2 Eylül 2012 Pazar

murat danis
1.....lines cominG;    i n through;    the c o l o r s;  -paint-  (from WRiTTEN l e t t er s..)
2......while paint   -&color s-  a r e;  freed by   ; the strong feelings..
__" 2 "; BOTH;_   ;a  r e;  n e e d e d..in theART..

...is this great graffiti..
...I think expression   of the feelings     in the acts o f,  colors;  i s not enough   ; 4 t h e ART..m y opinion, is  :
...the   human face; or Body of an object has to appear (occur) i n the color, too..lines has to come from in t h r o u g h the colors..(some first put lines than paint inbetween..s o m e, let colors i n   f r e e action; b u t; t h e n  i f  ; there d o e s  not c o m e;  t h e lines; inthrough the paint and colors.; then these colors; has no RATiO...ONE; has to write, first,     then l i n e s; can come    from inthrough   the paint -from the letters  written by the painter, b e f o r e..-   ,,one thing more, l i n e s  &shapes  ; has to be effected, b y the nature of the  c o l o r s.  and reverse.)
I think; this ONE; i s  f i n e  .to  m  e.    (my opinion,    of course; ...)
better     ;image;  " p a r t "..  
p.s.     ...note:
  (4, I need, a story,and  imaginable  figures)  ..
of course, t h e s e,  a r e;   valid   4      ;   -as a help to my sayings; -  , & I am not a consultant;   -expert-   o n criticing ..

SO MY CONCLUSiON s    ; H E R E;  are  :
1 -  L i n e s  to a PAiNTiNG;  h a s to  C O M E;  from written  L E T T E R s; of the painTer.  (intrough; t h e  paint; into a painting..
2-  nature o f  colors   ;  -in a painting-  has to b e ; in an  " interactive "  relation ; -and reaction-;  w i t h;   the L i n e s  ;    - that are occuring from " letters from writings "  ; and shaping object s;in  as n e w forms..-       (this means  a    l e t t e r    can change a color;    -&flow of the color- or a color can change a line occuring to h a v e  a  shape, in the painting..  i n t e r a c t i v e l y.) 

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