5 Eylül 2012 Çarşamba

murat danis

I  L O V E;  U, ; too ; MURAT..
Imust confessImissed U'rsyle.
ıcan not say I DONOTneedU'rDegredatons..becauseUnfortunetely Iknow IamGradingUPme& eXaggerateing4someREASONs..&IwonderHowUcanDEgradeTHOSE..W Ei LL Co MMEN.
Ihope thisendlessLOVE; willLEAST; till W E;  d e i.
Frank Gahry,IwachedADocumenteryAboutHim; someTimeEgo..B u t,Ithink ManhattanMirorBuildingSurFACEs; are MoreCreative,than theONES;actLikeS T A T U E s.L i k e;  theDifferanceBetWeeN;STATUE;&P A i N T niG..   (SurFACEisMOREcreative;thanTheV O L U M EofTheStatue..SO;I OFFER;  " the ABSOLUTE V O L U M E" insteadOrCONTRARy  to ALL; STATUELikeBUiLDiNGwalls.t h e y have to BEMoreL i V E.(&ComputerSHALLcreateTHESE;Entities;WHO;could;L i v e; inAWALL..asPRiSONERsinTHEWALLthenWEarenotTHEprisoners;iNBETWeeN;theWALLs..)
IconfessIneglectedU;4Purpose. then UgaveU'rapprove; AsUsaiD thatIWASaShitManiplEater. 
I was to deliver those;toU; (HOW I UPGRADED U'r WORK)  --          (    MURATLETthatshit"HELPtoTHEartisTs";concentrateON;UPGRADingART-WORKS..-)     b u t,Iwaited4U'rApproWall..
I  thinkUare ;UPgradingU'rself.-&IthinkTHATisTheTRUEthingTO D O U4U..-(ıDidNOTKnowHowUshould; BUTincreadabley;UDiD..ILoveU'rUPGRADEingU..becauseILoveU;IWiLL UPGRADE;U  i n M y STYLE; TOO..(ifILoveSomeBODy; WhenI;UPGRADEHim;ıUPGRADe;Me;TOO;&itİsmyr,,ghtTOdoSO;toUPGRADEwhathasBEENPUTinME;IamTalkingToMySelf....)-)(itWasİnMyComputerBUTnowIcanExhibitThemHEREifULike..) I think;U'rUP GRADing;-U'rWORK    has to BE;  SO..-MyOpiniON; o f course-  -to all Artists;intheN A M E;  o fU.-  notHingPersonal..
UPGRADiNG; A R T;  W O R K s..asAcontemporaryACTiON; o n art.
MURAT,DO U want to see; HOWıUPgraded;U'r ART-WORK..(IthinkIhavetoaskThisPERMissiON;ofU' r 's..)ifUgivethatPermissonIwillPUTthemhere;orbeQuietTOthe E N D; o f time..b e Like A brotherinthePHOTO&givethatPerMiSSiON..please..
IthinK;JOHNDUNNhasDONEeverythingİntheWORLD; &READyTo R E A D everythinG;OBJECTiVEly&TRUELy;Understand;ifTHERisAGenuineIDEAthere..ofCOURSEthisİsMyJ o h n D u n n; &everyONEisFREE to H a v e   h i s; OWNJohnDone;inHisNature  ,NObodyisHOLDingU.  butITalKtoMYJohnDunn..&A l s o,myAlanARMSTRONGofParis.too.theyAREALLme; &everyBODyTALKonlyTO;himself..(thatMEANsIamAfooLHERE;toMYself;F i R S T..)
..but I love theWAYUeXpressU'r self;-&YOURFEELings NAKED-;   withO U TANYcensorShip.
..MEtheBLACKorbitK inG-Kong;ontheTOP;oftheBUiLDing: UcanSEEIcanDescribeMyselfAsUshould..  beTHERE4it U PLEASE.ifUDOhaveTiME.      .beAHand.

.....haveUheardTHEWARbetW E E N; STATUE&PAiNTing..
..orareUthe"αγωνιστής, πολεμιστής." 4STATUEbuilders..

well I haveA BOOk;   on that; and    I'v H E A R D; itLOUD; a t; h e r e; too,- withU'rSTATUELOVER;attitudes.-. wellFindATRUEgirlTO;PASSUtroughU;4notToBEinTHESE shits; WE are having HERE..U do not, putU'rHELfHEAD; into those;SHiT W E are i n to..TELL  'MUS;  what is not; SHit; i n the ARTWORLD.    -WEareAFTERitTOO-  ." mayBEShitCANCLEANtheShit "..Isuppose.all  U DO; i s; to callSTATUE; to the Work; "TAKETAHATshitaWAY"..U cannotBE;cleaniF U'r shithas beenSHiPPED-AWAY;by the STATUE; -thaMAYOR-  to somewhereinTHE W O R L D..(itis interesTing;asUareApainter; ;Uneed   -TOTAKE;ORDERsfromSTATUE s..)
p.s.computerDOEsnotTOUCHanyFLESH; WHENEditing..(butt-fuckİsNOTmyProbleMso.)
..GETiNTOthe" PAint "; USingASPATULA;  andPOUREDPAiNTonACanvas..I promiseTAHATisbetterthanany GirlİnTheWORLD -EiTher..-  -thatisMySolutionTOthesituationSTATUE;toBEsolved; by the SOLVENT..- thisFineEnerGy wouldnTBE WASTED; inSTATUEMakers..(butUWOULDN't;DOIhaveanySTATUE2GiVE;2U..)beBRAVE;withTHEPAiNth.   .A S U'rMinDcanBE;THATNAKED..
..PAiNTisTHESHiT;tahtaUHAVE2TAKEfromTHE G RAUNd.    PAiNT2;FLY,               ; 4IDİD

IHATEPAiNT"-lesbians=BRUSHUsers-" LOVERs    ;EiT h e r..  SoSPRAYing-SEPARATEing-ThePaint;2iS;Fine;2ME.

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