14 Nisan 2010 Çarşamba

" C O N D U C T i N G " ..,,4 A


(     ..here is a PHOTO; o f a Classical MUSiC; Conductor ( Cristoph ESCHENBACH..)..(PerFORM i n g; MAHLER SYMPHONy .. (photo is taken by ME.)

...there is an orchestra; (PARis SYMPHONy ) .. and ESCHENBACH;
....... shows t h e m  the; " SOULs i n the Wilderness &LONELiNESS  (& how they act; L i k e ; and how they become; ) ; SPiRiTs; t h a t; should be living,,,
........ in that piece of m u s i C..

...so musicians can PERFORM; t h e m..(MAKE; t h e m, A L i V E..  a g a i n .
.or attract them to come and act i n between U S..)  (sound of music;   ;   is a POOL   - a SPACE; an ABSOLUTE -V O L U M E -   4, t h e M..      ....and BODy;    4 their a c t i n g s..    ;O N L y..)

....and Cristoph ESHENBACH; MAKEs t h e m;  s   e   e;  the,  P i c t u r e ;
 of these  ;SPiRiTs..        )added   22.01.2013

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