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" S H O W CASE é"",, a P R O BLEM..

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.. " S H O W   CASE   é"",, a  P  R  O  BLEM..
.there is a need to   GO UNDER  -in- the EARTH     -toTHE m i n e- ;    to install "  E D E N  "; i n 2   UNDERATOMiC LAND;    while    e x aggerating i n T h e  SKY;  is satellited to sophisticatiON..
 i n s p i r t i o n;  i s   H i d d e n;; in  N a t u r e and in the Mind..Who is to " dig it " and carry to the earth or to our e y e s and e a r s or to our tastes.This is an o p e n field..(that means open to any one; -so there is a e q u a l i t y between man; who ever has a passion rather than having an education i n a art school diploma-)..N o chosen ones, but ANY O N E  can go into the m i n e.
C o m p u t e r  is a M i n e.. go in it, and dig in..t h e  ATOM UNDER;  L A N D s...to take them to earth..
...to me this     OPEN    A R E A     would be,     t h e SHOW CASE..   here in ARTSLANT; it goes totally the other way.There are sophisticated (some how " high "  or   " hightened " styles go more sophisticated    o n " show cases "..( in    national states   where there is an other government   every affort can be described as  " to go  UP "; or highten everything  i n  the quality &quantity,   b u t  after  some e x a g g e r a t e d hights are reached; elevation begins to go horizontal; - because there is no oksijen for l i f e up there..- and there occures sophisticated " b i r d s " or even some fake " satellites " or manless sailplanes..to watch " any body " who is against the " satellite e r a " and  " heightened H i G H t s."
...t h i s Office  a t t i t u d e, has  an   a i m;   -and this is acceptable-      to understand, e v e r y  complain as  a   " wish or will "  to be   e l e v a t e d; ..so they think there is an other need to a n e w "post ";   an other governor or administrator.. an other elvation  " state "..this " SHOW CASE "  here  has the same demands, I g u e ss..W h o  have been o f f i c i a l  once, -or will be official ahead -  they want this state POST;  to  b e carried by somone..(H e r e  we have, ARTSLANT T e a m )( by the way I am curious if they go to the field and play basketball  or something with ball, because an universal team needs to play with the " laic-or secular- " object  " BALL ";  i f they DO not DO this,  then there is a big risk, i n universality   o r   objectivism   i n   "  exaggerated flying objects art  "..(Additionally, there appears " twin balls" -both located up and dawn on human, no need to g o far  away to find   " a ball "  object  "  out there, foor a joyful nest..)   What I am trying to say is, where there is a " state office "  this is a  " government  Church -yard.."  and Flying objects and meat-made rocets and blanc bullets painted in black, there..and any kind of  convinced and convinsing personal there..
 I  am  a  B A R  OQ  e;  P e r s o n.. so I am talking what my heart  tells  to my e y es..(office has " ratio " first   than it comes to hart,,generally.. but this  change place, sometimes; U wouldn't know which one is there in the  mean time..but if U  are  a convinsed ,person then  U must wait, at least U' r time will come..eventualy..if U are a true beliver;    than , be patient   U will be awarded by the state o f  GOD; in the end..this a rejigion based gavernmental " state " ..b u t   U  have   to   be  a  true swimer to   swim all the way to the mauntain )..(I will take the L a s t  state; being o f f e r e d, here..I am in the field of GOD' s..and I am at the e n d; of e d e n.   ..come  and pick m e up   -h e r e-  ,when everyone   has arrived   t here..
...so  what  should  ARTSLANT  T e a m,   do;  (should they go to the field to play " BALL"  to be more universal ;every lunch time,  (4 art is 4 art; principle; to occur..in business..instead of   not to establish  a  " social s  e x  state,of talking  "   that happens every where..I  do  crush and squash my self;  w i t h    S P O R T s  and " BALL "   ;  to elevate  this  " social s e x  state o f mine "    to e d e n..
...then,  I  can begin  to  LOOK 4;  E d e n,  around m e..    where ever I can look i n and out of.   .i f  U  look at " State ART tradition "  art d e s c r i b e s; every thing , on the earth  - that is under the sunlight or yellow lamp light.- this is parellel to " visuality p o l i c i e s "  of the G o v e r n m e n t s;  o f  states..NOWadays, there is a huge pression on art  and it has been turned into " contmeporary art " -and it " holds o n to "  daily furnitures; or government produced fabric things, arranged as i n s t a l l a t i o n s;  to  stay &  STAND STiLL ;   for a  while more,  little time    , in  t h e  sun shining  field..NO one can say, l e t s  go  in the  " atom-under field "  and discover this  " n a t u r e "  too; an d  " i n s t a l l   a   E   d  e  n  of   M a n " dawn  there..( on the other hand , science and thechnology has reached to "nano thechnology states  -or stages- ..and art  s e e k s  to  find this nano affect;  i n the e x a g g e r a t e d  -solid- high  Flying objects  of sophistication..) ( art can not b e found   , without m a n' s;-human's  a f f o r t ,,in     ,ATOM-under SPACE;    -& i s  s t i ll   " w e t ",  "- " wet PAiNT "   y e t,,-      -not solid  a s sophisticated   flying satellite B i r dy   t hH i n g s..-       ..I c u t  now..4 it won't be  ,too; L O N G..
..some  colored;  pictures to f r e e our souls  from, the A l p h a b e t h;  PRESSURE.
...i s  N A T U R E;     itself      "  a  GLOBAL;   m i n d  ";        or DO  W E;     e X PRESS        O u r  M i n d  ;      ON  T O    I T..
..WHEN iT C O M E s  to  t h e ;   "  P  A   i   N  T  " there b e g i n s;  REALm o f   " A  N  G  E  L s "
....they say, Feel free to what U shall s a y..U can express U' r feelings & how U think..T h e n  can  w e;  ExPRESS; Visions in our M i N D s..(Mostly coming from Under ATOMiC Lands..has  H e a v e n  been    on the earth     or DO we have to; i n s t a l l  E D E N; -or heaven-    into the EARTh..   too..
 ..there is nothing       m y      - " y e t "-   wet  e y e s can s e e,  in the elevated  S K Y ; " satellites landed o n  e a r t h "..
..this t i m e,  as far as    we can go    into the deep earth,    we will find -heAven &eden-  what are not in the SKy  s  ; these days..
I  T h i n k..
I think, this WAS     a        " PRiMiTiVE   B A S i C  F O R M ";    o f S H O W   C A S E;           of   m y      mine.. i f every one can make their "show cases " like this,     then; (4 example) I  am eager  to  s e e ; these presentations..(they say if every one in the city cleans his door step then C i t y  will b e a place to L i v e..)    can I see, all the participants " page ".. please..not    "a single work "  OPEN to; spesifications..
...b u t  ,any  w a y;  the general  a i m in these; " competition kind "  things,,i s  " to  g o  to  the SOPHiSTiCATED "  i n the SKiEs.    -to create  satellites..-.      (that is a need  to catch exess  m o n e y  in the economy   i n the end,     & someone feel they are up in the SKY  when neer these   SOLiD    SAT e ll i t e s,     " a t    h  o  m  e ".......         ( Satellites are at HOME,; a t last, with SATellites.     . B O D   y.)
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