25 Aralık 2012 Salı

Murat Oktay Danış

" A   ,S E R i A L KiLLER " ; o r  " A,   SERiAL M O T H E R "  ..

Murat Oktay Danış • I am a " serial killer ", "or a serial mother " i n a r t. ..once a year; in 2-3 months; 500 pieces. " all, improvisations at once "..pieces, appear i n minutes; and 20 pieces a day.100X70 cm on paper, mostly acrilic & using Spatula, only..I describe art as " U plant ;-or even it is being planted- " creatures " or " b e ings " , in U' r BODY-&Brain (into mind) and they live there like pats, then; they shall jump o u t; -or has to be born into the world we , live i n " ..Spatula is the surface-e d g e, (FACE ) where they b e ; born -and f i x ed- into the P a i n t. ..and , u n t o u c h e d. ( w e are not aware o f ; what is happening there..)

I t is a contunious &unconscious ; process, and U should'nt control i t..art things in art-river should flow as they wish and express themselves. a s they a r e . T h e n, there comes t h e search, for them, (the other 9 months o f the year..a frame; &an objective -&one e y e; for realization- <, a camera in U' r hand and , searching for, " a gold " ..in the M i n e ) by turning the paintings..and U have to find " things " there; that work from " 4 sides " ; where art become , a " fact " and ; b e; " unic " and; genuine..and can be defined there, again &n e w l y. .. (maybe in experessionism &impressionism ,&surreal and automatism..both abstraction and figuration ,simultaneously..happen..the knowledge of art history is to R e a d them, afterwards.. )

S e r i a l W o r k; i s essential 4 that. and as Bruria says, u can know where Series is done..(that means the " creature" living i n U, has come out; and it is not in; U and maybe never will, again.. -Uknow how to give a Birth out o f U, then..))

A r t, maker; has to work on different deciplines of art i n g. I write, paint, make sound--art, and dance; and all are; made ,s i m u l t a n e o u s l y, ,-happening and in series-. U have to give space and freedom ; t o " a r t T h i n g s " ;i n multi -D O i n g; deciplines of art; ,and in the , m u l t i M e d i u m s, o f art..either. (paralell to that " serial s t y l e ".. ) (there must b e an o t h e r, " platForm " t h a t, serial-deciple (of DOings) c a n; H a p p e n, i n Space-&time. and on the " plain of U' r , u n i c BODy..w h e r art-river can eXtend. -and enhance- , i n. " )

A SERiAL- B O D Y;  has,  multi BODi e s; simultaneously..  ..a body,that writes,dances,paints,plays piano, ec.t. simultaneously; and every-day..
  ...& a "   Serial; art work; needs that; "   SERiAL-B O D y..

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