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PR i C E ; o f; a ; " W O M A N OBJECT' ive "


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A R T; ; THAT ,flows &floats ; ; i n ,ME..

ABSTRACT i n g ; " WOMAN OBJECT "; w i t h ART DOings.
Harry, good point. " a r t does not come from K N O W L E D G E " ; I say.. (as u say art is not like mathmatics..or f i n e; a r t can not be made by architects..) ..it has to come from feelings, to b e felt by feelings again..SO; art has to be " f e e l able " ..L i k e prople in tribes; touch every object ,that they can see, and have feelings on every object (so U can feel object side of every human , ,-or every human can be an object, too-..) (because they touched things , all day long and translated them into feelings then human can b e an OBJECT; t o o..)
.. M o d e r n L i f e, modernity (not Modern i s m ) should take us to the " o b j e c t- touches " ; w e should be OBJECTs as our human side is translated; and reserved i n our feelings-l e a r n e d.. t h i n g s are ,sensitive, i f w e can feel t h e m.

...feelings talk their language; inbetween;feelings; they occur somehow; " U do not need to tell someone that " U L O V E, him/her " , if there is love occuring t h e r e ; spontaneously.. than it happens between felings; (in a Christian LOVE; t hi n g -STYLe, not to carry that universall -love into bed..) and U do not need to tell; t h e m, i n words..(put them into the " b e d " of words, first..) ..when U tell feelings then they will be deplaced to an other p l a n e.. -or in a thing..but not in an art-thing..an art-work- ..(I think feelings has to b e preserved; i n their original positions..S O; I am; an " artist " ; to , say them; -to transport them; into an art work as they will still b e and -stay- , original t h e r e.
S O; art has to reserve , f e e l ings in their original ; positions.. W e can provide these original feelings by feeding " pets " in our houses.. art has to be in that shape i t shows. but when U urge , a living thing , to live a l i f e; with U; ;that means U are urged to live in seaged positions i n U' r sociey too.. and that sharing c a n not free; U both.. o r U are to w e a r that " religion " ; to b e free..Religion can o p e n a window; if U will share, U' r problems. S h a r e ; than ; W i d e DOOR; shall b e opened by religion..o f " L O V E.."

T h e s e are deep social- science analisis..and they are difficult too..but artist can t o u c h them; too. U can touch difficult things too.
I never was after a w o m a n; all my life. I had my basketball; to be able to t o u c h, woman-heeps ,any t i m e ; -whenever I think. I should touch t h e m- that is a privilege 4 artists.. to touch any object as much as he?she can.. (if an objct hasNO; alternative;then it becomes a m u s t.. t h e n;; U both be put in a prison ; o f must.. - if U combine- .-.I am a chemist and I know what is a compaund..and what happens to compounds..) .. S O; it is hard to be someone; that can think ; h e i s the one; w h o touched woman-heeps much more than anyone d oe s..-or could- ..T h e r e is no lunatic; -other than an a r i s t- w h o ; teaches himself that; ball-touchings a r e similar to; -can be located in bra i n a s; U 've ' touched; woman-heeps- ..as they were touches to a woman .. (in some societies, to touch to a woman is very expensive..so that can push someone to b e an a r t i s t; t o o.un 4tunetely.)

S O; art can; b e an altenative state; other than; s o c i a l; r e l i g i on s..and artist is an sophisticated f o o l; that lays i n artificial ; t h i n g s , as they were; l i v e Things..a f t e r all; ; a r t -work ; shall not t a k e; a l i v e ness ; taken from an other " created " ; c r e a t u r e.. form..A r t i s t can c r e a t e; but that creation is paralell to l i f e; but is an imitation.(nad artist shall put his l i v e ness; in it..if it shall l i v e; i n social L i f e..) ( a true support, to that religious-l i f e, and biological-L i v e.

I can L O V E a WO MAN.because I can LOVE; m y self - a s a Thing I can b e- -and can create me and woman , b o tt h; from t h i n g s- ..S O; ; L i v e -OBECTs will be f r e e. i n their B i o l o g y..

... o f course, this I write h e r e; is not a social science; lecture to everyone..(and it is written by someone talks a different language in his daily o t h e r l i f e , either..) (from an other l i v i n g society in an other country..-so this accent that carries traces of an other language , is a s t o r y; who like to listen to stories..; -should U call an other accent; a story to listen or; a difficulty ; to usefullness. ..) ..but I should say; this socila science lecturing sTYLe; ; -story telling- is NO; different then; ; social life story tales, , ..as if people were talking as they are looking 4 n e w things , 4 their l i v e s; and searching; ; 4 good i e s -&love i n society-ONLy..

..art TALKs; has to; ; b e on ART.. Talk from U' r self; if U think, " U a r e an a r t i s t." ( ..an o b j e c t; 4 a r t , only..) not an Object to; -4- social l i f e; goodies.
..i f U are a W O M A N; U can talk i n the terms o f -a s- a WOMAN-o b j e c t to teach everyone that U know how to a c t; - i n F a c t -; as a Woman as ; " OBJECT; -o b j e c t i v e " . and I know there are Lades h e r e ; SO, " s u c h. "

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