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P RO P O S A L TO Stiftung Kunstlendor Schöppingen PROPOSAL

TO  C O M M U N I C A T E    A  R  T;
Or  “ A R T  “ THAT CAN COMMUNICATE..  W I T H   H  U  M A N..

“  C O N T E M P O R A R Y   & M  O  D  E  R  N  “  P A i N T i N G  s  :
First of all,,          ” painting must be able to “ communicate  “   WiTH  “  i t s e l f  “..(An  Apple; devided by 4 and e v e r y  quarter is related  to   the  " whole "  spirit and ForM..);(in our times, people try to seem like " multiple apples "  instead of d e v i d i n g  himself  " by "  4  to be ;  M O D E R N " )..

Turn a painting on it’s 4 sides..D o e s  this art work “ comunicate “ i  n   “ 4 Sides “ ;
like  a   SYMPHONY.(Music has it’s highest FORM ; Symphony with 4 Parts  and painting must be in the same  FORM Standart , in this contemporary age..)

And  IT’s “ 4 SiDED “ M O D E R N  COMMUNiCATiON: WiTH  U S :

"E X P E R i M E N T A L L Y "  EXP R E S SE D :(This  is  a  photograph -t a k e n by me; -N a m e d ;     " Anatolien L A D Y "  ).


(my  “ breasts “ are currently  MADE of MY  “ C H i N “..-contemporary way(AWAY  from religion's human) to produce breast in ART..)

“ for we do not want " the classic type of exhibiton ". Every location and any approach is possible.”  :
F i r s t   of   all; 
A  R T   MUST  HAVE  A  DiMENSiON  in  P u b l i c as an “ Object ”... :
This means, when you look at something,  you must be able to recognize “what is art OBJECT” there :
In my solution, ;  Art must be a “ PRiNTED material ”; that has no VOLUME..(but it can cover any OBJECT that has VOLUME; for example you can cover a Sphare with a  “Printed material “,or any OBJECT but ART OBJECT there , is only the Printed material; apart from  the r e a l  O b j e c t..)
A R T  iS  ONLY  A  SURFACE ;   N  O  T     A N   “  O  B  J  E  C  T  “…  :
T h i s   means;    there is  an  “ OTHER SiDE “    ;  b e y o n d ,  what we see with our e y e s..      ” Printed ART  “ is a transparent  “ m e m b r a n e “ ; dividing real world and  the O T H E R -W O R L D S..W e must define ART  as a “ Printed material “ or  “ printed SHADOWs “ from Other worlds..   
SO “ OT HER  WORLDS “ ,CAN BE İn  o u r   SOCiAL LiVES..i N    the  P U B L i C   TOO…(Evil LiVES İn us and we can not see it for it comes from other side…Other worlds..L e t  us see OTHER SiDE, and even “EViL”  TOO,, with our EYES..SO iT MAY BE OUTSiDE in A PRiNTED M E M B R A N E; CALLED  “ART MATERiAL”  but not an “ ART OBJECT  ”..)

CONTEMPORARY   includes “other worlds” that comes from  MATERiAL or MASS or TECHNOLGY..…(not from life or objects around).. but if something is “ contemporary “,then L i f e and  MASS -or TECHNOLOGY -can be put APART..(this means WORLD and OTHERWORLDS can be defined apART..)M a n  can l i v e  at  the  E D G E; near by WORLD AND OTHER WORLDS..(This is; f r e e d o m  comes from C o n t e m p o r a r y..)
SO  “PAiNTİNG”  iS  The ONLY;  “ M E M B R A N E “;  to  divide   - the BORDER SURFACE  betweeen  -Our WORLD & OTHER WORLDS..(We plant Trees to be in the shade; from the sun; so this membrane of art is  “ a SHADOW of OTHER WORLDS “ for Us  to be in “ SHADE “,,while we are running from the ordinary objects of the W o r l d.. )    ( o f course  Classical painting ; is a “ WiNDOW “ on the wall..but contemporary U S E  of  “Painting  is to  be  WALLS”  that  will make ALL WALLs TRANSPARENT iN the WORLD.)
TODAY; Contemporary  A R T  is not going on the way  that “ P a i n t i n g “  has   OPENED..in A R T.     ( Our  “ THOUGHTS “ HAS to be , in  ARCHiTECTTURAL  O B J E C T S, in Today’s ART..):::,,or ART must be  CONCEPTUAL ,TODAY....(  n o t    v i s u a l..;- even   v i d e o  ART is  CONCEPTUAL,and artists are forced to be “ conceptual thinkers these days..   not “ v i s u a l i s e r s  “  ,of “ the t h i n k i n g ” - like painting tradition h a s developed  i n the history of ART-  ..

1-     1 - ART  MUST   B  E   DEFiNED;  AS  A   “ M E M B R A N E “  (Printed Material )…
2-      2- ART İn t h e  PUBLİC; MUST  BE  “ PRiNTED  M A T E R İ A L “..-that can Cover any OBJECT..-
3-      3- ART MUST  BE   PRODUCED  ; “ E X P E R İ M E N T A LY  EXSPRESSED  “;.. (for we l i v e  in a      S c i e n t i f i c   time)
4-    4-  ART MUST  BE   “ CURRENT LY  C O N T E M P O R A R Y “..( 4 ART can be produced in the abilities of OTHER S i D E..)
5-    5- ANYONE  CAN READ  A R T,  FOR  IT  CAN TELL ITSELF  WHEN TURNED WiTH HAND OF 6- HUMAN..( this is , you do not need any art critics for him to tell what to SEE..-do you ask anything  to anyone when you are listening to a SYMPHONY)..
6-    7-   B i B L E  HAS PASSED; THROUGH 4 LANGUAGES; AND HAS BEEN CHOSEN 4 PERSON TO TELL IT  TO US..(Arami,Greek,Latin,English; & Markos,Luca,Yuhanna,Matta )
7-     8-   “ PAiNTiNG “ OR ANY “ ART OBJECT MUST BE  “;    “  4  SiDED “  ..i N    A R T.. (for mankind has reached the ART  FORM;  “ SYMPHONY “  & Religion as BiBLE..)

1-       COVER ANY OBJECT,,( WALL,TABLE ,DOOR, CURTAiN,FLOOR,DRESS, any OBJECT …) With “ PRiNTED material” ,,..(OPEN SPACE ; TO “ other WORLDS “,,N e a r  YOU..)

2-      PRINTED  ART;   MUST BE E X P E R i M E N T A L, CURRENT, CONTEMPORARY, MODERN           (“ Enhance “   ART    experience i n the computer,then EXPRESS  this processed  art material to PUBLiC..)

3-      M O D E R N  PAiNTiNG,  MUST BE   P R E S E N T E D  ; “ 4 SiDED “..
-          Like a SYMPHONY;  devided into  4 Parts -   if you HAVE Scientific T A L E N T..,” for ART WORK “ CAN   “  B E  SCIENTIFIC “ and can b e  read  by turning it o n “ 4 SiDES “....

                                                                               Sincerely YOURS
                                                                                MURAT  DANiS
                                                                                web site:   muratdanis.com
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