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murat danis
if  I write;  I am an artist..Then this is official..but I am not  a  official man.I refuse to " buy " any thing from the office -or governmental Administrators-..T h i s  is  a  reaction; to office " crap"..Art has it's own State, and I am up to that..S o I shoot at that T a r g e t of " State o f ART."  I even Do notwant to ; write words that belong to state dictionary..These words I write with ,now are; official words and I do not like to be  official..I prefer to go into words; p u t them  i n  peaces; attach my marks, on letters and ; get meanins from syllable s..S O  when I  write, there goes %50,   official   but %50, my i m a g i n a t iON;as a layer under  my writings  ..
S  O   this  braking of words and marking letters & syllables has a name in philosophy   vocabulary.." Deconstruction "..but because I am not a philosopher, I do not write " deconstraction  "  word to what I am doing in writing..instead I walk all the way by my hands and put " a b s t r u c t i o n "  process, i n, my doing and ;that is writing..h e r e..I am a writer not an official person..I think I have right to "m a k e " abstractions o n  writing and words  too..(because I am an art maker and I refuse to do anything other than art, so if I write it has to be with abstracting and decunstructing o f the words..I have to c r e a t e  Ideas; and I convert everything in the process of making art ..there will be official p e o p l e;  to  write;  WHAT  I  did; in the terms of; official words..and so does the citizens get a servise from who are paid by government..T h i  s;  i s; an O f iCiAL;  w r i T e  inG;     of  aN;ART ist..
It may seem like a Crap;  but I am not paid to write like an official servant..I am not even a citizen who has to write in government L a n G U age.I am to write " how art has to flow "  i n  m e;    while  writing  - it -    takes the time    o f  a n ARTist..
ART has abstractions in it and official language is an instrument to tell what has been abstracted before in the thinking..So if ARTist is  w o r k  i n g   L i V E;  when  w r i t i n G;   H e  has  to;  A c t L i k e;   H o w  He is ;& How  H e   D o e s  these  created things;  H o w  these abstractions  HAPPEN;   i n  the Kitchen..spontaneously &  simultaneously.. Just L i k e M a K i nG; K a r a TE. (Kara means black in my language; but U read it as kareate; I am saying " black" in my Language..Kar ate; means; " eaten snow " for me..kar means snow in my language..So I can write    twin  stories while writing o n   a Topic.. o f course they all  give many results carried to t English Language at the e  n d..of course  ,too..
i f U are  confused; then this is the first step to swim in art' s river..Remember English group King Crimson's hit song;" confusion is my   Epitaph "   .....(that means I could take U i n the stream of a running water..)They say,this writing o f mine is a ART FORM; i t S el f..
I f I wrote; the way I wrote for U ;today ;(official)  t h e n  I  should  b e in  DEMAND; o f something..  from Governers and Administrators..I want NOTHing  from any ONE; any citizen, too, they owe m e nothing; b u t  if they a r e to get anything from what I am doing , they must get into " c r a p "  and make their  o w n;  combinatiONs..  b e deconstructed first then combine it U' r selves; and U owe m e nothing because a r t; has given U  U'r combinations..-what U combine i s U'r ' s.. a gift from art..i t s e l f..-
A R T  takes time of U' r ' s;  b u t  when U locate U' r slef in art, then U can take what U located i n it, and what artist has located; beside -s- ,that..
T h e r e  is a  river  o f " Subliminal " things flow i n g    - a s a L a y e r; underneath-  inthe writing..b o t h  in the   L a n g u a g e  state and in A r t i s t i c  things being created in the meantime..A  s  I  mantioned  earlier above.."TH at " is a subliminal thing too..It is learned as TH   & at..that means "TH"  is  " at "; somewhere;  b u t   where..
N o t a subliminal message but; a  " subliminal affect "..  goes o n..
Heavy Coding;  and puzzling i s      first c a r  r i e d; by the  w r i t e r;      t h e n it comes to    the r e a d e r..(both a r e heavy, and needs clever mind    to b e solved;       a s        ART JOB;    A L WAy s            D O e s    ;d e MAnd..  (but it has dualities too, s o there are many combinations  o f  solving  these c o d e s in any w a ys..this is the richness o f  art  t h i N g..
Alan and I  ; w e are  similar in many ways.... if U  want to explore more  of my digital,     art; You can     Look my Blogg   on my     ARTslant Profile.      or on      muratdanis.blogspot.com ..
Pleasure chatting with U too..(my first chatting    with a    Korean..)
Murat Danis
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