5 Eylül 2012 Çarşamba

murat danis
..3P2_é-OrBital;of ;      ;" O2;,& the2  "..
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VfBcfYR1VQo this is effective in social -public- l i f e , 2..
..SOME doubleViSiONs;  ;&or  D U A L i t i e s.. i n  ART..             (thatİS;SAME;&theSAME..)

.." SAME;&theSAME "  samples..
SAME                                        &theSAME
                                                   MALE                          FEMALE
theSPANiARD                                theINDIAN
MALE                                             FEMALE

4SiDED;  " S P H A R E; O R B i Tals "  ..  4theART's CHE Mistery.. (4ART 's GLOBALisation.. )   :

..to eleminate; -or f iX-  the;  "                                 "
  • {A} artful, crafty, cunning, sly, wily
  • {N} devil, evil: the Evil one, dickens, daemon [Brit.], demon, deuce, prince of darkness, archenemy, arch-fiend, cloven foot, cloven hoof, dragon: the old dragon, enemy: the Enemy, fiend, tempter: the tempter
  • {NPR} Belial, Old Harry, Old Nick, Mephistopheles, Satan, adversary: Adversary, Lucifer
WE; n e e d; TO; reach; the LAVEL; o f;  " D U A L i T y  "  in the ART; ;   -to be able to FiX;Lucifer..-)
J o h n ; Lenon has come; t o;  that  " BORDER "  ;-THRESHOLD in his ART-;      -inthe PUBLiC-  ;    andhis lastAlbumWas " DOUBLE-ViSiON " ..but he recognised that if Uare A;" STATUE ".. then ; " StatueHASto; FALLdaWn "; ..soDidhe, hisCiRCLE- eye glassesWereONthefloor; still..inNY.(thatHasPUTmeİnAdepressionWhenIwasMY26..)Tribute2hisMemory..
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dZzXEFDznoA  ..JOHNeltON =JOHNlennON Duality..ON..
...this DoubleViSiON&theDUALityS;İnARTs;İS;Ahigh;THRESHOLD;toMEN..

PARiS "cancan "

..what is thethe USE; to DUAL;   F O R Ming;  -Figuring..-   :
 ...this means, TibetMonks &cancanGirls;can be in the same Topic; but they are the same thing in fact..(so memory is helf..itcan b e  reduced to %5 of the total memory  of; the classical painting..  -by using this technique-    then art needs NO intellect; b u t RATiO;   -is essential-   ..Painting that requires RATiO o f man; SO; o c c u e s..      do U think that will change something in the world of art.  the BASE; of a r t;  should b e RATiO then, not intellect..after intellectual structure is made by art; then it shal b e carried to the " RATiO "  STEP..I g u e s s..)
S  O;  e  v  e  r  y: O N E;  C A N;  HAVE; H i s  " RATiO" ;  t h e n..
Socialism of capitalism; or   " equalRATiO " ownership; to     ;any ONE..
I ,think.

  f  r  o  m;   AbstraCt;  to  the " knowladge o f   RATiO "   ...   :
this picture ALL  has been MADE;  only by using; the original; t h i n g;  b e l o w;THE ABSTRACT.  -base-
We may say; both 2 has approximately the same memory(GB,MBite,ect..)  .. but..
the first one has a big amount of RATiO; M E M O R Y;     or    -Knowladge-;     w  h  e  n ;  s e c o n d ; one can be described a s; " A b s t r a c t.. "  ..(4an intellectual..)
......from  "   the a b s t r a c t;"          . . . . . . ....   b a c k;  t  o  ;               "  t  h   e ;   R E A L..  "..

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