22 Haziran 2012 Cuma

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L i T T L E     A R T;       " T H i N G s  "..

..".   little  a r t  things  ";    are like   " fishes "   ;       living in m y;   " thinking "  ...(they are not contemporary)  A fish is; a religious thing; because GOD has created, i t..   because  I studied    s c i e n c e;  science dimensions are  being added  to; the fish when this  " fish " drops into the paint, o n tuval..but w e are not still i n  the contemporary  f i e l d  of  arts..T h e n  I  add; a contemporary thing (a computer ) to put it into; contemporary state.   S  O; there i s  a  living thing in m y  thinking; then I  m a k e  art;  (as I use paint to express i t);  t h e n  contemporary  thing; m a k e s " art thing "  ;  b e   contemporary; o n l y.  (for use in contemporary concept; will b e useful..)
...let me tell; the b a s i c  thing..  natural  (they say organic today )  creation    has to be ; " spontaneous "   ,  i n  art..  that means  ; I do not know   w h a t  I am  DOing when acting with paint..(but still I have what I have written;       ; i n  my  m i n d..and they will lead  m e ; i n  that;   mad-man   situtation.while acting with paint...))   ( U can not b e  w i s e ;  or with U' r  ratio; when U are;  acting; unconsciously..and this is basic to express pure thinkings )...  T h e n;  there comes to add;   RATiO;  to these (organic and natural spontaneously expressed) things..M y  point  i s;  DOing  art;   and putting F O R M;  i n i t;  (with the ratio)  has to b e ; completely;  other  works..
T h i s  is like;  Socialism & Capitalism are to b e completely  , different..They both have values; b u t  these values wouldn' t  b e  m i x e d..o r  there  wouldn' t  b e  H y b r i d s ;  with these ;  specialized  v a l u e s..  S  O  making  art;  has 2  phases..S o c i a l i s t;  or naturally  organic phase;  t h e n;  totally;  Contemporary;  (mechanic)   phase; that can  a d d ;  RATiO;  o n l y. (with ratio; Capital values can b e added ; to  natural art thing..)  
...  b u t; U might have a mind that can w o r k  like  computer; i n  the begining;  (before U begin painting)  (writing can locate this   i n the mind)  ..  I s a y;  i  f   U  have located U' r   computerly working m i n d; i n t o;  t h e  painting; t h e n;   CONTEMPORARization ; c a n b e ;  applied o n  the P a i n t i n g;  b y  the  computer; machine   t h i s ;  t i m e..(i f painting has this RATiO  installed in the painting  b u t;  s t i l l;  what has been m a d e ; by the p a i n t ;  i   s;  still spontaneous, natural , organic; & unconsciously, m a d e..)  SO; there are TWO things  installed  i n;  both p u r e socialism ; and ; p u r e capitalism; apart o f  each  o t h e r..  That m e a n s; apart  v a l u e s; can b e;  progressed;  indipendently; and limitless l y; because; t h e y  a r e   not;  HYBRiDs;  t  o  be;  sapareted..(they are different; and will b e prosesed; i n d i p e n d e n t l y;  ..)  (the summary;  i s ; Socialist  values & Capitalist V a l u e s ; shouldn' t  b e  m i X e d.. or HYBRiDED..)
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