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.a R t ' s L A N G U A G E ; as a P L A Y..

murat danis
...a R t   '  s   L A N G U  A  G  E       ;   as a   P L A Y..
....WORKs      ;T h e y;   a r e ;           aLL  G O O D;   & F i n e;            A l a n..    (when looked      a  g a i n..)   ..
M u r'  a t;      means , " wish"         i n, Turkish..  &         a t       means  HORSE..
...by t h e  way;          A l a n;       m e a n s;
{N} space, area, range, field, arena, region, sphere, ambit, compass, domain, extent, maidan, pitch, reach, realm, scope, theater, theatre [Brit.], tract
...i n TurkisH...
 I  S  O   ALAN;  T h e r e  i s  a  TURKiSH  V e r s i O N;  o f  U;   to  W H O M;  I am; TaLKing to, too  ..(God save the Group TALK TALK;     so I can T A L K ,, too..)(that m e a n s, I DO not know, other V E R S i O N s, )(S O  Pic AS S O; I am  buiLding       T u r k i s h, versiON o f  U;       in  m y  M i n d..  if I am TALKi n g  2 U..god bless the Group U2  ,too..)
.....i f  W E  ;  S h o l u D    PLAY;       J  O  K   E;   W  i  t  H;       T h e      ,,L A N G U    A  G  E...(4 ART    has a      toTaL  Language       of it's  O w n,       that is         the sum  o f  ALL,  L a n g u a g e s,           that a r e being  U s e d   -or written-...so art is a written tHinG       " a t "    ALL..)
p.s.    " A L "    mean s;,

1. /ı/ to take.
2. /ı/ to get.
3. /ı/ to buy.
4. /ı/ to receive; to accept.
5. /ı/ to steal.
6. /ı/ to marry (a girl).
7. /ı/ to take, hold, be able to contain.
8. /ı/ to take along.
9. /ı/ to capture; to conquer.
10. /ı/ to take (a bath, medicine, a drink).
11. /ı/ to catch (cold); to catch (fire).
12. /ı/ to take on, hire, employ.
13. /ı/ to remove, take away, pluck out.
14. /ı/ to move.
15. /ı/ to sweep, clean, dust.
16. /ı/ to sense, smell, hear.
17. /ı, a/ to put (something) on, throw (a garment) over (oneself).
18. /ı, a/ to take (someone, something) into (one´s care or protection).
19. /ı, a/ to take (something) as being (something).
20. /ı/ to take (water).
21. /ı/ (for wind, flood) to carry away, destroy.
22. /ı/ (for smoke, fear) to overwhelm, cover, sweep through.
23. /ı/ to cover, travel (a distance).
24. /dan/ to take the attitude of.
25. /dan/ to shorten.
26. to begin all at once
&  AN  menas,
  • {N} moment, split second, second, instant, wink, flash, jiff, jiffy, minute, point, snatch, span, trice

an boundary (between fields).
an mind, perception.
an moment, instant.

anında instantly.

an * moment, instant.
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