11 Nisan 2012 Çarşamba

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A l a n, if it w e r e n 't U, -&U'r L i b e r a l and O P E N and B r i g h T Personality;- h e r e, I wouldn' t b e A r o u n d ; t h i s L O N g..U never, " close the doors "..(..although many has closed them to U ,too,,) ,U a r e a TRUE WORKER; both i n A R T; & i n PUBLiC..M y Public S i d e is w e a k..-deli b e ratel y, I made i t E m p t y- ,..S o b e ing W i t h; the PUBLiC ;-knowing i t- -to be a TRUE L i b e r a l- n e e d s a profession , passiON; & so ,OPENNESS..I think WE; " c o l l a borated " very WELL; i n this perspective, o f the 2 S i d e d, ACT..ion..I h o p e WEboth s e e P e o p l e; with " O P E N M i n d, s " , too..&U' r k i n d afforts find, the TARGET, to-2-o ..
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I have leaned much about art because of you Murat. You give your valuable time freely, teaching, opening up more possibilities and ways of seeing art than any artist that I have ever known. I hope the art patrons of the art world will see what you have been doing and in a fare and just world will compensate you for all your efforts. You have my total respect and admiration.
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