11 Nisan 2012 Çarşamba

Murat Danis a True Master of Art

By Alan Armstrong
I have learned much about art because of Murat Danis. He gives his valuable time freely, teaching, opening up more possibilities and ways of seeing art than any artist that I have ever known; in my past 50 years as an artist.
He has many original opinions on art that seem limitless. He is a pioneering art explorer of the 21st Century. With your interest and support for Murat we will all reach a higher level of understanding.
Do not expect to understand the enigma of Murat overnight, he is far from easy reading material. With time and patience, the once seen dyslexic vapour looking-ness of his words start to become crystal clear. You are entering in to a new way of seeing our world... through Murat's looking glass!
Here's hoping patrons of the arts, will take the time to see what Murat is doing and in a fare and just world way compensate him for all his un-tiring efforts: financially and emotionally, please don't forsake him...
He has my total respect, admiration and gratitude; in my eyes Murat Danis is a True Master of Art.
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