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...m o d e r n   " M  E "; CONCEPT,  in  "M i r o r - i m  a G  e "   F   O  R  M     ,of a " METR i C A L  MODERN PAiNTiNG.."
6. page will proceed on continoUsly<, no matter how long it is...i t s e e m s..
    ;       =       
M I C H E L (Adam or PicasSO)   MICHEL ANGELO =  ANGEL MICHELL(reverse of Mıchelangel o)
In  this  combination  o f " 3 "  ,;     I w a s   to  " double "  MICHEL ANGEL O ;  with a " LANTERN "  ;  (if LadY is not a Lantern..-b u t the BABY in ;ANGEL MICHEL  i s a LaNATERN..)                                       -LANTERN  w a s  " i n s t a l l e d "    ; PUT in the P a i n t i n G  ; bY mE,    i n   these contemporary   days of Our's  , as a contemporary  a c tiON-                    LANTERN L i G H T  ;PUT ; by ME;  in the PAiNTinG (this is an installation..) ..  b u  t   .."MICHEL's HAND STiLL stayed naked-     ,   a w a y  from the L A D y.pointing ANGEL MICHEL   ( MICHEL as A BABY..)  (beca use; picasSO purchased  lantern from my house - sunlight through my jalouise- in my h a n d and in the other h a n d    a camera to put this light i n, with the work of picasSO's..) (Light is the panis & camera as a Vagina -where this s t o r y reaches at and changes i n    t o new Objects .. in C e n c u r i es..SO UniversAL.-)                                                                                                                                                                                                                  (because Michel Angelo's ;  religous-Lantern (penis) i s made o f  flesh and it  is PUT   iN to the woman's   " deep h o l e "..and can not b e seen-   & what  w e  see in the Deep HOLE is shown in the left;    this is  the R e v e r s e  of  MICHeL   ;ANGEL-MICHEL O..                              (So,Pic as SO; put  MICHEL ANGELO &  ANGEL MICHELL-(reverse of Mıchelangel o)-  , 2 figures that a r e  as  SAME  P E R S O N...           MICHEL ANGELO=ANGEL MICHELL
ANGEL MICHELL(reverse of Mıchelangel o)  carries a  " BABY  " ; this is the "  L a n t e r n TOO "...so MICHEL ANGELO figure needs an OBJECT for this  e q u a t i ON;   to  be complate..(SO we have to install A Laterns L i G H T                                                                          -only l i g h t   added here, not a mustache like DUCHAMP did for MONA LiSA..and picasSO has given the permission to do SO, 4 there is less light (b l u e light) invites white light into the painting..-                                                                                                                       between  2 michelangelos;     1 from OUR world,     1 from the other W ORLDs..
M A N, this painting is picturing a G a t e to; -A  DOOR  to,-   other worlds.. and H e drawshis first figure from other worlds this w a s   or.
p.s.  picasso's  t e s t a m e n t  ;  4  " installatiON "  A R T;  of  TODAY's  w a s  not  " to PUT "  T H i N G s  i n  the ARTiST'S   W O R K...( So ı did not PUT the OBJECT of a Lantern'  i n the painting.. y o u can not draw or  p a i n t   a LANTERN  into picasSO's  W o r K..b u t  L i g h t, always ; FALLs  o n  a  PaintiNG..) L e t  U'r  RatiO  enlightEN;  b e  l i g h t ;   i  n  Your   ART W o r k  ; instead o f, Putting OBJECTs  of the  R A T i O..that will,  darken U'r   A R T..
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