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murat danis
CONTEMPORARY  =   "  S P A T U L A  i s M  "  .       .............but      ; U  U S E;      a  SPATULA  ;   i n   T H E   P A i N T      i n G...
.....from GENC Sanat Magazine;     ", "The Time That Remains: How to Repeat the Avant-Garde"  by    ;Sotiridis Bahtsetzis..

(Matthew Barney,The Cremaster Cycle 2004)                                            ( Andy Warhol Coveted TV Stardom.)

CONTEMPORARY;  A R T;   has,"  TRUE  " SPATULA "  STROKES; ";   t o o..
.....when U; put;   a n   O B J E C T;   to  T A L K;  in Your  W O R K;     " i t is  a  SPATULA  STROKE " - not a BRUSH TOUCH-  (it is not blurry, in fact;  sharp a s reality..)  (if someone has made   it by painting with a brush; -this one upper left-; w e couldn' t  look at images from every angle; with the same sharpness, but, a little changed due to the other objects has changed, too..  -always  geniunely  c l e a r  with the   f a c t....) 
(these  a r e   photographs; o f  course..but they catch the time and situation;  and the installation o f  the Objects..S O; this can b e ; r e p e a t e d..in somewhere some place ,some t i m e ..)
S O   W E     C    A    N;     S A Y;    the   S T Y L E;   o  f       " CONTEMPORARY  A R T  iNSTALLATiON s "  ;  perform  " S P A T U L A ";  METHOD..
T H E N;  THERE   C O M E S   ;  T H E  unasKed; QUESTiON;    
  " WHERE  i S  T H E  SPATULA  W O R K;       i  n   the    PAiNTiNG.. "  (How can w e  "install" SPATULA;  M e t h o d;  i n t o  PAiNTiNG..) (it is easy way out  t o;  s a y;   this has been DONE Be4;  or;  " Painting i s DEAD ";  ..be a PostModern; then tell every body that U found a N  e w ;  WAY;  F o r,  ART..)  
A r e   they  i n the;  " Brush  STROKEs  o f MODERiST; WAN  G O G H..paintings, when being expressionist, simultaneously ;   meantime..
H O W  CAN;   PAiNTinG;   B  E;   A        ; " CONTEMPORARy   A  R  T  "..

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