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W h y,  , "  abstraction "  ;   i  s,  M A D E..  4

this is Abstract;   ; t h e n; WHAT DO; READER ARTists Think.(by   , John Dunn)

I  o f f e r..
1-  ABSTRACTion; based on;   " THE RATiO ".. (has been made by RATiO..or M i n d..)

2- ABSTRACTion;  by HEARt..
BLOOD PRESSURE- H i g h..by Heart      Left side is 4 heart, Right side is 4 Ratio or M i n d..

Perfect SOUL; ; with h e a r t  installed; i n,  ..nested in heart & Mind..


3-  if  abstraction; i s made ; b y,  t h e  RATiO;  t h e n;  there i s  s t i l l;  ; place 4 H e a r t..a c t i o n i n g..
...a  n  d;   t h i s   i  s;  " the HOME ";  4  ;  " the CONTEMPORARy "  ...
p.s.   I did not change  A N Y; T H i N G; that; GAUGUin; has; DONE..o n l y copy paste; turn or stretch s;by the " K n i f e ; of Computer..(not a brush that time..) (knifes and pistols can c u t; and; keep every thing secular..) to s e e; where peaces; predicted ;might have; go forward..S  O; I DO; not touch Gauguin; ; b u t; I can  t o u c h, ART;;  genuinities;  i  n  there, 4 the structuring o f art b e advancingly; 
I  a m,  surwaying w h a t; GAUGUin; m i g h  have; P r e d i c t e d..(he couldnt; MAKE; that f a r..but pridiction, i s well enough.too..)
H i s  " a b s t r a c t i on "  of Gauguin' s;  , gives me chance; to;  " COMBiNE "  ; t h o s e; contemporary acts; o f  m i n e....(So Abstraction; i s  to; put into genuine p i e c e s; t h e n ;  these pieces c a n; give US;  g o  ON;  ; with  t h e; W A Y;  o f   a   r  t.  ..both with the hearth &the Mind..after abstraction, ; a r t; h a s ; become a s e c u l a r; p l a c e..A f t e r; Abstracted; A R T i s T;    m  a  y;  b e  free; with his a c t i n g s   with  ;hearth and Mind (that i s SOUL)..(pop music has passed, that bridge,  ;  from BATOQUE; to the SOUL&R&B M u s i c.. b u t, Painting has been abondened; ; left where it started..)
4- Collect the REAL;  PAiNTiNGs; from  t h e  " tree o f  the CONTEMPORARy "  ..

I g u e s s;  POUL  KLEE  had predicted; that; " c o n t e m p o r a r y "  C o n c e p t;  W A S;  to ;    B  E;   S  O...  (the W A Y..)

..but are there;  ARTists; to   W o r k  on  that..with their true artistic S O U L s..
NOT; y e t..the " e g o " ERA; (that is; ; I want to take my part from GOD' s nature; and creation;..I belive in gOD' s creation,, and  I want to b e;    ; be part of it.. e r a..not the secular  j o b; Ideal Capitalism;  ; proffession  e r a..)  ;goes; o n..they want to be able; to write their names; under;  ; their godly created; ; p a i n t i n gs..  D O E S ;  a r t ;  n e e d;  U' r  N A M E;   ;  W r i t t e n;  o   n;  i t..

"   CONTEMPORARY;  e  r   a;  "       is    s e c u l a r;  f r o m;  e g o s....S O; it has; simetri that; e r a s e s;  the other simetric..to every thing  b  e,  N a m e LESS..
           & CONTEMPORARY; ; n e v e r;  T u r n s;  ; a WAY;  f r o m;  U..i t always; stands; " STRAiGHTLY-F O R E..(it only looks U in the Eye..forward to U..) (L i k e  it  was; every  T h i n g s;      b e  f o r e;  ; in the ; A T O M i c;   L  A  N  D  s..(was it before; ı do not belive that so.... but it wil;  b e  M a d e;  ; SO;  i n  the;  IDEAL;  CAPiTALİsm' s  SOCiAL      ....iSM..

the WAY;  o f  "  CONTEMPORARy; M A K i n g.."
Enlightment   ; that comes from the H e a r t;&  t h e  M i n d..  ..(CONTEMPORARy; o f ;    t  h   e   "  TOALing;  ATOM  F O R M.."  ..contemporary making i s; making TOTAL;  ; with  t h e MODEL; FORMing;  o f the;  the ATOM i c  STRUCTURE..  applying i t;  ; to  heavenly; M a d e   s..  o r  as in  a r t ;  "   s  e  m  i - heavenly;  M A D E s.."  ; so above GAUGUin; should; i n s t a l l;  some;  ; contemporary M a k i n g;  ; into earthly -heavenly- t h i n g s.. o f  course; to install; s e m i  ATOMic; structures-compatible;  ;with h e a v e nly things; ; U  should  b e  a b l e;  t o;   ;  a  b  s  t r  a  c  t;  heavenly; t h i n g s;  f i r s t..  - i n  fact;   t h i s;   a b s t r a c t i o n;   i   s;    ;  i n s t a l l i n g  Atomic  FORM; i n  the  d e e d s; (glove)  (as named; in aestheticization..) -    -L i k e, R.H.C.PAPERs; Californication..-   )

GENi U S; GAUGU i n ; GENUi n e l y; A B S T R A C T E D;   S  O;  w e can  go on with that; CONTEMPORARY; A C T;  i n g,(hearth + M i n d= the SOUL )  that shuld carry  a r t ;S E C U L A R;  f r o m;  the created-WORLD (by god)  Further; m o r e ; A H E A D   ;  & FORWARD..   

    T H E   " W    A     Y  é "   ;  ; of the " CON TEMPO R A R y " ... i n  t h e;   P A i N T i n g.. 
 p.s. ( this is an estimation.. 4 i m a g i n a t i o n  READ e r s..o n l y..this is not ; an Academic; p a p e r..4 REAL..)

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