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murat danis
U'r information w a s very useful..N o w; " r e f l e c t i o n s "  from, m y  side..
I was in Bankok (Thailand) I had a problem to say ,Th a i  people,,they were officials who knew English Language, but there was a strong lack of conversation that we couldn't overcome..I thought they had Chinesse L e t t e r s in their minds but their English Phonetic was made of English " sounds " and these sounds were taking the  " SHAPE "  of;  C h i n e s s e; L e t t e r s..(Although these English sounds of English words were based on   L a t i n Latters  i n my mind..T h e y  ,distorted and wraped all m y  L a t i n  L e t t e r s, that were in my mind, i n the p e r i o d  of  that  T i m e..That was right,  It was Th a i L a n d    and I would obey the Chinesse L e t t e r s..just like ,they d i d..)   S o I understand  U' r difficulty with L a t i n Alphabeth, and I wrote pure English words when w r i t i n g  to  you.
Long time ago people got creative just like you making new chinesse characters to express in language an art in communication..This is a good v i e w..Yes my wrting can be described as that..
.  It got so redickulous (rediculous) that no one could read anymore..So, if we use reverse Logic,     " my intention " is not to be read by others, when I am writing..My intention is to create "pictures" just like ,Chinesse Letters..does.Jin, I must confess : I have a inner sound too, and I need to " read " and flow my inner-sound too. but I take this " need of m i n e " so serious; that, I w r i t e with my hands on a paper while I r e a d  what I  w r i t e..
H e r e , on this  " 1 page " ;  I do not write     l i k e; I do write on the clavier of a the computer.(When there is a machine in between,my subconscious give m e an order; " express the machine"  -this is computer- in between.."  if we say ithis " the other way", this " machine writing ",   and ideas of m i n e, are a chance that I can " go into " the n a t u r e "  of the computer, and express what is inside " a machine " ..(we are in our alive cells but  ,can we b e in our ATOMs..)(We can assume that we can b e in atoms of a computer, then try to " express" ATOMs   from what " we became Atoms "    in the computer..and then we shall m a k e  " pictures " of what should be i n  the ATOMs o f a  computer machine..This also define, computer as   " is a machine," A DOOR "   for us to go in   Atoms; &Molecules..) (I am an Chemical Engineer..)  S O; I define my all afforts ; &my  " m i s s i o n "   a s I am;  explorer to " under Atomic W o r L D"   or the REALm,  -" OTHER WORLDs ",I s a y-..
So answer to U' r question; " h o w  did this writing of U' r ' s  b e g i n  fist ";  is to express   writing with " a machine "..W h e n we look macroscopic  -from far outside- ; a HANDs and fingers of a man, is tuching clavier where there are   " doors to every L e t t e r ";  and his fingers are touching in the computers heart..(this is like sex occuring there)..N o way, w e can run away sex, A r t, sport, being social ,nature,  everything include s e x..S O if ı am an artist I have to be the ONE;  to b e able to make s e x , with A t o m s.because o t he r s can make it normally with flesh, o r meat..of course s e x 's  aim   is to establish "symmetry"  of the body ,so life can exist..in good shape..SO Does ART; has to include symmetry..-as a decipline-  and there is   a READy MADE possiblity " miror image " in computer, (not   the symmetry o f life; of course), the    "Ideal &Absolute Symmetry" for Life ,near the edge of "other worlds ", the REALM.. (paint itself can be defined as ,land of the REALM)
You have to get someone who speicalizes in that and even they sometimes can not read it.Some times I think I need a secretary, to write dawn ;-reverse what I have done with the words-  to a normal official, writing readable..b u t I must say I think; I p a y the price; " cash " -or before h a n d - with m y Hand writings first..(that mans I write in two stage s..One occur in my hand writing -this puts all my inner sound into a square cubic b o x; that is my 4Side'ed; 4 Parted; " 1 PAGE " F o r m a t..writings..So when I begin to express and improvise  and make abstractions on words; o n a computer clavier;  I  can have this freedom; because I have my whole " inner-sound " always R E A D y,, in my brain..W h a t e v e r I  " s c a t t e r "  I know my iner sound will collect -and recall-   them      all together i n  the   e  n  d ...
Meaning pointing down, to the left represents pussy (vigina) and horizontal is ground or earth and women laying on the ground.  Vowels that point up, to the right, and vertical are masculine.  Meaning pointing up, to the right represents dick (penis) and vertical is men on top and from heavens or sky maybe dick (penis) too. This is a v e r y; interesting informing knowldge to m e..That c a n; explain -or clarify- why I act like VERTically o r ; H  o ri z  o n TaLLy; W h e n  ; Abstracting; & ExPRESSing.. i n my f r e e WriT i n g s..(male and female codings, to my h e a v e n L y, and "OTHER -underAtomic- World "  creatures for them ,to be pictured. f i n e..-transfering them truely to earthly life would be in 2 forms, -male &female -   of course even    to them..)      b  u   t, I  must mantion; again, these "other-or under-World " creatures that I want to " picture " - better in paint-&color- ;they may have a dfferent c o d e;ing in being male &female in the matter of the REALm.S O; m y code ing "letters &sylabls " are m o r e    i n t u i t i v e..&exprssive..to pull this different n a t u r e -of under Atomic world- I have to act,abstracting then eXpressing..Ly.      but I can Understand now; Why u have Brands L i k e, both Samsung & LG, or  say , HYunDai.                               .-if we write this" HUN DAHA iYi " , this means HUN -a Turkish impire in middle Asia, as they teach us in scholl- is more(daha) iyi(good)..-
Jin, I do not know how  trading " competition " with China goes, these days,,for Korean g o o d s..T h e r e is a big DRAGON;  getting bigger , nearby you..U have an  opposite aesthetic, (I understood as so)  d u e to what U' r K i n g  has DONE..& I am coming from a Phonetic Language (" Turkish is to  b e phonetic   with the sound and sturucture  ;just like  water can flow " they say us h e r e..; besides  it is said to be explored n e w ly   ; that     a primitive L a t i n  Alphabeth      - the sound  row goes like "  abcdefgh..in a cave in Middle Asia,,-      then Etrusci -or Tusci ;are Turks (in DNA resurchs)  imigrated near Italia;   gave it to Roma Impire; a s then i became  L a ti n Alphabeth..then Poma gave it to English..and Europa.. )and I     l o v e these  L a t i n Alphabeth so much that    ı like long writing   with it   intutively;  ...or subconsciousLy..   a n d   t h e n  I  try;  to  i n v e n t;  a N e w  C h i n e s s e  Alphabet.. (of course I am exaggerating..a little..or making it fantastic..)  M a y  be  my  G O A L;  is  to F o r c e;  computer machine     -and m y Turkish origins who were the  reason to great Chinesse WALL;  -in my subconscious-  (that means I must be m e t  with this Chinesse L e t t e r s, once..-  to c r a t e;  to paint;  (to picture) these Chinesse Letters as they can b e " L i v e"  TRUELy; this T i m e;  and  R E A L.. from " the UNDER A t om i c  W o rL d;  " (because World is frightened of invasion o f  C H i N a  , this time; reverse    to invasions of the " Chinggis Khaan "..to  C h i n a..in the history..History tends to repeat, a s they say..
I  have a fantacy; Jin..History E r a; should finish.. i f  this reverse  invasion becomes r e a l..;(no repetition  wouldn't crash  minds ,then  no   alzheimer   in the world )   T h e s e  ;   defence WALL;s   -great Chinesse Wall, or Berlin Wall-  have to  r e v e r s e d  -they crashed dawn the B e r l i n  WALL, but they had to  e n h a n c e  it  to the walls  of whole modern western architecture..the name B e r l i n was western , and every one n e w that it chanced hands ; at least SOVi e t; w a s   a  Modern movement in Western Politics-  (or reflected  )  to GREAT WALL o f  CAPiTALism.'s WESTERN W a L L.( All the western Rooms -that are square rooms of  today-as modern western Architecture..East cities are stuructured in this architecture too, a s west is l e t be in the eastern countries..  so there will come time to the reverse movement..) must have a ;ONE  WALL Pictured  i n  with the REALity  o f  Under Atomic ; World     " or H e a v e n l y "  designed PRiNTED  Paintings; full size to tha wall..   W  e  s  t  e r  n    S o ciety  ;  O W E   this; -these pressed creations of the  eastern world; -   to the  WEST..  i n   f a c t;this creatures created by a machine (a western machine) -of under world of Atoms- a r e;  dressed i n W E S T  STYLE..(because machine make these picturings)...S  O  we know, Space of Location;-for life-   is parallel to;   -1/4 WaLL   in size-  to  Atomic UNDER World to be LOCATED; -with no volume;three dimensional this is a picture..on full o n e  wall..-     b e c a u s e;  we all have ATOMs L i v i n g  with i n U S;  i n O u r  ROOMs;  too..    We care about our -eXtra- pets;  but w e do nt locate; " our Atoms in our bodies "  where w  e live..although they do not DEMAND;   three demonsional;  VOLUME;  f r o m  Us..
T h e r e  is a " natural " s t a t e  character; i n east and in BuddHism..T h e r e is a BUDDHA;  Sculpture;  in the TAMPLE; and U go there when U need  three dementional; acting Volume..B UDDHa to give  it   as a loan..-it occures in BuddHa; Object..-  but when it comes to s o c i e t y; every one occupy; LESS Volume, every one is kind, polite, sincere  to;any one and to  ANY THiNG..(so does ,the picture; on the wall; D   the same..)
....these; a r e too d e e p; T o p i c s;  but ı hope I could; say a little..
Last, thing..there will be saturation; of attention if something is L o n g..Even it is written in official terms..then I write; f r e e l y; I M A K E  T h i s  saturaTiON; by  M E  by using  My s e l f;  (if it is going to happen any w a y; I must have made it myself a s ART has to  OWN all DO ings .Saturated ,s c a t t e r e d ; f l Y i n g    b r o K e n  Objects;  b e COME;  L i k e  B i R D s;   Waving ; W i N g s in the space;  to   c a t cH   freely  ;  the WORDs;  -the B i r d s-  that U'r  s u b cons cio us;  is familiar with; -or are from to U  of these  Under ATOMic WORLDs..    t h i s  can  b e   a   w i e v   to;  "   WO R Ds;  FLYing   saturated   i n the;  s P a c e  of;  W r i T i n G.. 4 our memory to freely catch..       JUST    ;   l i k e  Alan's  " ruffled   feat hers "   -L a d i e s  Flying with Angel W i n g s   when, flickering   ...-
I hope ,I could  stay between the  lines when writing..this teXt. and it can be readable.
Murat Danis

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