W O M E N..(including my wife, my MOTHER; and, them all..)  ( and an ARTist needs to include that, FEMALE-Origin i n,) (or if U are a female artist then ,Uhave to create a MALE; origin; i n U..to be  " WHOLE " a HUMAN..)

I pay  -and paid-  , the price,  , (work much and eXcessively m u c h; ; in art field..and my mother made that;  begin,.. by her insisting on me; that I should play that; role -being a doughter-  for her and for the house; and HOME.. she was at home these days; my father was at office and she was the " queen " of the house ,to raise u s, ;   t h e n  she begun to work, and left HOME;ALONE;   ;to a " sister " -a doughter made from a boy- (THAT is M E)   ..I was to go univercity, but there was that  terror (left-and right conflict ) in my country -and especially i n Univercities- 

..so; I liked that;   " BEiNG a S i S T E R -for Mozart' s-  "     ;  a   t;  H  O  M  E..
I MADE; "  m y ROOM   "   ; (that my brother was Istanbul, for Univercity, and ROOM; was totally m i n e..)  (ROOM in my MOTHER's House =  a uterine and plasenta; o f my mother's to ME ,in the PUBLiC.. a basement that I can hide in public..)  and , s o , that HOUSE; w a s;d e f i n e d ; as " the  whole woman BODY "..and I was to FORM; myself in the shape of a woman-body though,  ,t h e n.. I am a man so a secondary BODy-establishment; ; w a s to perform a probability..afterwards..)

...that is, I had an empty house, that I could u s e ; a s  a  STUDiO; -an atelier-  for art..and my work i n g  s..(otherwise I was to work for the terror; outside; ; as being a terrorist; like all young people had to DO, , -a bill for univercities with no payment-  -and only few could pass the test to be in an Univercity..-

                S O; I was in an  Univercity, b u t , univercityhas become " a place not  to b e , i n " .(this is just like m e becoming; o n e o f Mozart's S i s t e r  s.(there is a house that a boy will live but, it is demanded that; a " girl-place " w a s empty.. and if U play that girl U might, b e in that house..)
    -a bill from my MOTHER; why I wasn't born FeMALE..- -a bill that I was to pay, -in the place of- of the GOD' s..WHAT; I found in Mozart's music;  " a  ready-Made GOD "..a T H i n g; -an object- ; made of SOUND..-  w a s ,there; too; in that  m u s i c..
S  O; I was to fall i n the F i e l d of ART..after all these;  THAT sucked my LABOR;  ;& happened..though... (to be able to reach,and gain-back, t h e labors of my childhood..)

T h i s  w a s; my life in my, childhood..(and Iwas going to music education in Ankara Radio chorus, and there were child roles in Opera-house) and playing basketball in a team; -because Iwas playing basketball every  day; outside  to empty the house of my mother' s; s o,  my basketball progressed much..-  ,,and one of  the finest highschools in Ankara I was i n..(Modern Education..)

(... t h e n ; all my L a b o r, in my childhood; L e d me to; be in art W O R  K s..so all these efforts shoul be count..)

Then, when I had my first girl friend in univercity, , I was to make my HOME.. (while I was educating..) (as I thought that marriage was a faculty that shoul b e worked within U nivercity education..) but my parents told me that, , ı was to finish my school, first..have a job then it will come the time 4 marriage..(Like they did) ..then I should marry to a girl and have my, o w n -h o m e. a f t e r w a r d s..(when I w a s to l e a r n; how to  " f u c k " her; w h i l e ; practicing on, how I should FUCK; P u b l i c; and Society..for public-life to be  A L i V E.. Like U said, , these traditional people are only; ALiVE..-not living- .. )

... a f t e r  all; these L a b o r; (as a child; Iwas AB USED ) that I have gave  to " their  -mine-  HOME "  ; t h i s  was un acceptable. (they attended to not-see or count, my, playing a doughter, role eit h e r.. -m y father has missed that " my becoming a sister or a doughter- " , b  u  t; t h e n;  he has to b e; at HOME; and, pay that; what h e; had; i g n o r e d..DOing..-letting me to my mothers; arms; and " eXtended-EMBRACE "  ..

..and, t h e n ;   there begun the TERROR; between M E; and  ,my mother &father.. -a laboratuary between generations and  ; " in the nature o f ; H U MA N " .. )
...this was the TRUE-and basic- CONCEPT; -if there was to be terror reason..-   (a war between generations,,realted to HUMAN existance..) , and ; I was to DO; that terror; at  L e a s t.. to stay  " r e a l " in my country, while others (my age youngsters )  were, making the ; terror outside-HOME.. -and owning the Country, where state was not a d e q u a t e..4 that owning ;this ocupation right was given to the young people..; -grab in and own the country..-   (for the Public and the country security reasons.. i n fact this is a S i E G E; to the people; because STATE; is under s i e g e, in fact..)

...I was 35, when I could finish, m y Univercity..and made my own, HOME..and mase a marriage.. after all that fight..(and terror i n my house..)   (but others which could survive, had walked a long way ahead in social life..it is funy, our prime minister told he was a militant that was writing on HOUSES; ideological words, at nights.. it is funny, many Marxists -that were in terror-  have become , true Capitalist s as they climbed to the top of the Public..)

..I can observe;  " what i s a girl  "  ; and HOW; a girl is being raised,    " when a closer look "  to my W i f e..happens these days.. (2 a Woman) ..S h e has, a , uncontrolled ,( -but can be conducted- ; but I do not conduct,,her as her perents are very eager to conduct h e r; after all these ; years..) " subconscious " ; o c c u r i n g;  ; -Things  that had been planted i n her, &still there l i v e , in brain electrocity-circuits , -; -when she was a child girl ; and still she is, i n subconscious..-  -by her parents; and especilly by her father and then her mother....-

. " .the origin of all " s i e g e "  s,"
 come from ; former siegesthat has been made, to a girl;  ; and it has been located i n; the " brain , in the SHAPE; o f a VAGiNA.." (for vagina is the main and u n i c; muscle,in human body;  that can accomplish;   a   "  s i e g e  "; only..)
...SiEGE; i d e o l o g i e s;  ; are for those; TRADiTiONAL;  societies, ( that U mentioned )..   ..it seems they (people of the traditional )  were installed in the " Vagina F i g u r e; " Shaped i n the BRAiN;  ( where they  " electrically o c c u r as socials "  ; and live forever; -and they will laugh at us when looking our graves-  
...as U mentioned there " e l e c t r i c a l looks " that; d e s p i r e..
..because they could leak in h u m a n brains; and install themselves; as "electronically shaped- s o c i a l s ".. 
 and; U can not, cut  that "electrically- socials "  out; ; if not; cut that; " vagina organ  "; from a woman-brains.. (I am exaggerating..some) 
 .. art may persuade these socil people; , to install these " eloctrically-established socialism " ; i n t o, art-works..and they will, then begin to b e Liberal; a bit..

T h e y; are not modern; (they can not b e MOD E R N  ) ,, because, once they had to put, all their efforts, to the  "  s i e g e  ; P o l i c i e s " as they had things to own; and sequrity w a s the basic, thing..
.. (how can " U " take U' r former Labors; ; b a c k,  if they are installed in many things and can not be seen or; accepted that they have been made; o n c e..)
M o d e r n; can put every Labor, wher he can take them " back " reversibley.

...in this case of;  U' r  , " mother & the daughter;" ; ..maybe she (the mother) saw  ; her body, in U'r painting ..(when looking at her doughters body in the painting..) that means; " mother's electronically-shaped-Body;that  was installed into her daughter's brain;      .....a n d DO;   a r t ; means,  " t  o,  be able to s e e; these, electrically social characters, that were ONCE; installed  l i v e l y;   into human brains;   -accedently,as they mention-   ...

..DO; U know what I , m e a n.. 
U have had stolen H E R; (the mother) from the girl..not the girl from the MOTHER.. 
..w h e n U, Painted; her girl..
(if mother was , installed;i n , -and leaked; into-   h e r  girl; -as she s e i g e d her, when child-   ,then, , if someone should go into U'r DOughter; ; h e will be in touch, with U'r eloctronical-body,  i  n   there..
.....but these people are after, a BODY-SEX; (that they had missed sex during ,that s e a g e  operation to their child..)  and  when they are older, they begin to think; that they had made; " Socially-talking " to shape themselves  in the brains of others.. " instead o f DOing TRUE; s e X..
..but afterwards they are sad because, t h e y  abused..w h e n  not, MAKiNG  S E X; with a; TRUE; B O D Y..that should produce " electrocity " for only  , Body simetry-helth purposes..   
... t h e y   w e r e ;  "   F A K E; art, makers  "  as they made this  " nested i n "  society; istead of healty-s e x..;...
 and; fake artists; lost in their " socially electical paintings "; in brains and  s o u l s; of a traditional society,  ,-or a  community-,   that  t h e y;  were stuck i n;  human ..(as human becomes traditional, t h e n..after that , "fake art " floating i n souls only.. ..
....i f I think.. o   f.  f.
 R " .. ..in ;M E..

...I have to L i s t e n; to MOZART; music t h e s e days..(again when looking i n; my Paintings ) as I did i n my childhood every day; after ,school.. at  h o m e ..
.... b e c u s e, , I am a ready-MADE; genious, that had established; o n  and i n; ; the ; " STATE o f MOZART " ; issue; i  n,  my childhood.   (MozARt was a READy MADE; STATE  ,put  i n  m e.. -by my   "  f a t H  E  R  "..-)
....can U b e a genious;  -  i f U  " w e r e " a genious, genuinely,though-   , i f  U'r parents pretend to act   (pretend ) U as ,so..

..maybe , Iwill never know; " if I was, a genious " ; because I was  -or I have- ;" a READy MADE;   STATE; "   o f MOZ a r t ' s..

     ... ( I n s t a l l e d;   ;         , i n  ; M E..       )

...nowadays Psychiatrist s say that, they have recorded;  , people w h o; has a  "   brain part;  " that works " just L i k e "  a  genuine GENiOUS brain ..(as they practice ,and pretend; &as they behave and act and produce L i k e  , a genious;   -for a long time period- ; they can have that " genious STATE " ..  b r a i n can L E A R N;  h o w to  act  L i k e;  a  GENiOUS..
..the .." b r a i n part "  c  a  n    produce  t  h i s   STATE.. ( so w h y , to try it i n S o c i a l l y  electronical states  "  t h e n ..  
...but m o z a r t s  B r a i n was o v e r w h e l m e d; by his; p a r e n t s..(they were all n e s t e d;  i n his Brain &    ;- including the  c o n j u g a t e; DUAL; S i S T E R of h e r ' s.. a s  s h e w a s ; evolved to t h e; PAiNTiNG-L i K E; w i f e ; CONSTANZE..-)
..S O; being i n a  " G e n i o u s "  ;STATE;   ;installing many close family members i n the  " WHOLE; B r a i n ",,  i  s  a FAKE; position i n g; ;   -an a r t ificial ; situation-   ..that should kill a person at the a g e ; of 35..

S O, I have M A D E; the ;    regulation, adjustments , and arrangements;    ; to that " traditional; socially Geniousity -STATE " (as w a s in MOZART' s century..)    ; 2 (to)   t h e  M O D E R N; version o f,  ; installing that      " genious state " installed  i n t o; d e l i b e r ately, to  some p a r t ; of  t h e  B r a i n " ..
..Setting i s very difficult and U have to organize & i n s t a l l  , that " READy-MADE; Genious-M a c h i n e"  ;b y   u s i n g engineer i n g  methods,   , s t e p by  s t e p..
..and that state operates very fast,  ( and very productive ) when installed in " only a part of a B r a i n " ..(may be l i k e Machintosh; and windows both, set in   ,a Mac-BOOK..) ( as they all happen,  i n an APPLE; b i t e..)    I G u e s s..


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