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D i V i N G;  i n  to   A;  "  PAiNT i n g.. POOL.. "
(SOME A R E; Swimming; t h e r e...
.ALREADy;  still; and;    ;" 4 REAL ")

100X140 cm Oil o n PAPER  1992

(P.S.My fathers NAME; w a s; " iSMET " ..that means;  " give a NAME; to it "  ; ..S  O,  he w a s to give N A M E S;  to my paintings; ..SO; I  M A D E; very difficult paintings that could ' n t;  b e N A M E D;  e a  s i l y;    ; by him..Then he died; i n; 2002..and m y ; P a i n t i n g s;  are ; left; NAME l e s s..I call them b y; nick names; I gave to them..o n l y..T h i s;  AREA; deserves; a  H U G E;  J  o   b,   to be  worked;  O N WARD..  because they did not have NAMEs; they  must have b e NAMED;  b y ;  m y  SUBCONSCiOUS..  a n d; may b e ;  t h i s  is; a  beter w a y;  w h i l e ;  U ' r  ART;  still  goes o n;  being created; b y   U' r  ; S U B CONSCiOUS..)
the; Nick name;    to that ; W O R K; was; " the TOTEM "..to m e..)
______________________________________  .....

.......i f M y Brain is  i n AN  " A T O M i c "; FORMa t i O N;  ";    ; I can  d i v e    i  n;  the " ATOMiCally MADE; P A i N T i N G s.."  ;  and;  f i n d  ; SOME A N G  E L S;  T H E R E;  ;   " ;B E i n g.."




J   O   B;    of   T H E;    P A i N T i n g   ;;
( o r the PAiNTER' s )
  i   n;   ; 
3  parts..( o r STEPs..) _______________________________________I have to; H A V E;  A; COMPANy;  ;to  M A K E;  all these  S T E P S;  p e r f e c t  L y..professionally..(someone can carry; s t e p s  2-,3-..) because; the 1-. o n l y;  covers all;  m  y;  l  i f  e;  t o ;   c r e a t e ;  these original paintings;  T R U E L y..(as an ARTist; working o n , 4 different; d e c i p l i n e s..MATTERs; parts. a s; sound,color,signs;(as letters),Orbitals; a s DANCE.ing..to be able to carry BODy; into ATOMiC F o r m s.._______________________________________
1-  PAiNTiNG ;           ;  the O R i G i N A L..A  R  T..
2- MAKiN G;   t h e  ; CONTEMPORARiES  from the Original ; computer work; MAKEs them ; CONTEMPORARy; o n l y.. and of  course; t h e  PURE;  " RATiO ";  o f the ; BRAiN..
3-  T h e n;  C O L L E C T;    the; " PAiNTiNGs; "   a s; fruits o n an ; Contemporary;  TREE..to  m a k e , an  EXHibition..

S  O;  these  PAiNTings;  that appear o n   the;  L a s t;  S T E P.. (that are "4REAL" ; ) has the photographs; o f  the CHARACTERs; that are; MADE; R E A L..i n that; PROCESS..W H E R E;  D i D;  t h e y;  c o m e;    f r o m..W E;  C A N  ;  A S S U M E;  that;  ; (at least; I can assume) ; t h e s e ;  w e r e  cought;  b  y;  M Y;   R A T i O;   WHEN; these;  B E i n g s;  first;  E N T E R E D;   i n t o;  M Y;  B r a i n.
i  f    U' r  RATiO; too; catches; t h e  " BEings "  in the FORM; o f ; M A N;  F A C E S;   ; then U can  B E;  a  PAiNTER;   a s  an ARTist..b u t;  these; methods (as an Engineer..) I U S E;  g  e  t;  t h e s e ;  REAL;  O  N  E s; ( the (RAW Ones) ; o r the Primitive Negatives; o f teh REAL;  ) a u t o matically.. not touched b y;  any  Hand; in the BRAiN..(U can even " know " them; when they appear; i n these;  computer;  t o u c h e s ;  to the;  original PAiNTiNG; MADE   a s art DOings..
OTHER  W i s e;  U  have to go to art Academy, to L e a r n;  how to  M A K E;  these;  REAL;  t h i n g s;  that had happened; i n  U' r  RATiO;  O N C E..I can  depend o n these;  AUTOMATiCALLy-appeared; O N E s.. the ones; with the brush; a r e  always;  comes with some ;   "n USE a; i n the stomack;"  ;     ; but to the BRA i n..













Mr. M A N a g e R;  to  m y; COMPANy..

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